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BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

"That stuff does anger me."

Issac Bollers Too bad she's too busy and unbothered to respond 🏃🏽‍♀️
Pablo Tapia BON WHO?
Billboard shared Billboard Dance's post.September 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm
Aaron Davis Noooooo! Oh god please no! Noooo!
Armin Wooz Where are Lady's flop fans now?
Caleb Burckhard If it's a collab someone tell me who it's with
Reda Laamoumi Pffffffffffffffffffffffffff. #TheShitsmokers
BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm


James Respek G.O.A.T
BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Zedd has perfected the art of sleeping on planes.

Alinani Denxel Abdu I have a pen, I have an apple, huh, Apple-pen.. I have a pen, I have pineapple, huh, pineapple-pen.. Apple-pen, pineapple-pen,Apple-pen, pineapple-pen Pen Pineapple , Apple pen
Steve Van Velvet Vergeiner He doesn't look like he gets a lot of sleep!
Daniel Leon I love him so much
Omero Cabrera Wasted my time
BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Kid Cudi shared the tracklist today.

Eric Chambers Gavin Morton
BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Flux Pavilion’s got the playlist that’ll keep your party going.

BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Please be true.

Gio Ramirez Yes i would go to it, they have good music 👍
Matt Redmin Please let this be true
Jeramy Hopkins Trash
Edgar Valencia OMG! 😮
Bryan Narváez YESSS
Danny Jung Without pharrell please
Jayson Chiemela Wizkid
Cristina Napolitano Michael Heffernan
Daniel Sumpter Ella Reid
Jonathan Lavocah James Graham
BillboardSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Come as you are.

Reda Laamoumi Billboard please keep talkin about original artists like Nirvana instead of talkin about The Shitsmockers.
Juan C Juarez And Krist Novoselic wishing to have that hair nowadays :v
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Hillary Clinton struggled among Millennial voters in her 2008 primary campaign, her 2016 primary campaign, and in the 2016 general election. Against Donald Trump, Clinton has two big advantages—a policy agenda that polls show largely matches Millennials’ own preferences, and an opponent even more unpopular...

