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Billboard20 ago

"So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched."

Jafet R. Naranjo Why is everyone so excited about her? SHE WASN'T EVEN THERE. MADONNA JUST SPOKE HER MIND LIVE and said what she had to say. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are also there. Stop with this overrated woman, look at the real things and start congratulating the ones who are really doing something.
Mark Joseph Medina How come this is even a headline? It's just a single tweet and she is not even there while other celebs like Ariana, Demi and Miley are actually out there and doing the work but you didn't even tried to make an article about their presence. Biased media everyone 👏👏👏
Jason Juno Lee These people are protesting against a freely democratic elected Trump but not protesting about countries living under Islamic dictatorships where women are being oppressed 24/7? Seems logical, this is the left wing legacy 😬
Keabetswe Rasegojwa Am not American and all that but am all for equality and woman rights but that damn match wasn't about any of that it was about Donald Trump and I think it was pretty stupid. This is a democracy you lose you wait for another 5 years and in US case it's 4 years. So 4 years to strategies and come up with better policies to gunner votes.
Bryce R Walton Glad to see you all got out and walked for your health on a Saturday. Walking is good for all of you. Sadly it took a sign for 90% of you to get out and walk. But hey it's a start right? I invite you to get out and walk more often. Next time lets try it without a sign. Thank God President Trump will make AMERICA stronger and greater then ever before. If you need to hold a sign on your next walk. You may make a sign that says " Lets Make AMERICA Great Again" Thanks for walking for your health.:)
Johan López she wasn't even there
Krishalei Narag Why does it seem like Taylor needs to prove anything about every issue to everyone. When she speaks, people say she's just being fake. When she keeps silent, people drag
Malik Quinn Watch she still get hate for this :/ Damned if you do,Damned if you don't 😂😪
Guerrero Jaén Carlos You are not a woman Taylor. You like to play with men's hearts (saying that into a polite way) 😉
Emily Radder I will never understand why people are reacting "angry" with this 😩
Matteo D'Onofrio She wasn't there because she's a trump supporter even if she wants to hide it ...
Jules Torres She only supports when it's convenient. She didn't even march. She can have a seat.
Joaquin Diaz So... she voted for Hillary.
Guadalupe Rubio Ximena Melo😂😂😂😂 Bebé mira esto qué pedo con la tabla 😂😂😂ahora que? No ella apoya a Trump
Iniko Methembe Kitemoma So what are the goals of the march? What do they plan on achieving? Do they have any points? Or is this just for attention?
Rada Elizabeth Ruggles i feel amazing. thanks taylor for making the ending of my day an amazing one
Christina Rippy Taylor voted for Trump
Sotiris Kontostergios 🐍
Paul Burrows TayTay...not you. Sad.
Otávio Ramos Maior ativista
Curtis Reid As opposed to yesterday?
Jacque Coward Laughable.
Giovanni Alsleben Caltran SHE WASN'T EVEN THERE
Zouhair Kamal Wait... Didn't she vote for Trump?
Billboard35 ago

Almost 50 years after she made her Grand Ole Opry debut,

Amy Middlebrooks Tapley Ah . . . memories of singing, "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue" in my Grandmama's living room while she played the album on the record player.
Nina Pickell Great! Don't it make my brown eyes blue
Osvaldo Hernandez About time.
Billboard1 hour ago

"A leader is supposed to be compassionate and inclusive, that’s a real leader."

Anna Maria Giorgione Why are you going after Trump when he never did anything except talk 30 years ago-- Bill Clinton was a convicted rapist and womanizer... Why don't you speak up about all the rapes by the muslim refugees in Europe -- hundreds every week?? Why don't you speak up about the muslims an how they treat their women- if they claim rape-- they get beat and they kill gays?? You people are fools
Paul Burrows Unless you are a citizen of the U.S. and a registered voter of the U.S. and you actually voted in the presidential election, your opinions and views of our president have absolutely no value.
Thomas Niel Call it what it really is... ANTI AMERICAN RALLY from Hollyweird fools and Liberal crybabies.What happened to you America? Here in Europe , we use to look up to you! .......................'' that the foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government be exemplified by all the attributes which can win the affections of its citizens and command the respect of the world.''' POTUS and General George Washington.
Adrics Place Looks like an advert for 'Lady & The Tramp', only which is which? Hollywood is Holly-Was
Lynn Stallsmith What I found AMAZING....first time I have seen most of these 'stars' fully clothed. Usually, T & A hanging out much of the time.
Linda Christensen Applegate millions more women at home and do not agree with you!!
Teresita Lozada I LOOOVE George and Paris on that photo tho
Richard Mori THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!
Sandy Aslinger Johnson who cares UN AMERICAN..........done with hollywood
Joyce Lee ABORTION IS BIG BUSINESS: $325 for a brain $325 for a portion of liver $650 for both eyes It's time to put Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, which profit from the killing of preborn children, out of business.
Anastasia Linda I still don't get the purpose of the Women's Marches like what possible outcomes do you think will come out of this?
Louis Roman Reynoso Truuuuuuuuue!
Matthew Figueroa Who? I don't know him
Giovannie Hernandez "A leader is supposed to be compassionate and inclusive, that’s a real leader."
Marci Palin Ridiculous
Meri Kristis Justus Yea Boy George
Idan Willenchik Boy George looks like a trash can.
Arthur Stevenson just wondering are yja
Larry Hebert Theyre protesting something that hasnt happened lol
Dennis Carter My twim
Konstantina Tzerbi Totally agree and adore boy george
Billboard1 hour ago

Saturday night. Squad up.

Keenan Del Howarth Can't wait for Taylor's song about Kim to skull drag her into poverty
Riccardo Vargas Mmm not, Katy perry is The queen
Hansel Pipo Anobey Screw every other song this is cole's time to shine, this is cole's era to be ran, this is cole world #recognized
Torrin Andersson Waiting with great anticipation for Taylor's new single this coming Summer before her 6th album bows in the Fall. Her squad will have the ammunition ready to rock 'n roll. Oh yeah!
Guerrero Jaén Carlos With a taste of your lips I'm on a ride
Rosa María Fernanda Oh yessss
Edgar Valencia Cant wait for another song about her exbf
Adriana Little Lol more like #WomensMarch. Squad up 🙌🏼
Erick Espinoza This is the song that I lost respect for Kendrick Lamar
André Silva Taylor sucks!
Fábricio Sanchez EXPOSTA KKKK
Rami Boulkroun Queens
Izabela Lovato Gomez Jauregui Payne I really love this song
Izabela Lovato Gomez Jauregui Payne Omg squad Taylor Swift
Amiro Salles Courage, Taylor
Itz Nzejoe RedArmy I really love this song 😃😀
Nil Andrade Clipe sensacional já assistir 25 vezes
Christoph Bausinger Video script written by ..
Tom Lutz one of her best Videos. Visual effects are great!
Abid Khan GREAT !!! <3 :)
Carlos Carrion Rios Where is Iron Maiden?, Slipknot, Black sabbath T_T
Malina Diaconescu Ioana cum adica
Talavera M. Nadia Britney? Toxic?
JC King 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Ondra Havelka Pavel Brestovanský
Billboard3 hours ago

"It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the f--- up."

