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Ellie Wilson
Billboard2 hours ago

How did they do on the charts?

Tshé Po 3.niall (has less chances of making it,Sorry)...2.Harry (better chances of longevity) 1.zayn (seems like a one hit wonder)
Amine Djemel I think its Zayn and Harry both of them did good and breaks the chart and the internet lol for niall i guess he did awsom too "this town " hold on the top 10 of US itunes for weeks
Akshaya Sashidharan obviously it's #ZAYN ....!!❤ but yeah Niall and Harry... they're also not less..❤ You guys are #awesome #ZAYN #NIALL #HARRY LOVE YOU ALL😘
Ishraq Rasif Khan obviously Zayn
Jezza Belleza Harry ❤️
Akash Mishra No one ..believe me if they weren't that famous ,their song would never top the charts
Vîçkêy Rãï No doubt..... Harry😘💓
Paulina Monteiro Zayn of course!
Janine Wright didnt Louis bring out a new song too??
Sara Lyn ZAYN! Hands down!
Shubham Jha #zayn
Al Fred Polican Tonera I love louis' song too
Sujan Poudel Zayn
Asiphe Spesh Mqolo Liam : Payne
Susi Indarti Zayn
Mengse Sien Harry
Selly Chan Niall horan and zayn ❤️
Roter Mendoza Zayn
Amir Wan None of them sorry billboard
Sammy Hussain Only #ZAYN
Alice Gurung Tamu #zayn
Madisetti V Sagarika Zayn 😍😍
Feb Lloraemil Guanga Harry
Priyadarshini Bhushan Harry styles sign of the times
Dayehrenda Seti Leitupo Zayn
Billboard3 hours ago

The video features MGK and Steinfeld struggling to find their place in the world.

Vee Suzétte Algoso ang lyics sa jod bay, ayos kaayo <3
Mele Olivia Dorelle Caroline Ana Pickering
Ellie Wilson
Billboard4 hours ago

It took a week longer than expected, but Ed Sheeran got his record.

Angela Dauvin Yeah sorry Gangsta's Paradise is way better than Shape of You. I'm really not a fan of the song.
陳羑叡 This song just overrated!!! Not that good enough to be a number one song.
Mel Alfad Irafas ed sheeran is so always surprise to hear his music when i see his video that ugly guy ...
Peggy Bygrave My daughter always changes song lyrics to suit her love of food and this one is everywhere 'I'm in love with the taste of food'.
Debin Sabu Eds the best . I think there has to be a song with Taylor. Please don't quit
Mourad Alouan II Im sick of this song.. and sick of him already
Prashant Kumar Singh Just wanna say one thing..I am in love with the Shape of you 😊
Mohmmad Hatoum But it will never break mariah's record
Krystal Khen - Taiwo Ed Sheeran is the best #TeamEd
Kay Dee I'm ln love with the figure of her...expecially when SHE was HERE
Це То This song sucks!
Montle Mpho Way to go Ed Sheeran. 🙂
Amandine De Filippi C'est un bon notre fils ❤ Camille Peyroutet
Regie Steven Cabalza Well Deserved Ed Sheeran☺👍👍👍👌👌👌✌✌✌
Antonio Delomar Good!!! time to break Mariah's record
Coline Baje
Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 693🔥👌
Amanda Fabeni 👏👏👏
Godwin KidInk Ayesiga am in love with the shape u,am luv in with yhur bodie
Di Vi De Omfg this man is a legend 😗😙😚😘💞
Victor Luke Obiagor Is it the mariah carey record 😮
Enn Payen Who?
Htet Lynn Xaw Dissed song I don't like that songs ✊
Dani Daniel
RÜthie Konan Yassss!!! <3
Billboard4 hours ago

Prepare yourselves.

Eric Beresky praying for pete wentz full nudes
Carolina Honorato They're disbanding Ahveda
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Sthembiso Tine Blessing Illuminati 1399🔥👌
Billboard6 hours ago

He also suggested he probably auditioned for Han Solo.

Erica Bernardo Sign of the times looks like the old school of pop.
Cecilia Javines it is just the beginning
Asia Owens Lit
Elise Fuller Babe
Kishan Gurung yup
Vin Gonzalez Emily Villareal
Krista Aileen Tamayo Mathedel Maningo Togle Kaye Blancaflor Merie Escandilor Natabio prince charming 😍
Kristy Kiser Ashlyn Russell
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone14 hours ago

Kendrick Lamar's new LP 'Damn!' set the bar for all 2017 releases as the rapper's latest LP easily achieved the best-selling week of the year so far.