Ian Childs Well as a millennial I can't say the the generation of unique special butterflies really comprehends that there's no other choice. That when it comes down to it the democratic republic we live in was founded to be a 2 party system and that just because they don't get their way with a candidate who was never going to capture the majority of the vote (sanders) isn't a reason to burn the entire establishment to the ground. That yes you have to suck it up and pick "the lesser of two evils" which I mean she's hardly that evil. It's mostly stereotypical misogynistic behavior by the republicans that have created that mostly false caricature of this amazing woman.
Einar Severinson People are going to stay home. She lost the primary in Michigan because Democrat turnout was low & Bernie's people came out in force. Also, who trusts her to keep a single promise? Anything that might negatively affect her Wall Street buddies & Saudi donors isn't going to happen. If you're military and want to be involved in another pointless war overseas, she'll probably meet your need.
Lisa Kerns Millennials are willing to change their original stances (if a Kardashian tells them to) but stubborn good ole' boys, who can't comprehend female leadership don't change their thinking easily. Even when their ideas are glaringly discriminatory and gender biased. There should be an IQ test required for voting. And maybe for social media usage. Just because you can turn on a computer doesn't mean ANYONE wants to hear what your political views are.
Reuben Blades Everyone keeps saying trump doesn't stand a chance... Yet you are worried about Hilary reaching people and her numbers. If it was so easy for her you wouldn't care. Prepare for the end of your rub democrats, here comes America
Janet Jones what voters must understand is that they are voting for the principles of the Democratic Platform...if you believe in women's rights, LGBT rights, Labor, Ending Citizens United, Fixing the college loan mess/free college, voters rights, universal health care, medicare/medicaid/social security, public education, SCIENCE, Immigration reform and a strong economy etc must vote for the Democratic candidates - period...end of discussion! if you don't you risk the opposite...
Robert Kinoy One of them will be President. Trump represents a threat to the constitutional integrity of our government and a huge threat to civil liberties. Hillary has her baggage, but reality is never ideal.
John G. Hill She rejected Warren a VP, a sure winner with progressives. However, if any of them vote for Trump, they are as stupid as everyone is saying they are.
Ryan Roche "Millennial Voters May Cost Hillary Clinton the Election." What absolute garbage. More like: "Democrats May Have Cost Themselves the Election by Nominating Candidate That Can't Win Among Key Demographics."
Dennis OMalley Thats a bigger generation gap than the baby boomers and their parents. My kids are Gen X and there aren't many differences. But this newer generation doesn't respect anyone. Im so glad I Had my kids at age 25 and 28, because both generations followed the rules.
Jeremy Turner Assclown millenials are assclowns nonetheless. They have to be flying a kite, hitting up girls (or whatever), and becoming a computer science whiz all at once.
Larry Oliver The whole world will know better if they elect Trump! Starting with us! You think GW Bush was bad!! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henrik Ahlm Trump on tonites show As we all know Trump is an emotional driven individual, who find it extremely difficult to control his temper and follow rules all together. Reason is he ain't got many micro ounces of wisdow left between his ears. What I believe I heard on the streets in the past couple of days from credible sources, who prefer to remain anonymous, is that because Trump is so emotional driven, insecure and with a very low self-esteem; he'll be wearing a diaper at tonites debate and I am also told that if he ate a dish with many onions last nite he could be letting out of some silent farts, which - heaven forbid - don't smell quite right. In order to revive prosperity America needs an efficient government and a regulatory regime, which is far less bureaucratic and that can be understood by all folks and which does not favor people, who can afford expensive lawyers. America does not need to take a protectionist stance but allow herself to be able to trade, globally. Any tax reforms should first and foremost benefit those corporations, organisations and individuals, who are willing to invest in creating American jobs. Trump has been foolish enough to believe that his self-imagined stance against political correctness expressed by behaving in an abusive manner is a daring, clever move. Trump has also foolishly drawn the conclusion that inconsistent loudish babble makes him look like a clever determined individual. Trump, YOU ARE FIRED. You ain't gonna make it!
Ann Chryssikos McBroom not just have to 'splain the arithmetic....a vote for Johnson is a vote for really don't want to elect trump, do they?
Jill Suzette Whitewater, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, email server to avoid FOIA, pay to play, the trail of bodies (I think the count is 46 now or close to it-- even if she had knowledge of even ONE of these she's a crook). Why would ANYONE with any semblance of sanity vote for this vastly corrupt hag? And she hasn't done sh*t for this country.
Jeff Mickle A vote for Hillary is a vote for Islam. A vote for Trump is a vote for America. It doesn't matter if your Democrat or a Republican at this point what difference does it make
Dawn Thornton-Luty Those pain in the asses are EVERYBODY's damned problem.
Steve Yelich These idiot millenials need to wake the f up and realize what is at stake in this election. Hillary Clinton must be elected and this is no time for a protest vote.
Michael Nault It's not just millenials..I'm a boomer and she does dumpy
Jacob Reed Good! I hope her racist ass falls on her face! I hate'em both, but I'd take 4 years of dumber, than 8 years of ÜBER DUMB!
Ryan De Hillary love field hockey. I can't vote for someone like that.
Kurt Bare Hillary Clinton's Achilles Heel is her lying mouth and diseased megalomaniac mush brain.
Angie Esposita O'Dowd society is still trying to figure out us Gen X'ers let alone Millenials.
Doug Bright 11% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy. 14% believe in Bigfoot.
Coleman Leitch Young voters? Is that an oxymoron? They really don't vote all that much.
Tyler Jewel And the lying and "suspicious deaths" could be the problem as well
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Arnold Palmer, known simply as "the King," who had 95 professional wins, four victories at the Masters, a U.S. Open and three PGA Championships, has died at the age of 87.