Spencer Rahal If Madonna dropping an F-bomb on air offends you and you voted for Trump, your priorities are way off
Matteo Ibarra No one has the guts Madonna has. She'll always fight and defend her ideals the same way she's done it during her entire career of 35 years. Long live the music queen!
George Gonzalez Bravo Madonna!!! If anyone feels insulted by her speech should listen to Trump. Pales in comparison. #notmypresident #lovetrumpshate
Chuck Lowe I wonder if she is giving blow jobs for husbands to bring their wives to the march?? Sorry, any respect I had for her is gone, like she would give a crap.
Adrics Place Listening to entertainers ramble about politics is like listening to Jeffrey Dommer talking about home made cooking. Wailing has-beens like her are exactly why Trump got elected. To quote 2 Live Crew, "If you don't like it, get the F**k out!"
Sharon Maggio Larkin I'm sorry but he F bomb was classless and unnecessary. This doesn't help the cause. America Ferrera was the epitome of class. In any case I could not be more proud of these women who attended marches all over our nation. They stood up for one another and for decency today. I wish I didn't have to work or I would have been there with them!
John Cahalane So, are the women marching In these events wanting the same exact rights as men. As in, are they marching for their right to be forced to sign up for selective service in order to be eligible to be drafted, allowed to vote (men don't get this right without signing up for selective service), ability to apply for jobs (another right men do not get until signing selective service)?
Anne Wright well there's a pillar of decency. you hate trump because of how he talks but you support her and all the celebs whose industry is far worse than trump and promotes the debasement of women, every day getting worse. and no i dont like trump, but dislike hypocrits even more
Wayne Elder Well, you got your moment on live TV. That is all your narrow little mind wanted. You don't want to fade out of view. Guess what! You have made yourself even more irrelevant than ever. No law has been passed, no commitment to any cause against women, just someone who believes in God and the words in the bible. If you ever wear a cross around your neck again you will be a hypocrite, if you already aren't.
David Middleton She and a lot of people protesting today are still not awake. They see politicians like Hillary and Obama as the answer to our problems because they're good at pretending to care about popular social issues during election cycles while not doing anything for the same people that voted them into office. Until you protest the whole broken system you will never get the change we all want. Just crying everytime your side doesn't win means nothing.
Emanuela Ponzi Gubitosa I honestly believe her choice of words in her speech and change up to include vulgarity in her lyrics send a ZERO message. Disgrace to kids hearing this and she's a mother.
Kathleen Steele-Larsen I voted for HRC! Madonna, in dropping F-bombs in one breath, and then saying 'love' is the answer, in the next, lost all credibility. Really? At the very least, it is the total opposite of what Michelle Obama said ...'when they go low, we go high.'
Mike Merlin It's not the F bomb that offends people. She made it about herself which is a shame. By the way, I find it hypocritical to say love trumps hate when you publicly say you've thought about blowing up the White House. The good side didn't win? Again she made it about her instead of the movement
Judi Paynter Money and fame. Doesn't care about women or their rights. Shameful how all the slime balls who make their money by being in the public eye are front and center
Lori Anderson Show your love for all The Marchers out there show them that we may not be able to get out there, that we are here with them. Lets get the Pinks hats on our Profiles on every account pass it on. Make memes. Text your friends. Make a # tag lets make it known!! #PinkHats
Sherri Rocco Madonna you're the biggest pig going...pretty sure you're all over every guy you bring on stage and god knows who else. Stfu
Gary Hanson Madonna......if you are standing with Radical Islamists (Im sure you are as you are a Satanist also), you are going to be eradicated off the face of the earth also.
Damian Daryl Delledonne Probably the only American woman who's credibility is worse than Hillary Clinton's. Bottom of the barrel trash mouth gets you nowhere Madonna. That's why you both lost.
Brenda Patton I will not buy or watch Madonna in anything else she does not speak for all women. The hate and violence you are exhibiting any good things you wanted to get across are lost. Also threatening the President is completely crazy I think she should go to jail for that.
Rodney Travis We are very thankful that Trump won the election. The march today helped the "evil capitalist" hotel corporations make lots of money. Our country is back on the right track with President Trump.
Kathy Hodge Madonna is a washed out has been .. possessed by a demon spirit.. she knows nothing about love.. everything about Hate... she has relinquished her body to whom ever would dare touch this slime.. She is NOTHING.... !!!!
Sonja Stewart-Harper Remember this date November 6, 2018. That's the date on which 33 senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 governorship's will be up for re-election. Put it on your calendar now and be prepared to be an informed voter. If you are worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction the government is going this is the most effective way to make a change, stop complaining and start planning. Remember the president is only one cog in the government machine, and you can make effective change through voting for your local and state representatives, this is the check that can balance this situation. Pass it on….
True Poizon Protests, riots, looting....and people reading from scripts because they cant speak from the heart lol. ----I was born almost 31 years ago (2 more weeks). Seems like the same things we were arguing over 31 years ago, we are still arguing over today. Does this tell you something? -----This country is run by greedy rich people, and nothing will stop them since they have it all. Protests and riots are exactly what they want: Dividedness and Anger. -----The Left and Right may have different opinions, but we are all on the same side in life; we are people with bills to pay and lives to live. -----These protesters are arguing about rights that they already have had for ages.....yet poor people are still being screwed (and you wonder why the GOP won it all?) Unless you are poor, you have no real reason to complain. ----So how does one fight back? Its simple: Live and enjoy your life. Be happy, dont buy stuff you dont need, dont have an ego, do have common sense, help each other, be healthy, and do what you enjoy for a career. -----You'll spend years arguing against the Greedy, but in the end they'll do whatever they want (while you're protesting, they are up in their penthouses laughing). Instead of protesting because you're single, miserably married to a boring nice guy, or divorced.....start dancing out there. Seriously lol.
Marianne Dias Do not be deceived, God is not mocked [He will not allow Himself to be ridiculed, nor treated with contempt nor allow His precepts to be scornfully set aside]; for whatever a man sows, this and this only is what he will reap. For the one who sows to his flesh [his sinful capacity, his worldliness, his disgraceful impulses] will reap from the flesh ruin and destruction, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Galatians 6:7-8 AMP
Marks Steelman Holston Loved it! Madonna loves nothing more than pissing off conservatives!
Billboard was live.3 hours ago

Live from the Washington Monument with Sadie Dupuis from Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz!