Jeff Littrell I like it even better than "To Pimp A Butterfly", which I thought was amazing. It has a little more of an old-school hip-hop feel to it, in my opinion, and I'm 54. I like Kendrick, Chance, J. Cole, Run The's a good time for rap music.
Jace Peterson It's "DAMN." not "Damn!"
Nathan Mass So i was takin a walk the other day
Dudu Costa I got loyalty got royalty inside my DNA
Bret Dressler It's about time that K-Dot finally get the credit he deserves and selling album like they should have been selling when he drop his first album and all of his album r classic and way better than drakes
Marley Byrnes Kendrick's got so much talent. I'm happy to be alive while he's around releasing music. 🙂
OG Oratile Well deserved
Evan Turner Dumb
Ben Bevel Best album of the decade!!
Ian Krause DAMN. Get it right
Gage Thomas Cotner Lol
Ginger Story Awesome🎵
Scotia Raven DUMB!
Nathan Mass Big numbers Thandizo Masi
Alex Rock Dimitar Milchev Ed Sheeran
Alec Palchikoff Bj Nick
Max Pfefferkorn Filip Striker
Thomas Engemann Ant Malotke
Anat Pinassi Nachum Guy Nahum
Jona Bednjanec Matjaž Mikuž
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone17 hours ago

Happy birthday John Oliver! In 2014 we spoke with the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver host. Here are 20 things we learned hanging out with him.

Kathy Washecka I think the comedic conscience of America is shared between John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert , Seth Meyers and Jon Stewart
Rachael Rolf The idea that you aren't attractive to women is just plain wrong, John.
Masha Markina Matthew Mills 😉 in case you wanted to take a break from that dissertation and enjoy a good read
Carly Pimlott Angela Lawman 'nearly got in a fistfight with an Ali G impersonator' ,I love this man. 😂
Sean Dollahon He really comes into his own when he's super smuggy about people who aren't leftists.
Dylan Thomas Müller Milch Tain Sonny Dit l'Ahite t'es né le même jour que John Oliver et Antoine Daniel. Ça va les chevilles ?
Walker Dollahon If you like your comedy sneering and bullying and sanctimonious, I guess...
Robert Aranda You could not suck more ass if you were assisted with a shop vac.
Marc Lindgren He has the best satirical show on tv, hands down.
Dan Sign Imperialist puppet!! Suck a dick
Suzie White Happy Birthday
Mike Wayhart ...that he's an ass?
Josh Brandmaier How about we celebrate his birthday in a week.
David Andrews 🙌😀
Christine Pupino Skrivanek LOVE his show!
Danielle Francoeur 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 he's my favorite. 🙂
Robert Aranda You libtard jack wang.
BriarAmelia Black We love you!
Janeen E Parker Absolutely LOVE this guy!Spot on every time😚
Bilal Sheikh 💢 Bot User 💢 Bilal Sheikh 💢 ♥PYTHON♥BOT♥TEAM♥ ♪----» TIGER-XD.TK «----♪ ♥♡o. BOT OWNER 💢 TAYYAB KHAN 💢
Ellen Lucke Kathryn Pickett might interest you 🙂
Victoria Dean Jessy Robb 😍
Désirée Nishiwaki CBenjamin Kentache
Idan Simon Shiri Blumberg Miki Levy Ariel Oseran
Jordan Cifani Ryan Houle
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone18 hours ago

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival Saturday to take part in a panel for 'The Protectors: Walk in the Ranger's Shoes,' a Kathryn Bigelow-directed short film about elephant poaching.

