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Madison Linscott Just awful.
Billboard2 hours ago

Missing pieces.

Joshua P. Carpenter It was friggin horrible, what a disgrace to Brit and how can you have a damn bio movie with none of her music. Also a shitty recreation of one of her most iconic performances. I recorded it and got into it maybe half an hour and deleted it. Lifetime sucks lately.
Stephanie Wong Omfg how bad the casting was. Film was too fast and I don't see Justin talking like that all the time and Kevin total scumbag anyway and the manager who was almost cult like I forgot about him. If any of this is true omg I'm glad she pulled out of the darkness but damn they did a crap job on her and (rip) Whitney and aaliyah. Lifetime needs to stop seriously with all this biography stuff #epicfail
Deborah Bunnell #helladumb The girl couldn't even dance! If you're going to one thing right, make sure you put effort into the choreography. And cast someone who IS coordinated.
Dexter Colt Saldivar Yeah, WAY TO MANY. DUMB FILM.
Katerina Caudill Agree I was disappointed
Rodrigo Stuck It was so painful to watch. Good laugh anyways
Jennifer Jensen Kasey Anne Lmaoo read the comments
Moises Junior Britney e mais que issoney
Billboard4 hours ago

Four straight for Future.

Kaylen Baldwin okay so they saying only about 60k will be actual sales...your telling me about 100k of the album will be from streaming?
Nick LeftCheek 'Djdyd ajudhsj jahdhen sjdhjwnis' that's what Future lyrics probably look like when he wrote his rap song
Trevor Kyle Melton technically What A Time To Be Alive was a Drake & Future album so rly at least imo FUTURE is Future's 3rd no. 1 album
Tobby Macharia The album is weak compared to Big Sean's and Migos. Would soon be forgettable like J cole's
Priso Efotte Future might've been the bad guy when it comes to his relationship with Ciara, but his music always makes him the good guy. Can't wait to hear it.
Erick Espinoza And your favorites can't do what future is doing
Scott MacGregor
Jon Athan What songs he is known for? Is it Black and Yellow?
A Mijatovic 2 ... .
Chester Dela Rea Trash
Hiroyuki Ohno SOS SOS  HELP ME!日本人です、今、頭の中に、えた(eta)と海外の諜報員が違法に私の頭を支配しています。海外にも沢山、被害者がいるので、助けて下さい。※えたは、歴史上おいて身分ではなくて、実在する動物です。えたの特徴は脳が二個あり、常に人間の頭に侵入している,寄生虫であり、その歴史は古く縄文時代から存在する化け者です。また、えたは頭に電波を張って人間の脳に入り込み、言語構造を違法に変えて、しゃべり方を滅茶苦茶にします。すると人間は上手に喋ることが不可能となります。
Billboard5 hours ago

But what are *your* picks?