Nancy Sanci Beth Moran what a class act!'Arnold's Army'...when I first started watching golf (Masters 1991, when Tiger as an amateur broke the course record) It never felt like the Masters after that until Arnie teed off. And that beautiful compilation CBS made of him when he played his last Masters. Thanks for the memories!
Keith Douglas Arnold Palmer is a legend in our family. He and his wife Winnie built the hospitals that saved our Sydney's life not once, but two times. I can never thank them enough, and if there is a heaven, Mr. Palmer certainly belongs there. Thank you Sir, and rest in peace, you did great work here.
Gary Braun My Uncle Sam used to caddy professionally back in the days when there were big tournaments in Cleveland, and would greet people at times saying "shake the hand that shook the hand of Arnold Palmer!" Mr. Palmer was a childhood hero of mine ever since.
Nancy Roysden The only golf I've ever played was video golf. But, I can see talent when displayed. And, Mr. Palmer had plenty. What a sad loss. Prayers and respect to an American Icon, and those He leaves behind!
Dylan Craig From the younger generations. Thank you for your contributions in the world of tea Mr. Palmer. I'm sure the greens are pretty nice up there.
Manuel Soto Santiago Never saw him play,but loved his half lemonade,half iced tea drink.
Mark Castleman I don't even like golf but I always knew who Arnold Palmer was. He really was a master at his craft.
Steven A. Wilzbacher R.I.P Mr Palmer. Now enjoy all the rounds of golf for free at that big golf course in the sky. FOUR!! 🙂
Bryan Fitzpatrick I always wondered what a golfer does when retired. Play more golf? Regardless, RIP Arnold.
Brad Harrison 7 majors...62 PGA tour wins...stick to reporting on music and leave sports to real journalists.
Gerry Butler Man, what is going on with 2016?!? RIP to another legend!
Lesley Isela Grew up watching him play - my dad was a huge fan. RIP
Jean-Sébastien Roy Error never won the PGA championship but rather the British Open
Logan Orvis My cup is now filled with half lemonade and half sadness.
Kevin Tempel Mr. Palmer you will be truly missed rest in peace always
Martin Boccuto Talk about a legend..He and Jack Nicholas... My age showing?
Ken Poolan One of the greatest golfers ever ,just to put you right Rolling Stone Arnold never won the US PGA he won 2 British Opens giving him 7 Majors
Alex Scott They could have got his tournament wins right... Poor journalism...
Benjamin Ntabeni U were part of the big three,Palmer,Nicklaus,and ,Player, RIP
Bradford Brown He knew only one way to play, all or nothing. It made him exciting to watch. He was a great athlete and a great man.
Kav J Nor SO Weird ??!!!! They just Mention him in the NEW Episode of THE SIMPSONS !!!!!
Mary Bernadette O'Keefe One of the most respectable people ever. <3 You will be missed and remembered fondly.
Ces't La Tee 🙂
Hannah Rowlett Patrick Cunningham such a bummer. Still wish I could pronounce his name correctly
Cory Nardecchia Long Live the King
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Cage The Elephant are a band that works hard onstage and plays hard in their off hours. Here we present a selection of candid images from stops in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Glendale, Arizona.

William Boone One of my current favorites-getting in on my rotation more often then not lately
Love and relationship quotes Your life is a journey of learning to love yourself first and then extending that love to others in every encounter.
Cassio Lopez Las Vegas
Steven Blea Cage the elephant sound like they belong in a Levi commercial😂
Alison Xanthus Tom Marron don't you like them?
Yannick Davidson Wow, these guys antics are hardcore. Reminds me of bible camp with the hip young skateboarding ministers.
Alexandria Ariadne Phitides Evan Carey
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Monty Python's Michael Palin has commented on the recent dementia diagnosis of his "close friend and workmate for over fifty years," Terry Jones. "Gradually depriving him of the ability to speak is about the cruelest thing that could befall someone to whom words, ideas, arguments,...