Michael Karns I'd rather that she be addressing the March For Science from the White House, but this is good to hear. (Of course, if the peoples' will had prevailed and she were in the WH the March wouldn't be needed.)
Laura Wilson Sigh. Can we own up to the fact that Clinton and the DNC recklessly gambled with our futures and lost?
Mark Kosares From the childish comments posted on here by Trump supporters and Clinton bashers, it's no wonder we have a con man and his extended brood operating out of the White House. Can't you people disagree without hurling childish insults and name calling? It sounds like some of you are in the third grade. I would be embarrassed to discuss the affairs of this country in such a childish way.
Lisa Horn Fusee Regardless of how you feel about her (I'm not a fan) I do appreciate her making an appearance at such a crucial film that will bring attention to the horror of poaching and how low information consumers are just as responsible for the inhumane horrors being committed beyond our borders. Too many Americans are clueless as to how reckless their purchases are on other people and animals. Good to see politicians showing up to insure the word gets out and we can become a nation of knowledge and efficiency as opposed to ignorance and passivity.
Kyle Gallagher Bernie has been front and center opposing Trump. I haven't seen much of Hillary other than low-key, big-dollar events like this.
Jana Salter Ridiculous, childish remarks. If you hate her so much, why even click on the post? I am not a,fan of Trump, but I NEVER say nasty things about him when someone posts about him.
Bob Hagensick For Pete's sake quit whining about the frigging election. You sound like a bunch of spoiled little kids who didn't get that toy. You ran a criminal & she lost. Pick a better candidate next time. Better yet pick a better platform.
Oliver Klosoff I love HRC. She's never done me wrong. Nobody ever prepared themselves for the position of POTUS better than she did.
Jim Wikel As far as I am concerned she has no credibility and this is for show. She is a wall street puppet who took money from big oil. She wouldn't hear the Indigenous Youth Council and was silent about the DAPL.
David Cantor She must be desperate for cash. She must've spent hugely on her Presidential campaign, counting on the bribes, kickbacks and graft she could get once she was in to make up the investment.
Yoko Masayo Nakasone i truly admire her in all different ways since student。i wish we have her as our world leader ! i had tears when she lost...but 。。i am very happy to see her face w peace❣i know as long as we have her on this planet.she is working 4 our future anyhow❣❣ GOD bless ❣❣❣
Clark Orwick Go away, you've done enough damage. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same neo-fascist coin.
Nicole V Cook While the trump boys kill elephants and other endangered species for fun. Thank you Hillary.
Kaylasa Giselle Funny, the same people that can't stop attacking Hillary, are justifying Trump's atrocities and seem to forget that he is doing everything he said he WOULD NOT do. He's acting like Hillary would have acted, and yet she gets attacked and he doesn't. Bunch of brainwashed hypocrites.
Ray Banks The Clintons need to just disappear. You've loaded your coffers with silver from the adoring public. Just go.
Karen Stout Good for her. My friend's daughter saw her and was thrilled.
Jon Patrick Cavanaugh-Spain She lost the election because of her own hubris and because of her we have Trump. Go away and stay away.
Nicholas Antone Luke She seems to show up at parties no problem, but when there is a serious issue or protest, she is nowhere to be found.
Lorie Reynolds-Stroud She looks more relaxed and natural. Too bad she didn't emanate that during the election...
Jake Lima Funny how she wasnt asked about 13 hours. Scumbag, God Damn Scum Bag letting our warriors die like that
Dan Odegard Remember that time she showed up as a presidential candidate but choked and lost to a horrible candidate? How she can show her face anywhere is beyond me.
Madeline Stemwedel Yeah but what is she actually doing besides making heaps of cash just for showing up
Jeremy Montano Makes sense. Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty was repulsive CIA/war propaganda, so very much Hillary's speed.
Jim Shirk Jr. I thought she was busy laundering cocaine money at the Clinton Foundation
Jeremy Hamley She lost, but still needs something to do between her occasional warmongering.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone19 hours ago

The Ramones released their self-titled debut 41 years ago today. Here are 10 things you might not have known about the album.

Bob Martin There's an interesting documentary about Ramones' manager Danny Fields on Netflix --"Danny Says." Fields had an eye for unique talent and also managed Velvet Underground, Stooges, MC5, and Modern Lovers. Best scene is 1975 recording of Lou Reed listening to The Ramones for the first time, in awe of the ferocious and relentless pacing.
Shane Paulson did you fight over the Ramones Singles Box yesterday? (spoof on Black Friday)
Matt Parker I find it hard to believe it took until 2014 to sell 500,000 copies of that record. I think I bought it 3 times. Vinyl and 2 different cd versions. Maybe I bought some of them used.
Douglas Keener Saw these guys in the late 70's, Seattle. They blew us away. Each song had a running time of 2 minutes or less and performed at lighting speed.
Denny Green To write such simple but catchy songs takes a strange kind of genius. 2 barre chords, a few words, 2nd verse same as the first, RAMONES. Other bands got the credit for starting 70s Punk in England, but it goes way back, even further back than Ramones who were influenced by 60s garage bands as well as the Beach boys, etc. Everywhere the Ramones played ( over 2000 gigs) they influenced people to form bands. A special band, for all the right reasons. I only got to see em in the 90s without Dee Dee and Joey's voice was stuggling ( understandably) but they were still great. They could have done with a long break from gigs really. Amazing they still managed to do a lot of albums while touring almost relentlessly. Joey said one year they had 2 days off.
Tom Spalding One of my brothers( younger)got into them about 1970 something ,I was into UFO,BOC,APRIL WINE,THIN LIZZY.I thought it was an attitude he was going thru(neck chain,steel belt).Although I beat him in concerts,me over 1,000 from 1975(Detective/Nazareth) to the Ramones thou
Joaquim Rui Eu tive o prazer de os ver ao vivo em espanha, já lá vão mais de duas dezenas de anos... Dos melhores concertos que vi. Obrigado Ramones, de certeza felizes com a oferta da boa música que nos deixaram ...
Mark Whalley A classic! To say it is Hugely influential is an understatement.
Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb David Lamb. You should follow RS. There are always things that would interest you on here
Ronan Fox First heard "it's alive" when I was 13 in 1986, still brilliant to this day!!
Denny Green My fave band ( along with The Beatles.) Rocket to Russia fave Ramones album.
Rulo Da Bazz Mazzta Los mejores, los más relevantes, sencillos y carismáticos Los Ramones
Matthew La Rochelle Hmm, for some reason now I wanna sniff some glue.
Dominick Dolio Thank you for this article. Please write more like this.
Marjorie Leblanc Wow amazing 😉
Ken Vail Jr. Not even my fave ramones l.p. it's rocket to Russia
Walt Welenc that Howard Stern is second from the right?
Jusciédison Cella
Patrick J. Fay Hey Ho Let's Go!!!!
John Howlett The day I was born!
Diane Champion Brocker crazy for them
Rhonda Garcia When iwas kidi love the ramounes!
Mauricio Carvajal Love this guys!
István Pásztor Just played the whole album 😀
Maria João Seabra Luis Moura, olha!
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone20 hours ago