Sam Strike 1. Who says 2. Sober 3. Kill them with kindness 4. Me and my girls 5. Me and the rymanth 6. Come and get it 7. The heart wants what the heart wants 8. A year without rain 9. Round and round 10. Same old love
Feyzan Naeem 1. revival. 2. A year without rain. 3. It ain't me 4. Already missing you 5. We don't talk anymore 6. Good for you 7. Kill em with kindness 8. Sober 9. Perfect 10. Naturally 11. Who says 12. Middle of nowhere 13. Heart want what it wants 14. Ghost of you. 15. Outlaw
Jesse Pérez "The Heart Wants What It Wants" & " "My Dilemma" (yeah, because of you)
Riel Yulsic 1. Who says 2. Hands to myself 3. My Dilemma 4. Ghost of you 5. Come and get it 6. Love will remember 7. Naturally 8. The heart wants -- 9. I won't apologize 10. B.E.A.T. ❤😂
Facu Müller She has great songs, the bad thing is she can't really sing live :/
Ibrahim Ali Alavi 10. Come and Get it 9. Naturally 8. Who Says 7. It ain't me 6. Rock God 5. Heart wants what it wants 4. Love you like a love song 3. Hands to myself 2. Perfect 1. Good for you
Carlos Alfredo Palacios 1. Sober 2. Cologne 3. The heart wants what it wants 4. Same old love 5. Naturally 6. Magic 7. Hans to my self 8. Who says 9. Love Will remember 10. Me and my guirls
Suzanne Smith She is a definite "manufactured" singer; better in studio when they add auto tune and lots of extras; can't perform live. "The Heart Wants What It Wants" is the ONLY decent song she has ever made.
Wiehann Van Niekerk 1. Kill Em With Kindness 2. It Ain't Me 3. Good For You 4. The Heart Wants What It Wants 5. Stars Dance 6. Love Will Remember 7. Perfect 8. Hands To Myself 9. Same Old Love 10. Rise 11. Feel Me 12. Trust Nobody Actually all of her songs are my favourite there isn't a song that I don't like so it's hard to say which is a favourite 😀
Victoria Lomax 1. "Same Old Love" 2. "The Heart Wants What It Wants" 3. "Come And Get It" 4. "Round And Round" 5. "As A Blonde" 6. "More" 7. "A Year Without Rain" 8. "Slow Down" 9. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know 10. "My Dilemma 2.0"
Juancho Punsal u like a love song, 2.who says, 3.hands to myself, 4.same old love, heart wants what it wants, and the rythm, 7.come & get it, 8.kill em with kindness, 9.good for you, 10.a year without rain
Anthony Garcia 1.Me & My Girls 2.Kill Em With Kindness 3.Love will Remember 4.Who says 5.Whiplash 6.The heart wants what it wants 7. It Ain't Me 8. Trust Nobody 9.Naturally 10.Perfect
Patrick Chantraparnik "Kiki majens tu maself" is number one on the list😂😂😂 love her!
Fhijie Hadid 1. Sober 2. Survivors 3. It Ain't Me 4. Love you like a Love Song 5. Kill Em' With Kindness 6. Good For You 7. THWWIW 8. Naturally 9. Body Rock 10. A Year Without Rain
João Vitor The Heart Wants What It Wants, Who Says and Revival (album) are her best for sure ❤️
Kike Flores Im not that fan of her music but I love: Who says, undercover sad serenade, SAME OLD LOVE <3 <3, LOVE WILL REMEBER AND SOBER
Nick Swille Sober needs to be on the list. Also, we don't talk anymore was amazing.
Andrew Mitchell what's so wrong with my guilty pleasure...Love You Like A Love Song..that it didn't make the list?
Shaniah Belle Lim 1.The Hearts Wants What It Wants 2.Me And The Rhythm 3.Come And Get It 4.Kill Em' With Kindness 5.Who Says 6.I Love Like A Love Song 7.Same Old Love 8.Hands To Myself 9.Good For You 10.Revival
Spha David Khumalo 1.Good For You 2.Me And The Rhythm 3.Come And Get It 4.Kill Em' With Kindness 5.The Heart Wants What it Wants 6.I Love Like A Love Song 7.Same Old Love 8.Hands To Myself 9.Who Says 10.Revival
Khandra Sinaran Yes absolutely her songs are great. No! I am not a fan of her when she sings her songs on live performance
Justin Lopez Who Says Same Old Love Come and Get It Hands to Myself Round and Round & so many more.
Manuel Iribe So sad she's unable to actually sing them
Stosh Cortner Why isn't kill em with kindness on here??
Graham Dunlap Yessss 😍😍😍😍
Billboard5 hours ago


Scott MacGregor
Gabriel Alexander Gallegos Who?
Kevin Welch Jenina Smith
Hiroyuki Ohno SOS SOS  HELP ME!日本人です、今、頭の中に、えた(eta)と海外の諜報員が違法に私の頭を支配しています。海外にも沢山、被害者がいるので、助けて下さい。※えたは、歴史上おいて身分ではなくて、実在する動物です。えたの特徴は脳が二個あり、常に人間の頭に侵入している,寄生虫であり、その歴史は古く縄文時代から存在する化け者です。また、えたは頭に電波を張って人間の脳に入り込み、言語構造を違法に変えて、しゃべり方を滅茶苦茶にします。すると人間は上手に喋ることが不可能となります。
Billboard6 hours ago