Aedyn Caron Is that lady with the world as her stomach on that poster having an abortion?
Laura Batista ❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mickey Biancaniello #LegalizeCannabis
Brenda Costa "A revolução começa aqui" "Para sermos quem somos e para sermos iguais"
Melanie Cabrera ❤️❤️
Rex O. Regis Top 30 Edm right here ✋🏾
Marcela Devoto Argentina presente !!!!
Mary Grima Wow
Fernando ZaMa Holi
Prince Khan Hello i am from pakistan
Giuliano Manoliu ?
Dan Kardreis Hellooooo
Kathy Mautone Hola!!
Rory O Kennedy Yasss
Millcente Millcente Wollcombe Les son raison
Saray Piñerez Holaa
Berenice Lovato Ya quiero ver a Demi
Gabriel Andrade Pia brota
Gabriel Andrade Brota
Yuriche Souza Madona queen
Jose Rugamas Wow!!!!
Irwin Ng 😀
Débora Seabra GO GIRLS
Luan Carlos 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤
TayyAb SiAl hi
Billboard4 hours ago

Women's March on Washington

Sumair Shirazi So where is Taylor Swift? Let me guess she is sitting at home thing which guy she can bash and play a game called innocent? When all other celebrities are there.
Watson Cindy I don't even know why they are still marching for a stupid reason. I don't like Donald Trump but this march won't change the fact that he is already the President of the USA, those women just need to pray that God direct Trump in the right way and they also need to head back home and take care of their family, it is not because some celebrities told you to do a stupid parade that you have to execute it.
Nimra Akram I wish this would've been here also perfect marching nd in Pakistan we need it but these women must come together in huge quantity before the election exist
Anna Maria Giorgione Why are you going after Trump when he never did anything except talk 30 years ago-- Bill Clinton was a convicted rapist and womanizer... Why don't you speak up about all the rapes by the muslim refugees in Europe -- hundreds every week?? Why don't you speak up about the muslims an how they treat their women- if they claim rape-- they get beat and they kill gays?? You people are fools.
Lori Anderson Show your love for all The Marchers out there show them that we may not be able to get out there, that we are here with them. Lets get the Pinks hats on our Profiles on every account pass it on. Make memes. Text your friends. Make a # tag lets make it known!! #PinkHats
Antonio Flores By woman you mean the lesbians, liberals, pro abortion, and all the other nut case......🐅
Emma Lavelle Lasher I love this but we needed these women to come together before the election!
Cristhian Sotomayor Where's Taylor Swift?
Clara Murray This was a protest and will set women's rights back 40 years.
Donnie Rupnow You go girls!! Proud of everyone that participated in this peaceful protest.
Niko Portante THIS is peaceful protesting, not those idiot rioters yesterday
Rajesh Singh If every body keeps on praising these ladies then who's gonna think about us.we men do deserves to be praised at times. What do u say Mr trump.
Josipa Baketarić Who run the world? Girls!
Michelle Hutchins Awesome 👏🏻 Thanks ladies!! Applauding from California!!👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🎉🌹❤️️👍🏻👏🏻
Henrique Fromm Marcha das vadias mudou de nome? Ou so é vadia aqui no Brasil??
Sylvain A Blanchette Sad !
Helen Kemme Idiots
Al Mcconniel Them So Called Women Need To Stay At Home & Practice Being #ClassyWomen Instead Of Looking Like Ellen Degeneres & Rosie O'Donnell.
Christine Tait Get yourself a life
Johnny Hughes Looks like a celebratory parade. Did anybody bring candy?
Joyce Lee ABORTION IS BIG BUSINESS: $325 for a brain $325 for a portion of liver $650 for both eyes It's time to put Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, which profit from the killing of preborn children, out of business.
Caroline A. Lucia Power to the women👌
Erwan Brin Madonna, Cher and many others were here !!! Yay
Marci Palin Ridiculous
Nellie Gonzales Carmona Boooooo...
Billboard4 hours ago

Women's March on Washington

Al Mcconniel Them So Called Women Need To Stay At Home & Practice Being #ClassyWomen Instead Of Looking Like Ellen Degeneres & Rosie O'Donnell.
Robert Price Love MADONNA told Donald Trump to go suck a dick
Ernesta Šiklo Gabrielė Reimerytė we're living in wrong country
Αναστασια Ασλανιδου Xristina εμεις στις εκπτώσεις😂
Rory O Kennedy Yassss ladies
Abid Khan GREAT !!! <3 :)
Lidia Gabrielle Mayara Lima <3
Brad Yi 문주영
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone1 hour ago

Alicia Keys and Janelle Monáe were among the artists to perform at the Women's March on Washington, which drew hundreds of thousands to the nation's capital.

Christine DaCosta Randall That WOMEN could be even remotely unsupportive of other WOMEN marching and fighting for WOMEN is beyond my comprehension.
Maureen Oliveira trump supporters will refuse to acknowledge the facts but the fact is, he can never state that his "movement" was unlike anything we've ever seen before. This peaceful march is! He may have divided Americans,but he sure did unify the women!
Jennifer L Holm Looks like this has been a peaceful & appropriate protest that would well- serve as a model for other groups who truly want to bring awareness with their protests.
Lola L. Lee What it really is is a bunch of sore losers. Notice the places they are doing this are the same where Clinton won in the election. We all have the same rights in this republic as individuals and they are enumerated within our Constitution in the Bill of Rights. Language and actions to divide everyone into groups for their color, gender, religion, whatever is all BS!!
Julie Metcalfe It was a beautiful day for ALL women across the world!
Debbie George Fulkerson So a Women's March was held that degrades women with some of their speech and signs.
Gerald Hurst It's refreshing to have a strong leader as our new president.
Dan Alexander Historical event! All these women at a mall but no shoe sale in site
David Button
Jose Torres Y'all better be making sammiches for tomorrow's Playoff games......🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kim Nelson love you Alicia Keys!!!!! feet on the ground‼💜
Robert Cartwright Janelle Monae can really draw a crowd too ... are you a "Hater of D.T.s" or a supporter ?
Charles Fladger #ResistTrump
Graham Holloway The world needs more strong women.
Ingrid Cederlund Samuel Macara Alisha I love her! Wish we could have gone today!!!
Sista Rizla
Marcos Silvio Inacio When will these people stop crying? Behave as the Brazilian left !!!
Steve Lackenhauser Where's James Earl Ray when you need him?
Erick Tyniak Just a bunch of has been celebrities.
Paul Burrows Should have handed out pacifiers and crayons.
Cheri Janoski Moore Scarlett Johansson was great!
Kevin Muro She's such a hottie. 🙂
Melody Wilson Wish I could have been there!
Sarah Yankee now we need all of these men and women to VOTE in 2018 & 2020!!!
Mike Long They did this in the 70's
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone3 hours ago

Madonna made a surprise appearance at the Women's March on Washington to deliver a powerful speech to the hundreds of thousands who gathered in the nation's capital.