Jay Huber Shitty thing happening to Terry J, exacerbated by even shittier writing. "Jones, a longtime Python member..." There have only been six members of Monty Python. No one has been kicked out, no one else has been let in. If you must consider someone an ex-Python, you could blame Graham Chapman for having the bad taste of contracting cancer and kicking the bucket, shuffling off his mortal coil, running down the curtain and joined the bleeding' choir invisibile!! THAT! THAT, IS AN EX-PYTHON!! But still not.
Nancy Roysden My mom suffered Dementia before she passed. What a truly horrible illness. All I can say is be patient. And remember the person and your love before the diagnosis. Stay strong..and if your a person of faith,pray for strengh.
Beth Carter I've read recently on Dr. Sircus' Facebook that dementia can be helped with Boron tablets which seems to be in the crosshairs of the scientific community the way cannabis is--it keeps us healthy which doesn't help the efforts of some to depopulate the world.
Sophie Barbaro So sorry to hear that... I discovered the Pythons in 1979 in France with The Holy Grail and became an unconditional fan since this moment... I went to London in 2014 to see them at the 02arena. Bless you Terry and thanks for making all those crazy things that made my life funnier.❤
David Wilson I hope he has a great time forgetting all the crap we woite down sometimes, just so he had to read the cobbling nonesense. He is great bloke may he dement as slowly and gracefully untill his last day on monty python world !
Chad A Goertzen I am deeply saddened as my father is going through the same thing. One of my idols, the whole cast really. I saw Graham Chapman only months before he passed. This slow demise is heartbreaking.
Lynne Gruber Our thoughts & prayers for Terry! Love all of Monty Python crew since I was a teenager. Seems like yesterday. Such a cruel disease.
Thomas A. Snyder Truly sad. I discovered them on PBS television in the US in the early to mid 70's. have been a fan ever since. Passed them down to my children who are fans as well. Great stuff. Thanks to all of you for the many laughs and smiles.
Ellie ONeill Valdez My grandmother is had dementia and Parkinson's disease. It's rough to live with, also hard to see your loved ones go through. My heart goes out to him.
Dave Swint Feeling nothing but sadness, yet grateful for the gifts this magnificent director has given us.
James Heine Ronald Reagan, Malcolm Young of AC/DC. and now Terry Jones. Hang in there dude. Hold on to what you got and hold on tight as long as you can.
Bob Welch So sad...Terry Jones was the heart and soul of Monty Python...
Marsha Segawa Beckmeyer My mother suffered and died with Alzheimer's. It's a terrible disease. My heart breaks for him and his family and friends. 😢
Patti Sawyer Sending love and positive energy to someone who has made my life so much more enjoyable 💕💕💕🌺💕💕💕
Cliff Dray Terry jones,legend
Lori Rose So sad. I'll be praying .. Love all of Monty Python..
Dolores Schaffer It is a monster if a disease.
Rachel Kirkby Feel quite close to tears reading this- life can be so cruel. 😔
Gary Cormany So monumentally unfair. These rock solid geniuses who have given so much to so many, for so long, deserve so much more than this... The ability to make others smile, laugh and forget for even a ::) moment their everyday struggles, woes and concerns is truly a gift. Thanks Terry. You will be missed.
Jeau Stardeau "Always look on the bright side of life..." 🙁
Gemma Rosato God bless him , so sad
Jerry James so profoundly sad
Pete Wilson-Banks There is no God. Poor fella.
Eileen Ladden So sad. 🙁
Stefan Leimbach Sad.....!!!
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Quarterbacks can crush everything you hold dear as a football fan. In the last decade, there has possibly been no bigger destroyer of football dreams than Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears.