Camila Cabello approves of "Camila Cabello" ✔️️

Daniel LoMagno Enough already. You act like she was the lead of a group. Like a Beyoncé or a Nicole Scherzinger when in fact she was just 1 of the 5. Nothing special
Chiaki Yubari Enough with this hypocrite. Crying about how her management team with Fifth Harmony treated her like a "slave", then stabbing her groupmates in the back for a "solo career", now she's living the same life in which she claims made her a slave. F**K this no talent hack! Fifth Harmony is tons better without her.
Delrio Denz Guys if you don't like her ignore the post please. For me she's one of the best!
Dennis V. Ferrer
Vanessa Agura Billboard is such a camilizer hihi me likey sksddhdh
Monica Jarrett Eric can billboard get off camilas dick for like 1 second 😂
Jayson Martin That song was dope 😂 Was it me or did it have the same chord progression as All In My Head?
Klinton Gab When bey pursued a solo career i dont think she got all these hate comments... Just wish the girl well and lets see
Rowi Buerom Remember that time when whe wanted Ariana Grande to change her ponytail looks so bad, here you go guys she change her hairstyle 😂
Herviet Kemptpitt she gains more hates 4 sure lol. Thanks to C's team and esp Billboard
ItwasaDream Lu I heard the song the fan made it was funny & cute lol
Chuck Mibb What's Billboard gonna do when she's back singing at karoke bars for nickels?
Kenzo Martini Mendoza Seriously? How much do we pay you to stop?
Mhey Delantar Enough with all of you people hating her. At least she's doing what she loves and followed her heart.
Miguel Méndez Selupus Gomez who?
Emily Gamble
RubyKlç Guitë
Tamera Turner Ugh! Stop it! You are Joey not Justin!
PowLine Parent ok c'est bien
Ana Raquel Eu disse q ela ia ouvir a música Jaquelina kkk
Guadalupe Villarruel Razo Ya paren por favooorrr :'(
João Henrique Viana
Mariana Puc Canul
Alejandro Ponce 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Dios mio
Kenzo Martini Mendoza
Billboard8 hours ago

The tickets were cancelled and resold to fans.

Mauricio Vargas Benavides I've travelled from Costa Rica to San Francisco to see my favorite bands live. I always buy the tickets with a Costarican credit card. I thought this (if implemented by most artists) was going to be a problem. After reading the article I agree with buying the ticket in another state ( in my case in another country) and showing up to the venue the same day of the show with your ID to pick up the tickets
Matt Wilson WERE THE TICKETS previously held for ticketmaster's scalper site, TICKETSNOW cancelled? lol... That's a hilarious NO.
Ben Allen Why can't this be done with every show?
Sarah Cole Schultheis Lady Gaga needs to do this!!
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone3 hours ago

Acclaimed director and Texas native Richard Linklater crafted a sharp new PSA protesting a proposed "bathroom bill" in Texas.

Sue Salyards-Weintrobe People that don't understand what being Transgender means, shouldn't make stupid comments.
Keith Hill If a grown man is in the bathroom with my daughter he's not walking out happy- Every Dad..
Zak Jerrett It took 12 years to make!
Bobby Dias Richard likes little girls looking at his penis- I do not molesting girls. Avoid Target stores.
Peter Guess Jr. Marilyn Bostian Gonzales
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone4 hours ago

Gucci Mane will embark on the first tour of his career this spring.

Anne Henshaw David and Gilbert your long lost brother
Joshua Smith Burr!
Victor Ortiz
Haris Mir It is very surprising .............that ............. a single mom can earn unto $45250/year in her spare time working on lap top..... COPY AND PAST>>>> w­­­­­­­­w­­­­­­­­w­­­­­­­.­­­­­­­4­­­­­­­­j­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­­­b­­­­­­­­­s­­­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­n­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­y­­­­­­­.­­­­­­­­­Com™ please don't copy "™" in url thanks
Ian Harrison what are you wearing? "It's Gucci, mane"
Drew Hart Maybe on his journey he will learn how to rap.
Sean McGrath Who cares?
Anthony Vicari Who?
Jeff Kurucz Who?
Santos Rivera Who.
Tony Ousley WHO?
Luke Gorham Huh?
Edward Thomas Taylor Alexander
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone5 hours ago

Dr. Luke has released new email exchanges in an attempt to counter Kesha's claims of psychological abuse.