Helen Marrandino She lost her fame, so she is using you women.. How is this a March for all women, any women who voted For President Trump wouldn't feel invited as you all can't seem to stop bringing him up. Don't say it's for all women.. This march you call a revolution is only a revolution if we think like you.. Such a joke.. Have fun ladies. Not going to change a thing.
Tracey A Carc LMAO!!!!! your protesting the wrong country..try protesting is Saudi Arabia, or Egypt where women has no rights. you hollyweed morons.
Samantha Kat Stevenson Don't tell women what they can and can not do. We will protest with a baby on our hip while walking a dog, on the phone marketing our business
Edwin Montanez Jr. It is ridiculous that the day after our new President says we need to work together and unite as Americans ... you crazy liberals march to create more division. He is your new President whether you like it or not. This is all getting to be embarrassing. Vandalism and lawlessness is not protected under the 1st Amendment, nor is it a right! Lose the victim mentality and quit acting like children who didnt get the toy they wanted. Grow up. God Bless Trump and Pence  ... I stand with them over Criminal Hillary and her rapist husband
Patti Gannotti-Still Madonna said she thought about blowing up the White House? Was that a threat that the Feds should look into? No doubt non-celebrities would be questioned if they made such a comment.
Andie Gilbert Holt I am really proud of my friends who went out to march but having Madonna as some huge, surprise bonus is really undermining any thoughtful march for hope. Find a scholar. Find a woman who makes a difference in the lives of other women. Find a woman who is a spectacular parent and role model for young girls. Not some cosmetically altered washed up pop star. Pathetic. Disappointing. I bet right off that little stage are a handful of women with a lot more character and background story than Madonna. Groan.
Robert Mago You should all take a step back and look at yourself, your thought process, your attitudes! And then give obama and the other useless democrats a call and thank them. They did this to you! They turned you into a bunch of pussies! They destroyed this country! They destroyed race relations! They destroyed the health care system! They destroy the auto insurance system! They destroyed our Economy! They opened our borders which allowed for all of the above to BE destroyed! So grab some crayons and a puppy and head on to your safe place and make that call!!!!
Pablo Murua It's so sad to see how women are so disrespectful to Madonna. This and any march are totally pointless till you understand the meaning of it. Work together. Fight together. Cooperate. Don't bash each other. Support each other. So sad to read all your hateful comments.
Lisa Kindervatter The real point is that women in the west are not oppressed nor are any rights being taken from us. We have great opportunities and freedoms that those other women cant even dream of. Im really not sure what these marchers are complaining about besides the fear that they will lose their right to kill babies in utero as a form of birth control. And while marching for oppressed groups at home, and including Muslims on that list, they continually fail to call out the very much more real oppression of women on that group. Why. Votes?
Lisa Fortunato Go take a trip to the Middle East & see how much protesting you would get away with & stay there for one week see if you like it better move there with the rest of the idiots in show biz build a large Commune & go live with all & live happily ever after in your hypocrisy you wouldn't last 24 hrs !!!! There
Michele Hayes What a bunch of f'kn idiots! Too much time on your hands- do something productive. Who the f'k is gonna listen to what Madonna has to say?! Trust me this gathering does not speak for real women... Cuz a real woman with class wouldn't be out in the streets begging for attention!
Robert Perry What was the purpose of the March? No rights have been violated. Women are more equal to men today than ever before. The March wasn't gonna change the election. I'm missing something but I just don't see how the complaining is accomplishing anything.
Lisa Kindervatter Ive been alive for awhile so i have some perspective. The democratic party since the 1960s has been the party of the rebel. They coat-tailed onto the civil rights movement and used their true mantra of freedom from true oppression to also apply to freedom from any societal convention they didnt like and wanted freedom from. Freedom from tradional family life, sexual mores topping the list. They have gained power by styling themselves as the party of the oppressed. Problem is, after the civil rights movement took hold and big changes were made, they had to continually look for new "oppressions" to fight and in a free society these were hard to find. So to stay relevant they had to create some. Overturning conventions as i said was one way. Creating the lie that women are oppressed is another. Defending illegal immigrants and pretending that those who want to secure our borders are "racist" is another false oppression. They fan this stuff, repeat it over and over, giving it a life of its own, and even tho not founded in truth, ignorant people swallow it. Political manipulation, folks.
Kathy Summers Anyone of any relevance doesn't have to use such language. Talking abut freedom when she is free to stand up there and sprout such rubbish and try to create division and suggesting a resolution would be to blow up the white house. Perhaps she ought to be banished to Saudi Arabia, or Iraq or a country where things aren't so free and find out exactly what it's like to not have freedom of speech or to live as a free women particularly if you are a lesbian.
Tom Harrison This is a March for women who only think like them...this rhetoric is the problem but these people are bound by so much hate they can't see that.
Mark Trites Oh madonna "choke on it" lol. Even your husband left you because you preferred working out 24 hours a day than having anything intimate.. moron..
Janna Basler Thompson I'm a woman so I have a say but I am so curious to know where all these women were during the Clinton years? Didn't he repeatedly cheat on his wife? Didn't he lie about it to the American public and didn't he make a fool of his wife in front of the whole world? Where were all the women protesters then? I was a Clinton and Obama voter until I realized the hypocrisy of it all and now I realize how sad this all is....
Jean Reed Herbelin I'm supposed to be impressed by this foul mouthed, washed up liberal??? After that little speech about blowing up the White House then saying choose love. Wow I just don't understand. Anything for publicity...
Angie Esposita O'Dowd I like most of her speech but is it me, can't she get into a lot of trouble for saying she thought about blowing up the white house? lol. I mean I know madonna and that's her disposition and no shocker but wouldn't that be considered a serious threat??
Bill Hutter What a said thing we are seeing today. If this was supposed to be about tolerance, love and kindness to all. Most of the speakers from Judd to Madonna represented the worst of it. Elizabeth Warren was just nasty. Such wasted effort!
Andy Gannicus Vazquez Holy mother of God. Ridiculous. No wonder foreign countries hates us. If we get bombed I'm not gonna say anything. We deserve it. We should set the example, and fight and defend those who truly can't do a thing. All you ladies go to the middle east if you're truly seek and fight for justice. All you ladies do is talk. No need to be greedy.
Pattie Hamilton For Madonna to spew these words, that is not acceptable to me. We need to rely on more dignified women who eloquently express themselves. Not encourage women such as Madonna. The marches are awesome but missing one big thing, a moment of prayer for Donald Trump asking God to guide him and bless all of us through this turbulent time. That would have been powerful!
Carla Guiberteau Johnson I find it hard to view Madonna as a role model for young women. I hear that, as usual, her speech was laced with profanity. Is her vocabulary that limited?
Eric Varnell We haven't seen them protesting for women that get stoned in saudi arabia just bcz she didnt let her husband during her period..oh I forgot saudi's are obama's allies and so this group that "marches" only for political agendas
Tim O'Neill So, what exactly are you going to do? Exactly what have you accomplished? You completely failed to put the right person into The White House and now you're just whining and complaining. Where was all of this effort when the campaigning began? Where were you on election day? How many of you will actually continue on any type of effort beyond today? Words are nothing, action is everything. Its time for you to put up or shut, ladies.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone3 hours ago

"This stage is a no-Trump zone!" declared guitarist Tom Morello midway through Friday's Anti-Inaugural Ball in Los Angeles, headlined by two of his bands, Prophets of Rage and a reunited Audioslave. "Immigrants and Muslims are welcome here. Racism, homophobia and bullying will not be tolerated."...