John Mayer brought out Ryan Adams during his concert Friday night in Englewood, California, with the singer-songwriters performing Adams' "Come Pick Me Up" together at the Forum.

Jon Langston Inglewood. This isn't a mistake, or a typo, or auto-correct. It's not a style point, or a matter of taste. It's fscking laziness.
Missy Dunford Simmons Ryan Adams is truly one of a kind! Doesn't always get the credit he deserves. Just love him. Sounds great with John Mayer playing with him. They should collaborate.
John Wall Inglewood
Laura Lee Minnick Chills wow! Beautiful❤️❤️❤️ two of the best now adding my hometown favorites SLEEPWALKERS and you would have a trifecta!
Barbara West Janeway Um, you mean Inglewood? Really Rolling Stone, you should know better!
Trey Cooper Nope. Sorry. Nothing can make this dude cool. Not Dave Chappell, not Ryan Adams
Cynthia Faulks I used to live in Englewood only back then it was spelled with an "I"......smh....#sarcasm
Paul Compton Well, we know what this song sounds like with one too many guitar players now.
Courtney Alex Wittenstein God damnit John Mayer, get out of my life. You're ruining all of my favorite bands/musicians!
Jesse Passage Good to see so many white people finally catch a break.
Robin Richey Amazing moment to see these two play live together! Great show!
Jayme Blackstone Ashley Elise - I feel like this is a concert we probably should have attended.
Paulo Terron Andres Ibarra Rioslook at your bae playing with the big league!
Angélica Duarte Aline Valério, minha música favorita de elizabethtown
Julie Higgins Van Sickle 2nd favorite song of all time. Getting excited to see him next week😀
Jodi Marshall I could eat Ryan alive he is so yummy!!! k, that sounded creepy.. hahahah
Quinn Rousseau I was at this show. What a pleasant surprise!! 😙 John was on FIRE this night.
Holly David Is this like Dreyers and Breyers icecream? You mean Bryan Adams, right? ;D
Anne Maynard ryan adams is rocking a denim suit! just sayin! 🙂
Sloan Smith Jillian Sprague this is my favorite video literally of all time
Maryjane G. Vece Gah! My favorite Ryan Adams song!
Wes Riley John Mayer. You killed it!
Mike A. Castillo Inglewood*
Rich Widener Jessi Lisette, say what you want but that kid can play!
ElRoy Quesada Loli Apuy favorite Ryan Adams song!
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone21 hours ago

Wilco released ‘Yankee Foxtrot Hotel’ 15 years ago today. Read our 2010 feature where Jeff Tweedy discussed the album.