Paul Ramon He's not even worthy of having his named spelled correctly.
Matt Denney Cutler is the scapegoat. They have gotten rid of any talent they have had in the last few years...Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, now Robbie Gould. I'm not saying Cutler is a great quarterback but Joe Montana in his prime couldn't save this team with the decisions being made in the front office.
Delaney Jade Arnett I didn't know RS talked about sports... that said, everything the Bears have done since 1985 has been pretty disappointing, as far as I'm aware. I remember my mom had a massive crush on Rex Grossman...
Richard Levy Plenty of bad qb's get to the super bowl and vice versa. Football is the epitome of a team game. Cutler is a tough SOB, plays with diabetes, used to watch him be an option QB at Vandy, on a bad team and an offense not for him, and he would get pounded on every play. You rarely get hurt if you don't get hit. He's at the end, and never got to play on a team that could protect him. Let's move on
Gabriel Rowe Anthony It's not his talent, cause talent wise he is one of the best .. However Between his ears he just doesn't have it .. This isn't the Ravens in 00 or Bucs 02 or any of The Joe Gibbs Redskins all of those teams had other leaders and needed QB's that where game managers .. Cutler has to go .. He isn't a leader
Neil Sullivan I hate to say I told you so, but I warned anyone who would listen back when they extended his contract, he throws too many pick-sixes and fumbles too often IN HIS OWN RED ZONE. I'll be happy when we've moved on - and the sooner the better.
Isaac Arbegust Da Bears or ANY team with Cuntler as QB will NEVER win a championship with him leading....hes not a leader, hes a bratty child that throws temper tantrums. Hes the Donald Trump of football!!!
Jim Canfield They need to stick to music. This guy must play fantasy football and thinks he knows the game or something. Catchy headline, but he exposes himself as a fool.
Larry Kutchen nothing more pathetic, however, than the Bears drafting two of the greatest players ever at their positions, Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers, in the same year, anchors for potentially great defense and offense, and failing absolutely to ever build even a mediocre team around them.
Fernando Ozuna Bears are just a badly run organization. Starts from the top down. Cutler is only part of the problem. Hopefully next generation of ownership will run the organization better then the current ownership.
Greg Lamp Stick to your 3 to 3-1/2 star music reviews RS. Yes, he's not elite by any means, but the Bears have bigger issues than just 1 guy. This is just an easy piece write and sell.
Doug Lemke Jay Cutler is the best quarterback the Bears have ever had. I will never purchase another Rolling Stone magazine again...unless the store is out of toilet paper that is...
Mike Lutjen Let's talk about the revolving door of OCs the Bears have run through there since Cutler's been there. Maybe the article should be more about 'How to break a quarterback.' You can consult the bears, browns, and washington.
Patrick Brooks I even start to admit that it's time to look for another qb. Gave this dude a benefit of the doubt for way to long. I under stand Chicago try to put the qb carousal an hold for the last 6 years. But it's time to let it spin on again.
Kevin Kornblith I've been saying this for at least 4 years. He has a horrible attitude and while his arm isn't as horrible he just isn't up to the task and never has been. Sure, he has his moments, but he's never consistent except in blaming others. It's actually been refreshing to watch his replacement, Hoyer play last week and last night. Cut the cord and our losses and let him go.
Tim McDonald Speaking for myself only and not all here in CO., I was extremely happy to see Cutler go away - been to a couple games when he was our qb and to watch him blame everyone around him and throw little temper tantrums on the sideline was sad for all of us here in Bronco Country. He's never been a leader, too egotistical to be a follower and too much of a bitch crybaby to bring a team to the Super Bowl. Get rid of him, ChiTown and build yourself a new team w/ a chance...
Joe Weinbender Oh it's been time for awhile now. They never built a team around him, instead dismantled talent to other teams & he's always been too inconsistent anyway. Cut Cutler & move on but the Bears organization is not about building Superbowl Championship teams, rather just keep asses in the seats & bug money coming in for the top brass.
Jesse Wilson Maybe if the O-line was ever able to protect him, he'd be a much better QB. Not saying great, but better. They make such bad decisions when it comes to players leaving him vulnerable without a team surrounding him and capable of also making the plays.
Mark Feather Jeremy Guenthardt I kinda feel this way about Stafford too. Guess we will find out which team sucks more next weekend. A couple dumpster fires either way
Dianne Brown It's sad that this country puts so much passion into football, while putting so little passion into the people that live here. It's not just sad, it's embarrassing.
Robert A. West "Yeah, I mean you suck right now, but my dad says you might be good someday!"
John-Henry Johnson If cutler had an ounce of leadership in him he'd probably have a ring by now. He's can physically do it all and understand the playbook, but just has no bravado and the team could care less about playing for him.
Michael Kick Talon Cutler wasn't playing today and the Bears still sucked, I think the calls for his trade/cut etc grow hotter when teams who have much better team personnel in general are helping rookie QBs look like they own the joint. NE, Dallas, Phillie. Either way Cutler is old enough now for the Bears to contemplate transition. With the offensive line we have, even if Cutler makes it back on the field he is only several sacks away from another injury.
Scott Castle Wow, Rolling Stone used to be a cutting edge magazine about music, now they shove their political views and now sports views on the public. Suggesting that Love Smith was fired because of Jay Cutler is complete nonsense! Smith was fired for not making the playoffs year after year PERIOD!
Rob Falana Olive N Boris Klarmann-Smith Joseph Bruno Joseph Vitullo...overdue. Cutler would rather be smoking Virginia Slims and sip on Zima than play football.
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