Scott Gibbs So I guess Trump has done ONE good thing: he got Audioslave to reunite.
Cheng Liu I find it kind of funny that Muslims are welcome and homophobia is not considering that in most Muslim nations being gay is literally a crime; often a capital one.
Tony Goodin What did this actually achieve,Trump still president
Darrell Strickland >implying Trump would want to be on the stage were it not for your well-timed ban on his presence there. Tom Morello, the 90s want their political angst back.
Marty Douglasdale Lol a lot of you are so blinded by which side you're on. Think outside your little voter box you checked. Rock has been political for decades... if it wasn't it would still sound like Elvis and shitty doo wop. Politics has given us some of the best music ever made and helps it evolve.
Dan Barber "I listened as they called my President a Muslim. I listened as they called him and his family a pack of monkeys. I listened as they said he wasn't born here. I watched as they blocked every single path to progress that they could. I saw the pictures of him as Hitler. I watched them shut down the government and hurt the entire nation twice. I watched them turn their backs on every opportunity to open worthwhile dialog. I watched them say that they would not even listen to any choice for Supreme Court no matter who the nominee was. I listened as they openly said that they will oppose him at every turn. I watched as they did just that. I listened. I watched. I paid attention. Now, I'm being called on to be tolerant. To move forward. To denounce protesters. To "Get over it." To accept this... I will not. I will do my part to make sure this great American mistake becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be. I will do this as quickly as possible every chance I get. I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country. I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice. I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to them. Them. The people who voted for him. The ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win. I will do this so that they never forget. And they will hear me. They will see it in my eyes when I look at them. They will hear it in my voice when I talk to them. They will know that I know who they are. They will know that I know what they are. Do not call for my tolerance. I've tolerated all I can. Now it's their turn to tolerate ridicule. Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day forward is now Trump's fault just as much as they thought it was Obama's. I find it unreasonable for them to expect from me what they were entirely unwilling to give." Author unknown. (Copy and Paste Everywhere)
Spencer Comfort OMG Rage Kage in the background with that big old gray beard... Looks like he is prepping for a role playing Santa in an upcoming flick.
Rodney Gibson I'm just here for the Trump fans who complain about entertainers talking politics, and then goes back to reading tweets from the celebrity apprentice
Carlos Henandez This great musician give a great show always to support a great cause they are incredible I was there and only hope more off dose performance coming in the future don't stop playing
Rocky Alvarado America is born of protest! God bless protesters of both sides.
Charles Fladger #ResistTrump
Gerald Hurst It's refreshing to have a strong leader as our new president.
Morgan Daniel Beck I'm willing to bet my house and everything I own that Tom Morello did not vote for Hillary Clinton
Laura Taft Devon watch the related video. Your man's got an awesome stache
Arsalan Arshad Shama Patel, Audioslave/RATM were literally my favorite bands for about ten years 🙏🏼
Lynda Bloemke You go Tom
Marvin Pack That's to bad I have always enjoyed your magazine .
Micah Alpaugh Still wish their concert message this summer wasn't 'vote for nobody.'
Gwendolyn Seale One of the greatest nights of my life
David D. Watsky Y'all need to go have some fun. Stop watching news and go do something. This is a pathetic magazine
Dan Ealey Funny how they project the hate, bullying and intolerance they think they are not a party to.
Raymond Gardner If Barrack Hussein O'Bama was half the man Martin Luther King Jr was,America would not have voted for an Alpha White Male leader.
David Pulver Rage against the machine!!! That is what Trump is doing you fake pseudo intellectuals.
Karen Aldiero As usual, trumpsters missing the point...
Kirk Davis Audioslave!
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone4 hours ago

Metallica's Kirk Hammett urged fans to "defend democracy" and "reject American carnage" in a Twitter response to Donald J. Trump's grim inauguration speech. "Trump's Inaugural Address and his asking us to put America first sounds, to me, familiar to what was said in speeches going...

Dan Carncross Kirk Hammett just moved up a few notches on my list of favorite musicians. Culture of a people is protected by the arts it creates.
Doug Crooks "American Carnage" does sound like a Metallica North American tour name though
Ryan Jason Wood Shut up Kirk....just stick to playing guitar. Listening to your political opinions are unimportant. It's the equivalent of me sending you text messages that allow me to bitch about my bills to you. Do you want to hear it? I doubt it! We just want you to create music with Metallica and enjoy your millions.....😡
Toby Veach Actors, musicians and all public figures have a responsibility to speak out against injustice. They're the ones people hear. People saying shut up and just make music don't know what they're talking about.
Rob Boutin He's just pissed because trump illegally downloaded the entire metallica catalogue
Danny Nicholson A strange way of thinking Kirk Hammett. I think you have missed the point and to compare it to Germany in the 1940's. There are no similarities here. And your co band member can move back to Denmark now. We do not need him here spreading false claims and you can go with him.
Dave Absher Yup nailed it Kirk! I'd be careful people. The modern day gestapo could coming knocking on your door. Especially if you are not blonde haired and blue eyed. Lol!! Give me a frickin break! Really?
Enrique Alvarado Yes he's a filthy rich rock star but He still has a right to express his opinion . I'm more concentrated on thinking that James Hetfield strikes me as a Trump kind of guy. I wonder if THATS the reason even the bass player had more writing credits on the new Metallica album than Kirk did
David Stern Wow such ignorance on here ...... the world looks at the MERICA as just laughs now.... people are aloud their views and to share their belifs ........ but this man will wake you up eventually. TRUMP will be the END of the American empire !!!!
Robert Regalado Wow I didn't know he lived in Russia and Germany to hear what they actually were saying back then as opposed to what Trump said in his speech. Particularly that the US is not here to impose our views on their countries. Sounds a lot different than Russia and Germany annexing other nations.
Tom Gavin I didn't need another reason to love Kirk, but he nailed it!
Tom Karleskint Im a liberal but why the F is ultimate guitar the mouthpiece for kirk Hammett? Everything you post is about that f'ing guy!
Sam Barone What a joke... it's not art and it's no culture... is just another under educated view from a musician trying to get cheap press by saying trendy anti-Trump crap. Get over yourself you are a has been musician that has not created any new music in years and now your trying to be relevant. Just more Rolling Stone liberal crap...
Patrick Ring Shut up and make music, don't need your political views.
Stephanie Peters you are no different than all these celebrities who live in a fake world playing fake people! You have no clue what the average American life is like!
Hamish Lamb Rolling Stones are just the same as any other liberal media ... they overuse adjectives to get emotional buy in. More clicks more advertising dollars. Trump's speech was not "grim".
Bart Cohn The list of people and things trump supporters need to boycott keeps growing and growing- it will eventually include everyone!
Roberto Isaak Torrealba Rincon ..and much later in Venezuela in the 00's with Hugo Chavez This comment by Hammett almost compensate for their few lamest albums, and the feud with Napster.
Alison Fleming "America first" was a slogan used as an argument for the US to stay out of WWII, even though it was known that genocide was happening in Nazi Germany. Although the US did join in the effort against the Nazis, "America first" was used as an ideological argument. It's offensive that Trump used this slogan in the inaugural address.
Graeme James The problem is that the American people voted him in. Are you guys going to boycott playing concerts in the states who voted for him. I don't think so.
Jeff Corbo Notice it's all the has beens that come out of the woodwork. They're just dying for the spotlight again.
Shawn Weaver There is a new silent party that is gonna consists of people of all cultural backrounds...there is no name for it yet...but it's happening..they come from both sides's will be the smart people with common sense that live in reality that have a keen eye for bullsh?t.. and are not easily fooled by race hustlers
Kathirene Oliver *sighs * maybe if everyone would stop picking sides and getting in pissing contest things would get a little better ... always somebody but hurt.
Mary MacDonald Since Hammet doesn't like the word carnage when it comes to the empty factories across the land why doesn't he do something instead of hating. Get your band mates together .. open a business. Anyone can talk .. it's take a Spine to Walk!
Chad Collier i believe this may be the end of Metallica, or at least Kirk's tenure in it. It's pretty well known that James has recently been talking about things definitely associated with conservative-type people, and why he moved to Colorado, so I wouldn't be surprised.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone5 hours ago

Police officers faced off with protestors just hours after Trump was sworn into office. Some protestors, in black face masks, threw rocks and bricks at officers who responded with tear gas and flash grenades, trying to clear the streets. The police formed a line blocking...

