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BillboardDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

The Keys of Christmas.

Kike Flores fifth harmony YAY¡¡ Her silent night cover is love and life <3
Liane De Jesus All I Want by Mariah is number 13 on Hot100 now OMG
Rooh Dhawan My girl, Mariah! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Liane De Jesus QueenRiah
Benjamin Marble Is Mariah Prego?
Kav J Nor Ira she Pregnant again !!!!????
Cristina Pazzinatto 5H and Mariah Carey!!!! I can't wait!!!! 😱😱😱
South Korean Girl Groups Maybe by Christmas Fifth Harmony will have lost some weight........
Chelsea Meagan Williams Mariah Carey ❤❤❤❤❤❤
John Marc Levantino Mariah Carey and Fifth Harmony is 💚💚💚💚
Yash Kirti Mariah.. 💓💓
Sam Strike Jessica Deon Paradise there'd your girl
Fútbol al instante Hola espero no molestar !!! Somos una nueva página del futbol muy humilde para traerte todo sobre el fútbol actualidad , fichajes etc .Si les encanta el fútbol no se queden afuera y denlen like a la página Saludos !!
Amra Licina Marion Desmurs Benjamin Fenty 5th!!!
Britzel Castillo Yeahh. My Babies 5H.. Can't wait.
Billboard shared their video.December 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm


Congrats Beyoncé on your 9 Grammy nominations! 🏆
Dario Strickland Beyonce should also be nominated for 'Best Male Performance', why not?, She can buy that too. 😂
Mike Shaw Congrats to all the nominees including Beyonce, Drake, Rhianna, and Kelly Clarkson, and everyone else I missed. Go Kelly Clarkson!
Marco Antonio Jimenez Es una estupides que ahora ella tenga mas nominaciones ya que sus singles no suenan, y su disco no es wow, en disco del año tenia que estar rihanna con anti que ah vendido bastante y sonado bastante, YO CREO QUE SIEMPRE LE REGALAN LOS PREMIOS Y NOMINACIONES 😡
Duke Wang Billboard, there are still so many artists out there to post in your page. Much more interesting.
Robert Mckinley This is why people don't watch the Grammy's anymore because they keep giving awards to same people every year !!! It's just boring 😞
Ítalo Rebouças Beyonce é maravilhosa, mas o grammy vem perdendo CREDIBILIDADE!!!!
Rafael Graça Almost nobody from the general public knows the lyrics from this album. Love her, but...
Les King Her new music sucks
Jay Çarter HUGE CONGRATS TO BEYONCÉ!!!! If your favs had talent they'd be nominated‼️
Luan Morais Sem crebilidade, para mim não vale nada, ainda mais partindo de uma artista que compra prêmios. 😫
Sean Savage Do you know music really has gotten exceptionally terrible when....
Jandell Yayong The standard of Grammy is getting lower... They already forgot rock and hip hop.
Dinesh Sharma A big big congratulations Beyonce !
Rachelle Farish Nobody cares
Marc Quiao Cempron her style is getting weird each year
Belinda Devid anomalously perfect
Joel Jacob Khyati Gupta she rode in on alligators
Bruna Brandão Haters😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Manuel Cavero Muñoz No Glory, no Grammys.
Isaac Martins Amazing <3
Jose Pagan Please Beyonce is overrated Taylor Swift crowds are Super Bowl status Wherever She Goes
Juan Antonio Ortiz Nuñez QUEEN!
Gabriel Alexander Gallegos What a waste
Mike Shaw Kelly pop vocal performance
Sheryl Trice Hope Adele beats her ass!!
BillboardDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

A guide for organizing safe events.

Fútbol al instante Hola espero no molestar !!! Somos una nueva página del futbol muy humilde para traerte todo sobre el fútbol actualidad , fichajes etc .Si les encanta el fútbol no se queden afuera y denlen like a la página Saludos !!
BillboardDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Bruno, Gaga & The Weeknd *own* on the runway.