Santiago Laserna Fernandez I really really hope those folks at Reprise, whoever they are, never stop feeling embarrassed at the thought of them having turned down such a classic album.
Brian R. Brinkman Ok fine, another excuse to spin this record for the umpteenth time.
Shawn Osterhus That album is a painting for the ears. Beautiful and strange at the same time.
Mark Tarr I actually thought it'd been longer than 15 years since its release. I'm liking it though.
Geoffrey Cox Still a boring album. I only use it to wash Foreigner songs out of my head.
Hal J Cohen An all time classic.
Bob Martin War on War. You're gonna lose.
Darwin Meints Alexandra I'm the man who loves you!
Dave Jones Wow 15 years?
Thomas Rahn One of my favorites. Can't believe it's 15 years old.
Jessamyn Orchard Stacy Shoemake has it really been 15 years?!
Nick Skrobak Edward Baker 15 years
Mike Hurt Geoffrey Cox this is for you!
Mícheál Mac Giolla Phádraig David Sheehan
John J. Bilchak III Bryan Overly
John J. Bilchak III Michael Boyle
Tony Yates Tom Mccarthy
Lisa Marie Catherine Flaherty Safady
Kelly Reilly Jami Nielsen
Frank J. Vuotto John
Drew Kennedy R Tim Trsar
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone22 hours ago

Frank Ocean aired an unannounced episode of Blonded Radio late Saturday night on Beats 1, where the singer debuted two versions of another new song titled "Lens," the second featuring Travis Scott.

Followill Gilmore Kabbale Thanks for the continuous great service grands
Daniel Alcaraz Thanks i just listened to it
Followill Gilmore Kabbale Its all better now.
Anuraag Kumar Harris Vandana Anton
Maj Thorphan Kenan Sabber
Sandy Gifford Katie Gifford
Sabrina Alcaraz Daniel Alcaraz
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone1 day ago

Erin Moran, the actress best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on beloved sitcom 'Happy Days' and its spinoff 'Joanie Loves Chachi,' has died at age 56.

Erik Stonebraker Damnit! It should have been Chachi...
Stephen Roll God our Father, Your power brings us to birth, Your providence guides our lives, and by Your command we return to dust. Lord, those who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for this family, these relatives and friends, and for all the dead known to You alone. In company with Christ, Who died and now lives, may Erin rejoice in Your kingdom, where all our tears are wiped away. Unite us together again in one family, to sing Your praise forever and ever. Amen. Eternal rest grant unto Erin O' Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
Suzanne Wolf If I had to put up with Scott Baio for that long, it would have taken a toll on me as well.
Drew Hart If there is a god, he/she/it is an asshole because they took Joanie and not Chachi.
Jeff May So sad. As Henry Winkler summed up on Twitter this evening, Ms. Moran has the peace now she wanted badly on Earth.
Priscilla Flanagan She was married to our friend, Carol (Stewart) Ferguson's son, Rocky. Rocky also died young. They had a place in Canaan at one time, I think.
Rich Walker Wow taking the opportunity to hate on Scott Baio obviously for political reasons.. sad and pathetic people come on someone died
Alfonso Rolli Because she was a celeb, they call it "struggles" and her life hit "hard times." Lesser-known people who die every day from this disease are referred to as junkies, alcoholics and bums. Sad.
Steve Hendren All those fake ass Hollywood people are "heartbroken"... I would bet none of them EVER reached out to help her when she was down & out.
James McNulty I wonder if Chachi will go to the funeral to say good-Baio?
Ryan Silvers Very sad. One of my favorite shows that brings back nice memories. Thanks to her for bringing me some of the "Happy Days" of my life. R.I.P..
Janis Cynthia Ridgway How sad. I was thinking about her recently (after watching the Friends episode where Rachel says, "Joanie loved Chachi") actually wishing things were going better for her :'(
Tom Street And Chaci still lives? How unfair.
Sherri Boileau RIP Erin Moran. She was left unresponsive when they found her. And alone. It was unclear who reported the situation to police. The statement from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department read that a dispatcher “received a 911 call about an unresponsive female. Upon arrival of first responders, it was determined that Erin Moran Fleischmann was deceased. An autopsy is pending.”#HappyDays
Maggie A. Morris-Calderon Wonder what happened? Peace be with her family & friends. I hope everyone is considerate to her family through this.
Ronald J Tremblay I read that she had it rought after her days in acting... Not easy being forgotten after such a successful run... 🙁
Jack Jenkins Some of you sick minded fucks, "Oh it should've been Chachi", what is wrong with you people??
Vickie Hurst Happy Days was a big part of my tv childhood. So sad.
Dean Templin Where was her Hollywood friends with millions of dollar's when she needed help???
Kevin Palombi Why is everyone dying in their fifties? Has medical science been going backwards in LA?
RoBert J Miller I didn't know she was even that old; like everyone's younger sister,who watched the show. Sad.
Theresa Davis So sorry to hear she passed so young. Loved that show and her acting. Wishing the best for her family!
Liza Waldman Jeez you guys, Scott Baio is a moron for sure, but we can't wish tragedy on the man.
Forrest McFarland I remember the Happy Days spinoff show Joanie Loves Chachi. R.I.P. Shortcake. 😢
Kristen Davis This is so sad. The last I heard of her she was broke and homeless.