Kathryn Chantell Baptiste Sorry, but abusers are very manipulative and just because he sent one good email doesn't make him one good man. Those could easily be a mind game in itself.
Jeff Yoder Would it not be less of a headache to release her from her contract? Come on dude!! Both your careers are gonna be over by the time this is done. You're losing any credibility that you ever had. Douchebag!!
Max Barber I made a cheese sandwich for lunch. It wasn't like the best cheese sandwich ever made, but it really hit the spot. While I was eating it, I starting thinking about what if cars could fly, and it was about two hours later that I realized I hadn't finished my cheese sandwich. So I stopped thinking about flying cars and finished my cheese sandwich. When I was done, I took a hot deuce in the lavatory, really stunk up the joint, but as I was deucing, I started thinking about how space is endless, and what if space isn't endless. I realized I'd been on the throne for four hours. So I got back up and went outside.
Nick Cal Let's play devil's advocate for a second. Regardless of IF Dr. Luke did these things, why would he still want a binding contract to someone who's accusing him of this?
Chris Fulmer Sony offered her out of him being a direct producer last year, she even confirmed it.. though he would still have his name on the records.. he would not have involvement with her.. She refused.... she should just be honest and admit that what she really wants is no more music contract..
Timothy Ronald Pell Can this just end so they can both disappear into obscurity forever. She has already ruined his career and her career was already over before she made this last stab for attention. Both just go away please
Jayson Evan Matias This bs has to stop! Their relationship is F up, why can't he let her go? Enough is enough
Miranda Biggs Geezus...this soap opera is seriously going to outlast General Hospital.
James Gammage Did he force Her to drink her own urine on the MTV documentary?
Carlos DeLeon I don't understand. Why don't they just not work together ? Why isn't it that easy ?
Taylor Campisi What's with all the hate? Abuse isn't funny.
Hubert Sauvageau Kesha isnt white... luke isnt any better.... we will never know the truth cause both have big issues. ...
Kique Martínez del Mazo Just let it go man #FreeKesha
Mari H Moreno This guy is a creep
Stephen Hanson This story is getting old fast. Borinnnnnnnnnng!!!
Jon Patrick Cavanaugh-Spain Read 'The Sociopath Next Door'. Excellent book.
Flo Jazo This is still goin on, damn
Mary Shepard who is this woman and why should i care?
Steven Melton Who is she?
Bobby Dias How terrible she is! RCA refused to pay me royalties on billions sold! Sony refuses me everything!
Victor Ortiz
Brad Rawlinson Who?
Tony Ousley WHO?
Liam Tattersall Adam Reid
Alejandro Romero #freedrluke
Rolling Stone
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Pink Floyd began recording their debut album ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ 50 years ago today.

To see more clips like this, like Rolling Stone Video.

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Video
Pink Floyd started recording their debut album ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ 50 years ago today. Here's why it's one of the 100 best debut LPs of all time:
Robert Donnelly I remember when they played at the Maryland Club in Scott St Glasgow early 70's, they got all their gear into a transit van, they would be able to get their symbols into one now !!!! Real live music.
Mary Nejatifar Rue Roux don't know if you remember, but you recommended this album to me once and it opened my world to Pink Floyd:) miss you!
Charles Ott It is cool that they were working on their debut album at Abbey Road just as the Beatles were working down the hall on their landmark album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Wonder if there is an unknown recording of them ever collaborating somewhere in the Beatles vault.
Antoine Greco Greatest psychedelic album of all time with Revolver 🙂
John Lavalley Pair that with the Zombies recording Odessy and Oracle in the same studio that the Beatles has just vacated.
Dennis OMalley They recorded this at Abbey Road Studios while the Beatles recorded Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in the next room
Abraham T. Sit Interstellar overdrive was aptly featured in the Dr. Strange movie...i dig i dig
Harrison Jones Why are you making a post about music? I didnt think you guys did that anymore!?
Blanche Muzzletoff I'm definitely making this album a part of my collection
Colin Haycock Still in my Top 10.....
Michael DeSino The Syd years are the best
Francisco H. Ciriza Favorite!
Sarah Reinprecht Awesome album!
David Wale Saucer full of secrets was their second. Had both.
Dusty Chanel
Pedro Lampreia Amém
Jeff Mead Best Trippin Music !!! Awesome in Concert !!
Erick CR Marie Ávila :'v
Pedro Henrique Veiga Corsino <3
Sarah Ranger-Sutter Dylan Sutter
Ricardo Valenzuela Alehtse A. García
Jabbafer McHutt Charlie Buckley
Eni Vargas Daniel
Suzie Peckham Miles Peckham 🤘🏼
Paulo Alves Alexandre Lopes
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone15 hours ago

While the Switch seems unconventional, there is a strong argument that Nintendo is very cleverly adapting to the needs of younger players. Here are some examples.