During the encore of Morrissey Official's Brooklyn concert Saturday night, the former The Smiths singer paid tribute to the Ramones, one of neighboring borough Queens' greatest musical exports, with an earnest cover of the punk legends' "Judy Is a Punk."

Andrew Kaplan Screw Morrisey and his ego. The fact that he won't play if a festival serves meat during his performance is rediculous. Then for him show movies of animals being slaughtered behind him when there could be small children walking around is appalling. Stop trying to shove your beliefs down others throats.
Patrick Wade I wouldn't waste money to see him. He was about 40 minutes late for his Riotfest set I went to in Chicago. No respect for hard working fans who came to hear him perform.
Victor Nica Morrissey also wrote a humble article about them titled: 'The Ramones are Rubbish' in 1976
Gil Mendez Sucks all the energy out of the song when the guitarist doesn't use the buzzsaw technique.
Jeremy Chancellor Can you believe it Sharyn, it's Morrissey covering the Ramones! 😉
Jake Takacs Didn't he do a review of the Ramones way back in the day that called them "talentless"?
Wes Sandel This is another racist jerk who supports Israeli racism, terrorism, colonialism, mass murder and apartheid.
Amy Grover Not bad at all. They don't appear to have that much energy any more though!
Billy Opp He performed Saturday night, but the concert was actually scheduled for Friday afternoon.
Tony N Aileen Powell You mean he showed up for the tour this time?! Miracles happen.
Mary Borrello Amazing Show. Amazing human being.
Walter Roeder Not bad. He did a good job i think
Søren Geckler Kristoffer S. Fabricius - lidt rock'n'roll er der alligevel over ham
Ross Kavanagh Give The moon over kentucky a go. Savage. Jack Oreilly Fiona Phelan
Jeff Walsh Not bad..
Jodi Lesser Dina, you were there!
Neil Evans Morrissey can KISS MY BIG, HAIRY BUTT!
Monica Carvalho Jordan this is so cute !! I love Judy Is A Punk
Bernie Kay Morrissey always respected the Ramones
John McMorrissey Moz is a punk rocker John McGlone
Colin Muir What a great cover, fantastic!!!
Josie Ulloa What a treat! ❤️ you, Moz!!
Patrick Joy Zzz
André Eazy-e Lucas racist asshole who supports Israeli apartheid.
Dylan Flynn morrissey is garbage
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Days after Bono labeled Donald J. Trump as "potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America," U2 spun the Republican nominee's gloomy rhetoric into an optimistic message during their performance of "Desire" Friday at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.