Lisa Michelle These are not protestors, they are rioters. You are doing a serious disservice to the millions of ACTUAL protestors who are making their voices heard (peacefully) today every time you lump these criminals into the same group.
Doug Bright Protesters to do list - 1. Get cash from the Bank of America ATM. 2. Pick up coffee and lattes for my fellow protestors at the Starbucks next door to BOA. 3. Throw bricks through their windows. *Starbucks donated $98,581 to Hillary. BOA gave $466,389.
Allison Von Horn The guys dressed all in black with the balaclavas were carrying signs saying "1312" and "NO BOARDERS, NO NATIONS" Those were not anti-Trump protestors. Those are anarchists.
Melanie Helmke Please, call them what they are, criminals. There is a difference between protesters and criminals. Rioters are criminals not protesters. These people look for any opportunity to destroy. This is not exclusive to any cause. They use the gathering as an excuse. Most do not even know what the true cause is. These people ruin things for everyone. Please, call them what they are, criminals.
Adam Huckel Where was the "wall of meat" Bikers for Trump were talking about? I thought they were running
Angie Esposita O'Dowd funny how everyone focused in on Starbucks and not Bank of America (Freud would be interested in that one). Would have been more interesting, and more impacting, if the ones breaking the windows of BoA were foreclosed homeowners trying to get their money back.
Michael Baker We must destroy all trash cans, limos and Starbucks!! Arrrhhhgghhhhh. Wimps. These people aren't protesters, they are criminals and do this no matter who the President is. Period.
Mandie Lee I'm not a supporter of trump but violence isn't going to solve anything. Young kids are seeing how aweful people actually are, innocent peoples property and cars were damaged because of it.
Diane Munoz Do not support the rumor they were protesters. Even "alleged protesters" is incendiary and probably untrue. They probably came to the protest specifically to create damage to the movement and to property. Why don't you investigate that.
Adam James And Rolling stone magazine supports violent anti-trump protests.After all this magazine has written negative story after negative story about just how much worse off everyone on the planet is going to be during Trumps time in the White House.So in essence your reporting has created angst and hatred among the young people in America as has been displayed in the media since Inauguration Day.
Sybil R Schwartzbach Lmt These people were NOT the majority of who was there ...they were dressed all in Black had their faces covered and were indeed violent.Not acceptable.
Rich McCarty I remember, do you member another time rioters supposedly threw tea into a harbor? I do..and some people were cool with redcoats because they got good stuff but many many more weren't getting anything but taxed..member that?
Димитър Георгиев These people are LOOOSERS stupid Clinton supporters who are butthurted that their candidate lost and are selfish because they rather have a president who's gonna start WORLD WAR 3 and kill millions of people (including me and my family because I'm not from America) this is what they are selfish, arrogant, whiny bitches. I guess this is what most americans represent nowadays.
Joel Estrada Don't let this distract you from the fact that on June 28, 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off a Hell in Cell cage. Landing 16' below on a wooden table.
Levi Sonny I was thinking poor innocent limo driver watching his limo being destroyed as he's being pelted with rocks just for showing up at work. That's gotta be his worst shift.
Emma Fagerstrom Women demonstrating against Trump personify racism. Because when Muslim women are oppressed, stoned, raped and murdered, they are silent, but as soon as the gender quota in western boardrooms is threatened all hell breaks loose. Believe me, western men who previously accepted our ideal of gender equality and even fought in our corner are gradually becoming weary of our distorted focus. Possibly we women may begin to understand the destructive and reversing effect our hypocrisy will have on gender equality in our very own back yard unless we begin to think twice. Because, yes, men of all races, religions, cultures and nationalities are potentially just as chauvinistic, misogynistic and predatory as each other. Watch out western women, soon our trained and emasculated men that we enjoy accusing and lambasting may start to ape the rampant and unhindered misogyny of their less criticized Islamic cousins. Or have they already started? Because when all is said and done, they do have nature on their side. Men and women ARE created different. Think. Twice.
Steve Imbagliazzo How do you loot Starbucks? Do you order the barista to make you a mocha Frappucino while you smash the glass case and grab a cranberry scone?
Heartland Anne Violence is no way forward, only peace and love is. We need to respect also thiose who doesn't have the same oppinions as we do
Lisa Martin This is a photo essay focused mainly on the anarchists who inevitably appear at large scale protests. Anarchists don't define this movement.
Hans Rosenschwein Those were not protesters, those were criminals. They were not protesting anything. There were journalists on site asking them. Don't lump those criminals in with thousands of peaceful protestors in Washington yesterday.
Darryl Finn If I were a leader such as trump one thing I'd do is try and discredit and shut down citizen protests. I'd pay loyal followers to create mayhem and violence.
Steve LeVine Odds are half or more of the "protesters" are just people who like a riot and have no clue what they were protesting
Gerald Hurst It's refreshing to have a strong leader as our new president.
James Grob Paid Trump agitators. Straight out of the fascist playbook.
Catherine Stephenson This is unnecessary. They can be beaten without violence. The women have done it before.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone6 hours ago

Real Time with Bill Maher returned Friday night, with the host focusing on the unlikely prevalence of Donald J. Trump voters among painkiller abusers and heroin users. "Let's stop calling Trump voters 'idiots' and 'fools' and call them what they are: Fucking drug addicts," Maher...