Max Barber I made a cheese sandwich for lunch. It wasn't like the best cheese sandwich ever made, but it really hit the spot. While I was eating it, I starting thinking about what if cars could fly, and it was about two hours later that I realized I hadn't finished my cheese sandwich. So I stopped thinking about flying cars and finished my cheese sandwich. When I was done, I took a hot deuce in the lavatory, really stunk up the joint, but as I was deucing, I started thinking about how space is endless, and what if space isn't endless. I realized I'd been on the throne for four hours. So I got back up and went outside.
Eddie Ortiz It solves the "stop playing your game so we can go" conversation.
Eduardo Sazanoff Filho Carolina Macedo, já que provavelmente você terá um... Hehehe.
Brandon McGlothlin i wish the left "paddle" had a d-pad instead of the 4 face buttons
Daniel Molloy RS trying to do gaming is pathetic
Jake Menez Darren Menez
Amelia Mauldin Jeremy Rinehart
Ketki Joshi Om
Gillian Byrne Thomas ToMo Daly
Rolling Stone
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Kurt Cobain would have celebrated his 50th birthday today. See Krist Novoselic and David Fricke reflect on the Nirvana frontman.

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Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Video
Today would've been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday. Look back at our 1994 cover story on the Nirvana frontman:
Tommy Byrne he would most likely still be alive if wasnt for the cunt he married
Ben Edwin Rigbye Kurt left us heartbreakingly early for the trajectory he was on. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was his own Beatles in the end and gave us a lifetime of incredible albums. The biggest, most beautiful and talented Artist this side of the century the World had ever known. RIP
Aaron Looney Rolling Stone is there a way I can order a reproduction copy of the 1994 issue with Kurt on the cover? I'd love to have it as a collector's item.
Eyal Saadoun with all due respect for David Fricke, a video with chris for 10 sec and the whole video with David Fricke? Really? you do remember that the artist is what we're in to, Right? it's true that that David Fricke article was really revealing and memorable, just think it would be more appropriate to feature more of Chris
Dustin Hodges Can you imagine Kurt as a 50 year old, how much more he could have done with his life.
Amber Cook Even seeing Krist, and Dave as they have gotten older as the time has gone by, I don't think Kurt ever intended to grow old. Even to see an aged progression of what he might have looked like now.... I don't think he ever meant for any of us to ever see him older than he let himself be.
Sean Hatch The 90's were a cool time for music. So many weird bands that wouldn't even get noticed today.
Mike Carbone The people on Xm radio follow me. Meg Griffin and. Her wife on The Loft channel and Mike Marrone will not leave me alone. I contacted Sirius Xm radio about the harassment but they continue to follow me to other Xm channels to steal ny work
Maria Esther Del Rio His life would have been taken away by drugs with or without her..if not her he would have been with another female alike...I doubt it would have mattered who he was with. Drugs and lack of self control or will power took his life.
Kelly Hawkins Laurie P Crane can you imagine he would be 50 years old today xox Rest In Peace Kurt
Angie Esposita O'Dowd baby boomers-beatles, gen x-nirvana, millennials.....the selfie stick. we're so fucked.
Helio Perez The Grunge Revolution was awesome but sadly short lived.
Clint Corey More Nirvana love as artists talk about the profound influence of Nevermind.
Diana C Clapso I will stick by this forever. Either Courtney did it or had someone else do it.!!!
Brandon Johnson One day I'm going to work for Rolling Stone
Jack Smith He's dead by his own hand have no respect for him or anyone that takes their own life
Arthur Offen Not as much of genius as aforementioned....standing the test of time??? Not so much ...
Lynette Hoover Murray Julia Murray and you put on your Nirvana shirt today without even realizing it!
Neil Marson And he should be remembered for the music he gave. A great artist who gave his heart and soul to the music 👍
Jonathan Cossio Jesus Christ also died and John Lennon. And trillions of other who you might know.
Adam Cameron The older I get, and the more life kicks me in the nuts, the more I appreciate Courtney's eulogy.
Marte Davila Coutney Love is enough to make a man drink a bottle of Drano Max lol Rest in Peace Kurt
Jeffrey Mussman I think would have been one of the greatest song writer artist to this day hands down.
Storytellers Union Sadly forever young. Hard to picture a 50 year old Cobain.
Barb Burdette Soaked in Bleach
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone1 day ago