Jorge A. Marquez The people on here who's argument is "your not from this country mind your own business" are truly the people who have nothing but truly selfish self interest no wonder you like Trump. Life isn't a solo experience true growth and evolution come to those who work together to accomplish greatness.
Robert Neri Valencia Not into Trump or Clinton, but Bono isn't even American. Mind your own country bro.
Edy Wine Even the world is concerned about our election.
Lola Palooza I wonder why there are so many people threatened by the Irish rock star? He's simply saying out loud what the rest of the world, except Putin, is thinking. If Bono is so "irrelevant" to US politics, why should it matter to you what his opinions are? The world is watching and the world has a very big stake in this election. It isn't all about you, Trumpsters.
Steven Devore I've talked to a few American friends living overseas. They said the local people were in amazement that America could have such a bad person running for president and how their scared what will happen if he wins.
Joey Vigliotti One candidate cares about the safety of the American people. One changes their views based on who gives them the most money. If you understand my point without mentioning any names, we're on the same page ...
Lisa Feris Barker Bono is a talented musician, but a brilliant humanitarian. The things he has been able to accomplish for those who have no voice has been astounding. I get so sick of the "Bono haters" out there who tell him to stick to music and mind his own business. He truly cares about the poor and dying in this world and has given so much of his own time and a helluva lot of his own money. He has met with every POTUS for decades to seek their support in helping countries whose people don't even have clean water to drink, who don't have medicine, immunizations, etc. He has said sometimes you gotta dance with the Devil to get things done. I'm afraid he feels Trump is one Devil no one will be able to dance with. And that's a scary feeling for the ENTIRE WORLD right now!
Dale Riv Trump the chump is worse than just a bad idea. He is the biggest threat to national security in American history, even more worse Than Hitler and Nazi Germany. He would put everyone in danger and demolish the US economy. Trump the chump is truly a cancerous lump.
Peter Graff Why would Donald Trump stop screwing people over the moment he becomes president? Why would he support the people he has been screwing over for years? This is his ultimate scam, brought to you by the dim witted bigots of the USA. And yes Hillary does suck but not even close to how much The Don does.
Ana Lucia Valenzuela I may not be from the United States, but a note from the rest of the WORLD: We are scared and worried about the choices you will make. It is selfish to think and say that other people cant give opinion on your elections. Your vote affects us All, as one of the most influential countries if not the most you cant be selfish come election day. The world asks you to not vote for Trump. It will only divide us more though hatred and racism, why is the US so blinded?? I know all people have the right to vote, however not all should be allowed. Ignorance has always been one of our worst problems.
Will Jarvis It's precisely statements like this that give Trump supporters more resolve. Bono seems like a nice guy and has done good things, but a huge chunk of the population disagrees with him. For such a "positive" ideology, progressives are quick to label dissent with hateful names or stigmas. Good news, we get to vote in November, do your thing America 👍
Rudy Ramirez Jr. How the world sees us and our elected officials is important. It's completely ignorant to think we are the only country in the world that has opinions. Bono has worked with /talked to America presidents, is an activist and has done tremendous charity work. He has as much as a right to speak his mind as you do. What have you done?
Jonathan Byrnside Oh, the irony of Americans telling a foreigner to "mind your own country".
John Barlik The democrats are responsible for the uprise of Donald Trump the lousy economy the racial unrest the rioting and looting the liberal press that constantly reports false narratives the American people are fed up and want a change
Joe DeSousa Maybe he should stick to political matters in his own country. The more hollywood jerks dislike Trump the more I am convinced he is the best choice for president
Christopher Lee Brull Only the foolish, naive and self-centered will vote for Donald Trump...they think because he was a so-called "successful billionaire" he'll do the same for the U.S everything he accomplished in business was crooked mindedness at the expense of those that made considerably less than him.
Mark Arellano Funny how the world's celebrities mock and shame USA for Trump, but somehow Obama, a never done nothing, was praised like some sort of Messiah when he ran in 08..hypocrisy much
Juan Suarez This "successful" businessman has declared bankruptcy how many times? Five? Never held public office. And, we just have to vote for him on his "STERLING" personality….because he won't show his taxes to PROVE he is a successful businessman at all…….
Caleb Ruff If anyone wonders why the world is concerned, it's because the USA protects half the world. And many nations have been trying to profit off of the wealth and power we've generated thanks to capitalism. Donald Trump is not a candidate to be pushed around. Many world leaders already recognize this.
Elaine Antoinette What does Bono care? He's not even American. He should pay more attention to the country he abandoned. There tons of poverty and plenty of causes he could commit himself to in Ireland. Just another hypocrite rock star...
Steve Delbrocco Bono, What part of stop interfering in other peoples' business do you not get? Oh, Right. You're a Liberal. Never occurs to you because of course you know whats best for everybody
Maryann Forbus Pretty sure his opinion is irrelevant. Celebrity endorsements are immaterial. If you are an artist, sing. If you want lend your political opinion, hold a news conference.
Brian Clifton Regardless of your political affiliation or (lack of) choice of candidate, the beautiful thing is people can have and drive their own opinions and ideas. Yes, who becomes president affects the entire globe. I agree with Bono.
Suzanne Chartrand If Trump was to start a war it would affect us, because if you do not realize we are connected together, therefore we would be hit to that is why if you Americans are attacked we have to protect both countries, thank you very much. Good on U2.
Claudia Tafoya Such an important figure around the world and he happens to be a rock star ! BONO is Right and americans should hear out what Everybody around the world is saying .
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneSeptember 26th, 2016 at 5:56pm

Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández, the 2013 National League Rookie of the Year and one of the brightest young pitching talents in baseball, died early Sunday morning in a boating accident off Miami Beach. Fernández was 24.

Jessica Munoz I can't believe this!! This is a nightmare!! I love my Fish!! Through many ups and downs in the franchise, to me it's never matter because I believe in supporting your team and loving the game no matter what. This team has given us many joys and one of those is Jose Fernandez! He always lights up the mounds like now other. His infectious joy and smile brought joy to his teammates and fans around MLB! His talent has been undeniable from his first pitch wearing a Marlins jersey and I'm glad that I was able to witness his magic on several #JoseDay. My condolences go out to his family especially his mom and grandma who were alway the proudest and to his girlfriend that is expecting their first baby. Thank you Jose Fernandez!! The mound will never light up the same way at Marlins Park!! ⚾️ 💔 #RIPJoseFernandez #MiamiMarlins #JoseDay #Heartbroken #ILoveMyFish
Amie Mlinarz It's especially tragic when u learn how he saved his mom from drowning years earlier. My heartfelt condolences to his family.
Luis Melgar damn this is tragic saw him pitch a perfect game last night against the Braves. Now i feel like its a bittersweet moment that fact i got a chance to see a great pitcher play but at the same time that was going to be my last time as well. From all of us in Miami, thank you and god bless. may you rest in paradise
Anna Oberan I have no idea who he is, but someone so young with their whole life ahead of them dying so suddenly and tragically is so very sad. Condolences to Jose's family, friends and fans. RIP 😢
Larry Carino Sad, young guy out having fun and just like that he's gone. Prayers to his family who must be overwhelmed with grief. Another reminder that nothing good happens after midnight.
Chris Elizondo Horrible! Just horrible! He was one of the best in the game, I would have loved to see how his career went man. RIP Jose, you will be missed.
Kevin Rotert Reminded me of Bob Gibson...but with 3-4 devastating breaking pitches that he all threw for strikes...domination
Cheryl Walk Sad. My condolences go out to his family,friends and fans.
Jack Barnett Will the police release the true information that BUI was reason of the crash or the Cuban control local politics, law enforcement and local media cover that up?
Don Enscoe So sad, why does it always happen to the young rising stars?
Dani Massaro Was looking forward to seeing him pitch against the Mets tomorrow. Such a loss.
Eric Saferstein Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria wants this article "permanently removed" from the internet. Apparently he's unfamiliar with sophisticated technology... like copy and paste.
Lupita Rojas May Jose Fernandez rest in peace and my prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.
Denis Gauthier he was so young if it wasn't for that boating accident he'd still be alive
Tom Lebrecht Beyond sad! What a great young player he was! RIP Jose.
Marianne Hemovich A sad day for all of baseball - RIP Young Man 💙⚾️️
Lori Rose So sad. Rest in peace
Ralph Guerra It happened to the Cleveland Indians too.
Gabriela Amuchastegui Heartbroken Jose was the life of the Marlins!!!
Perez Perez RIP Jose! Condolences to the family.
Danny Valencia Lima Huge loss not only for the Marlins but for all of us.
Vicky Foster So sad.
Brian Brienza A very tragic story
Melissa Planeta Garland Life isn't fair, this is awful.
Rosie Sweeney Omg. Awful.