Thomas P Flynn What an excellent way to create unity in our country! What a creative way to educate those with opposing views, win over their hearts and minds! Call then names and belittle them. That always works. Oh, yeah, he's not interested in that, he's just a comedian / entertainer. Never mind.
Paula Smith Bill's show is political but it is satire also. You don't like Bill or his show but you show up here anyway to show us how much you don't like it. As Church Lady would say "isn't that special."
Jim Gordon The Trump supporters who say that "Libtards" should stop whining and accept Trump as President are also quick to suggest that the French were cowards for surrendering to the Germans.
Bryan Sharrow This is how Trump got elected. Just scroll down and look at all the fools with opinions that didn't read the article. That's how we got a headline president.
Cathryne Mamalis Bill Maher is a dick!! The opiod problem in this country is at an alarming high! I'm not blaming Obama but where was he? What did he do to try and help these people? I can tell you one thing when people lose hope they will turn to anything to numb the pain called life...if you think things didn't get bad for soooooo many Americans just look at this... so many forgotten people and they wonder how Trump got elected it's called hope president Trump has taking notice of the people who would rather hold thier heads up and have decent jobs than live in the hell of addiction!!!
Richard Lee Clemmons Why would you sh*tbirds at Rolling Stone even print anything that dirtbag, piece of sh*t, Bill Maher even says??!!! As the old Pantera song said, Five Minutes Alone with that flopcod bastard & I'd stomp a mudhole in his liberal, pussy ass!
Brian Bj Satran The only thing that keeps Bill Maher relevant is making up stupid things about those not of the Democratic Party. Outside of that he has nothing. Never considers both sides of any topic. Won't ever be happy until we can all run around in life like it's Coachella everyday.
Mary Harrington- Reide I love Bill, but this segment was condescending and disgusting. I find no humor in the current situation of opioid addiction that is destroying lives all over this country. I have never been so angry.
Tom Larsen Opioid addiction rates in our country are tragic and killing people daily. For Maher to use it as a punch line to a joke is beyond tasteless. I've got no dog in the fight, but if you want some facts, this is a good start:
Josue Rivera Yeah Bill Maher is pretty much the Bill O'Reilly of the left wing. That's like saying that because there's a high prevalence of gay people in Clinton's camp, all Clinton supporters are gay.
Ton Fiselier This is a sweeping generalization, and one that is harmful to those who live with addiction. We need nuance, dialogue and understanding now more then ever. What we don't need is scapegoating.
Kathy Stephens Whelchel Really, Bill? I used to like some of your views on things. But I must say, this makes you sound ignorant. I am almost positive that any addict in the throes of heavy addiction didn't vote at all...Educate yourself about the disease. Please!
Ben Gillispie Sadly, making generalizations about your perceived enemy instead of trying to understand why and how there is such an extreme rift between different Americans is just immature and comes off very hostile. - from an educated southern Missouri male who didn't vote for Trump and thinks you're simply being an asshole for pointing your finger at things other than the fact that your political party nominated someone so incredibly despised that people literally picked Donald Trump as the better option.
R.W. Whitaker WV is a coal producing state or had been until 7-8 years ago. Regulations ended generations of families that worked in the coal industry. Those jobs were not replaced with environmentally friendly jobs. The people of West Virginia were just left with nothing. So yes prescription drug use has gone rampant.
Kibbles McNob Whaaaaaa? Way outta line. Ad unfunny as improbable. They did vote at all, prob stoned to get away from this painful life. You sound very close to Trump there, Mr. Maher
Duane R Sincerbox We should stop calling Bill Maher a comedian and start calling him what he is: A sexual predator. I like Bill, but he is on the wrong side. Making fun of liberals is in.
Heidi Ann What a horrible thing to say!! Addiction is not a joke. Perhaps he's never known an addict, and seen the devastation it causes not only the addict but their family and friends. These celebrity libtards really need to think before they speak.......oh wait, thinking means you actually have a brain and I am certain that none of them have one!!
Larry Gene Hall Let's see Bill Maher, [ comedian not really, never found him funny. ] Political expert, no. Libtard trouble maker, jackass, idiot, Obama and Clinton butt kisser, YES to all of those.
Brandon Booth Then why does California which is ran by Democrat Jerry Brown and went to Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the last three elections have such a huge heroin and pill addiction epidemic?
Jonathan Kody Brackett I'm sorry Bill, but opioid addiction doesn't discriminate based on political party stance. Addiction can effect anyone, not just who you say it does.
Robert Wendt So class warfare and racism of all types weren't enough to further divisiveness in our country. Now we'll have this label as well. No wonder people can't get along with each other with all these attacks against each other.
Jamie Katz His elitism and classism is appalling. It is a disgrace to speak about people with real problems, which he and his fancy friends will never experience themselves, like this.
Amanda Hooper Maybe one day he or someone he loves will experience drug addiction and see how he feels about being made fun of. Tasteless, nasty and uncalled for. But what do you expect from him ? Sore loser .
Todd Dumke Another Hollywood comedian who thinks he's morally superior .... the liberals prove more and more how intolerant they are...
Leslie Weiner I wanted to thank you last night Bill Maher. You finally gave me something to smile about, in fact I laughed out-loud! And you gave "them" such good advice. Thanks.
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone7 hours ago

Donald J. Trump's inauguration day was characterized by relatively sparse crowds of supporters, energetic (and sometimes destructive) protesters, and a new administration that got straight to work rolling back the efforts of its left-leaning predecessor.

James Stuart Clarke An awful lot has been said in the wake of the Trump inauguration, but do you know what bothers me? Trump is a tee-totaller. He is abstinent. He doesn't drink beer, no wine, not a swift sharpener before heading out. He doesn't savour an aged rum at sunset and neither does he wind down at the end of the day with an Irish coffee. Going on a Four Loko bender at 9:30 in the morning is a joy entirely denied to him. He probably thinks a Jägerbomb is German for 'high class hooker'. No Guinness with Mr Trump's oysters and not for him being denied boarding a Barcelona-bound Transavia flight at Schiphol for being 'unfit to travel'. When Trump sends a text at 3am, he's STONE COLD SOBER and his bottomless mimosa brunch is just gallons of orange juice served in a sad flute glass. He toasts the health of his children at weddings with Appletiser. When Team USA get knocked out by Ghana, Trump, in his depression, opens a bottle of Nesquik. I could go on... When Trump dines at Manhattan's finest Michelin-starred restaurants, he orders a can of Coke. A can of Coke. Like a spoiled fat child who's being indulged at the adult's table. Just think about that... That's where we are now. Just appalling.
JR Cann It's been a whole day now. Stock markets haven't crashed, no sign of immigrants being rounded up, no nuke exchanges happened, the KKK hasn't lynched anyone, the world did not end. Time to judge the man by his deeds as POTUS, not by what YOU think he might do.
Doug Bright When you decide to govern by " pen and phone" and bypass the legislative branch this is what happens. Your agenda is swept away by the same pen. Almost as if you were never here.
Bert Ornelas Trump is a fascist tyrant! A Hitler sending the poor and women to the world of personal survival the equivalent of the gas chambers with no healthcare! A roving gypsy grabbing every dollar he can make from his stint in the White House! People grab some perspective on Trump the TYRANT!
Ted Miller I know a lot of people are upset with politics, especially in states like NY & CA where Hillary won huge majorities., Perhaps we can tone down our politics with some constructive action? States like NY, CA, & HI are solid blue, with such big D majorities they can do whatever they want. Much higher taxes, single-payer/free healthcare for all, significant redistribution of income, etc, etc. (How about enough to rent an apartment for every homeless person, as those states lead the nation in homelessness?) Why not take advantage of the federalist nature of our country to really do all that stuff you talk about? If it works and results in a better society other states will copy it, and maybe even the whole country. Show the nation what you can do! Prove the R's wrong!
Andrea Smith It's organised disruption though and has sod all to do with real public protests or people getting together all by themselves to do it. The Democrats and the media did everything possible to sully the day, that was their goal yesterday. People can see through it though and they seem to forget that their tactics and the media bias are just a few of the main reasons Trump won.
Jim Taggart Jerking the economy back and forth is such a waste of time and effort. Just one little reminder; solar power provides more jobs than oil, coal and gas combined. Dismissing it will cost jobs not likely to be taken by people digging coal.
Jack Muth Somewhat left leaning, but he and Hillary are war hawks and the far left somehow ignores that. And the pics WaPo's pushing are early hour, incomplete assembly. Yes, there ARE holes in the crowd near that back, but please with the inaccurate reporting. "Sparse"?
Ellen Beth Gill Calling Obama left leaning is misleading, and an insult to the real progressives working hard every day to try and save this country.
James Walsh Of course Obama wasn't particularly "left" in any real sense, it's only because the far right kicked up such a stink about every modest little thing he did (Obamacare, Iran Deal, Energy policy etc) that people think he was in some way a dangerous radical, he was actually just a moderate. Now that the far right is in control maybe a real Left can coalesce to fight and resist the worst of the Trump agenda?
Michael Gilkey Honestly, I've heard and seen a lot of reporting on the sparse crowds of Trump supporters at the inauguration but let's just be honest here. There was so much talk of protestors and potential trouble before the inauguration who would bring themselves or their family into that? I didn't vote for Trump but I think the protestors have gotten way too extreme and I just can't support them. I don't think a majority of the country does either. Continue setting cars on fire, smashing windows and trying to intimidate people that don't agree with you and we'll see how many people show up for Trumps next inauguration because that's what's going to happen.
Sandra Mocache I kinda wish we did this when Al Gore lost the electoral votes. :'( I don't like the Congress in favor of fossil fuel corruption and their new oil corrupt president who let in Exxon as secretary of state
DP Dotson Hey kids, remember: violence and destruction of property against those who disagree with you politically is a hallmark of fascism. But please, continue your meme-tears. ba dop bop bop baaaa
Brooks Berrie False news Rolling Stone you are a piece of s*** magazine anymore I would not buy a copy ever again I'll tell all my friends that your piece of s*** they won't buy copies and I hope and pray to God your magazine goes belly-up
Debbie George Fulkerson Sparse crowds? So you're participating in the fake news too.?Some pics show just as many people while some don't. What's the real truth.? We're sick of your bullshit lawlessness and another reason you've got Trump for President! Get your thugs and lawlessness under control or you'll keep losing!!!
Danny Meazle Boycott s.n.l. modern flamly , and all these ungodly shows , they are Antichrist they hate God and country copy and paste
Tom Stier the 'destructive supporters' were plants, probably paid by the RNC
Angie Esposita O'Dowd if Hunter was still with us he'd pop a tab of lsd, march in DC and then write the best piece of his life.
Dustin Atkinson Keep crying you little retards you'll only fuel trump more
Jennifer Hatchett A million says those "destructive" ones were paid to do so.
Benjamin Kelk What does it look like? A bunch of crying idiots, that's what.
Tony Naylor Well of course officers should use rubber bullets....those fuckers were throwing bricks at them!!
Julia Howes It wsd like a bunch of little bit hes having a hissy fit. Getting real sick of these bs temper tantrums.
Michael Roussakies Because the left had paid to have people protest supposedly while mr trump went right to work. Plus the weather not so good...
Michael Philip PLEASE go back to being a MUSIC first publication and save your agendas for home... just saying...
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone8 hours ago