Atlanta hip-hip group Migos dropped by Ellen DeGeneres Monday for a surreal performance of their chart-topping single "Bad & Boujee."

Luke Wehner Ok, i cant say that I've ever listened to these guys, or even that i know a thing about em. So keep me honest here, facebook. Weren't these guys *just* in hot water for making homophobic comments about another rapper? Doesn't seem like Ellen's bag...
Shanna Henderson Your comments are so irrelevant. Why you are sitting at home, miserable as hell, they are living their dreams. Take your misplaced anger and go live your own lives. This is an Atlanta sound that is so out of your league. And by the way.....this dreadful song is #1 on the charts.
Sebastian Pumas The pose of "I have a lot of money" so stupid, ok I now the afroamerican people has to pass to much pain and hunger in the past....But come on men ! Get over It ...Evolve....showing the money un that way makes me think ..."they go full retard"
Mike Carbone Ellen and Meg Griffin on Sirius Xm Radio have something in common.. they are married to woman The guy on The Loft channel on Sirius Xm radio was fired for inaccurate stories about me,and I contacted Sirius Xm radio about Meg Griffin.. Rolling Stone Magazine
Anthony Vicari "Cookin' da dope in da crock pot"...Ellen's audience loves it.
Brock Crissman Look at those white bitches dancing! Come roll through the south side and volunteer with me. I bet you won't. But you'll dance to Migos.
Xavier Darter Man this new hip hop era is TRASH! Mumble mumble,repeat repeat. Garbage!
Brett Marion Get real Rolling Stone! Must be much more interesting and meaningful music stories to cover than this Gutter Garbage*
Dan Gatens Sad this passes for hip hop these days. But hey if you can make money selling this more power to you I guess
Nancy Sienkiewicz Nelson This may not be your thing, but I like to listen to all genres of music.
Sheron Brathwaite Where do these fools come from? Flashing money... lordt. This is what "music" has devolved into. Trash.
Steven R. Cryar I love how the person who is more than likely worth more than everyone else in the picture combined is holding like $60 😂😂😂
Chris Garrison couldn't understand a word they were saying...
Christopher J. Gibbons The richest person in this picture is holding 40 dollars.
Max Barber "With dat perv merv bone yo terma goobah jah jah blona"
Nick Romanelli So sad
Al Arroyo Steve Escalera Cookin up dope with an Uzi..... On Ellen? 🤦‍♂️
Kimberly Aponte Showing off money for someone who's poor it makes me mad cause I need it
Steve Mestayer Yawn
Daniel Boudreau who?!
Jeff Schwab All that money and they can't count to ten!!!!!
Tyler Pate Cloud What's a hip hip group lol?
Victor Ortiz
Christine Wilhelm There were days when Hip Hop had a message... sigh
Angela Poulos Julie Parsons
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone2 days ago

Solange, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Williams with The Roots will headline the 10th annual Roots Picnic, which hits Philadelphia's Festival Pier in June.

Jon Garcia Sounds poptacular, can we get anyone else more generic. Nothing like a washed up rap star, and Pharrell. Who is Solange anyway? Never heard any songs by her, but this is like the fourth time I've heard about her from Rolling Stone.
Jay Day Mammola Yyyyeeeeessssssss!!!
Rachel Julia Raver Caitlyn Stykowski we can finally see Lil Wayne together...
Magda Lupascu Sgagsufyfjy
Emily Wallace Gerdy Carissa Lyn Ian Sanchez
Amanda Rae Velazquez Kevin Hall
Edward J. Brady A doctor who was raised on a dairy farm discusses how unhealthy dairy products are for humans…
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