Audioslave, the supergroup featuring Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and members of Rage Against The Machine, reunited onstage for the first time in nearly 12 years Friday night at the Anti-Inaugural Ball concert in Los Angeles.

Kenton Duke If they reunite and put out a new album, Trump will have already made America great again.
Eric Bayless Go. On. Tour. Rage. Please. No. Better. Time. Than. The. Present. Rage Across America!
Rebecca Ross Love these guys but Chris' vocals are off and he seems a little drunk.
Jason McLane Love Morello and Cornell et al, but damn if waving that red communist star isn't anathema to every notion of freedom. Might as well be flying a swastika.
Geo Vila All this Trump supporters, "big fans" of RATM and Audioslave , that are yelling now at this guys, should have know by now what kind of political views and shympaties this musicians have. They discovered that now, 'cause they couldn't comprehense the lyrics and the message over the years. Stick to country music, then. It's so simple there.
Ronald B Rivas Rodriguez Not interested in this at all, it's ok as long it's a one time thing and it doesn't disturb Cornell's work in the new Soundgarden album, THAT will be an event.
Thomas Bainbridge This is what makes music awesome. When America doesn't have a voice in the elections or its laws, music has a way of being the finger in the face. Love Audioslave and Rage against the machine! 🤘👌✌
Jim Howell Love how everyone has hate to say but if it was a really mind blowing performance you'd probably not comment. The amount of years he's sung for has obviously damaging his voice , should be grateful they performed
Michael Coy Love Audioslave! Chris is a bit off key and sound man isn't doing him no favors. Vocals on top of the music rather then within the music. Singing live warts and all. Would like to see a reboot down the road with tour, new music. All they and we have is time
Tim Knight De la Rocha was there as well. Would have been the perfect time to come together and Rage Against the Machine!
Stewart Gordon Massive fan of them all. Chris did sound a bit off. I've seen him many times and he smashed the vocals each time. He's a legend though so who cares 😝😎🤘🏻
Ryan A. Sohlich Chris' voice started off rough but the last few tunes were much better and he really sounded in the pocket. When Prophets of Rage came back to end the show, everything sounded so electric. Glad I caught it live streaming when I did.
Chris Celona Ethan Zane Shalaway Cornell reunited with RATM members! AUDIOSLAVE! Don't know how to feel about an anti-inagural concert though...
Ryan Zeller So you're telling me the founder of Rage performed for the pre inaugural but the rest of the band performed to protest the inauguration. That gives me a whole new respect for Zach de la Rocha. We gotta take the power back!!
Tony Doll Love all these guys but that was painful to listen to. As for the intent of their show, "...what better time than now" for a RATM reunion and tour.
Keith Rusch So powerfull, must be if the washed up "Rolling Stone " is reporting; Hunter S. Thompson is petiotioning Jessus himself as we speak to de3sroy Rolling Stone Magazine, and Am,erica come t oo speak of it
Jeremiah Lassiter They must really be struggling... I rather enjoyed the classic Tunes performed at the Inauguration ball.
Bryan Beeson Trump is the president of the USA like it or not. If u don't like it leave. You have that right. America may suck right now but I'm sure it sucks a whole lot less than most other countries. I didn't vote for trump and that is my right. I'm not going out to riot and loot because I didn't like the result.
Brett Buffington Rage against the machine has turned into Rage for the Machine. Once struggling in the 90's, as with most popular musicians today are completely out of touch with the average American. You think Audioslave would understand how frustrating it is to be forced into a horrible contract?
Joesph MH By christ he cant sing live any more. Id also gladly shove a commie flag that has the blood of millions on it up that middle class posh twats arse. lol what a rebel. Go live in China or N Korea if you think commies are so great ffs.
Mike Bartley I dont like Trump, didn't support him, didnt vote for him. That being said, all these rallies and concerts arent going to change a damn thing. Trump is still president, whether you like it or not. These anti events arent going to change anyone's mind either because the only people showing up and/or supporting them are people that already think that way. It's preaching to the choir. Do I think these rallies should be stopped or prevented? No. If it's something you want to do and it's not hurting anyone else, then go ahead. But I dont see any change in the future due to these events.
Karissa Franklin Kinsella Tom, please find De la Rocha and rest of the machine. Reunite and tour. Now is the time.
Gregory McGinn Love audioslave, but damn Chris sounds and looks haggard
Christopher A. Haik hopefully they didnt have chris cornell do the vox for any RATM songs
Jason Sibilio I've always told my wife that I respect Chris way too much to ever see him live. He's amazing in the studio