Exequiel Al Lady Gaga Salayed that catwalk with every step ,every move, with her amazing vocals, You can't deny she is one of the few supertalented singers out there, Bow down to a real talented QUEEN! , can't wait to see the haters and farts to come rand reply on this😂😅 👑👑👢👠☇☇
Rachel Gonzalez It didnt record last night for some stupid reason and its only available to stream on my phone. Whats so special that they couldnt show it again, or have it available on, on demand. So annoying because im not going to watch it off my phone when i have a tv id rather watch it off of i hate watching long movies or shows off a phone. 😞
Darius Ray Bruno and weeknd are in a secret competition on who is the second coming of Micheal Jackson 😂
Jibril Dallas Salami Check out miss Lady Gaga! Work it girl!
Jacqueline Manahan Yamat Bruno was amazing as always. He really knows how to keep the party going!
Bj Cogley Rafa Oliva you can watch his performances at the bottom of the article.
De-Va'Je This is cool.
Chantal Delsaux Where are Snow White and the seven dwarfs..?not on thé guests list..🌞😎🍸😁
Karla Lanch BeDell I'm not a fan of televised strip shows, but Adriana Lima has been my secret wife for over a decade. IJS. She is beautiful.
James Benjamin Gaga works those boots like nobody's business.
John Heidel Raquel Great performance
Maribeth-mj Gaborno Macabuhay .so love them all so much☺😃love you Bruno mars😍😘
Neil Ashley Cacas face ruined the beauty of the show...
Richi Ricardi Bruno Mars the best of the best, the #1
Vega Alfredo Flop!
Patrick Cremeans The lowest rated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show telecast ever.
Mhsh Acharya Kns In the right stàrboy walking lv u weeekñd
Charlotte Benefield Harris She was great! loved her voice . an I got a girl crush ,lol
Paige Gillespie No just Abel
Daniel Barga Bruno was the best, acting cool af
Vincenzo Cremato Fabulous show. 😍
Rodolpho Thorres I can see only lady gaga nobody else 😍
Lucas Neto Is LADY GAGA! 👑
Gabriela Arroyo Slady Gaga
Jason Slate Gaga Slayed
BillboardDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm


De-Va'Je Nice
Bonnie Cheung P
Chantal Delsaux Ovo-maltine?😀
Christine Therealempress Can wait
Karen Kieves Jenny Lee
Jess Green Olivia Gardner
Fútbol al instante Hola espero no molestar !!! Somos una nueva página del futbol muy humilde para traerte todo sobre el fútbol actualidad , fichajes etc .Si les encanta el fútbol no se queden afuera y denlen like a la página Saludos !!
BillboardDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

For the music lover in your life.

BillboardDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Press play.

Erica Lynn Howe Congrats to Lemonade, Views & 25 three great albums that deserved to be nominated for album of the year I just wish Anti was up there with them but I'm not that upset cause Rihanna still scored a album of the year nomination as a writer on Views
Kamila Budyńczuk I'm so sick and tired of the comments like "Beyonce is overrated!". She's one of the best artists in our generation and stop comparing her, bc she's on the other level than Rihanna, Adele or Lady Gaga (I really like them, but come on...)
Miggy Mori Jr. 😂😂😂laughing cause Queen Bey already won this..Its in the bag for the BeeHives..we are still in Formation and we are chilling drinking our badass Lemonade🍋🍋🍋🐝🐝👑
Mardiana Aksari Why Coldplay only music video??? they album and song better than list nomination!!!! #RIPGRAMMY
Chester Aganan Tuliao Thank You Grammy for recognizing Demi's Talent. #DemiLovato1stNomination <3
Rhiannøn Mørgana twenty one pilots just strutting in and getting nominated a good five times Also, Panic! Nothing is more adorable than how excited Sarah was for Brendon today
Victor Garcia Rihanna queen
Brian Karlovsky Kelly Clarkson is the only nominee I care about.......Not political, not fluff, not tabloid, not drama.....just pure emotion music.......GO KELLY......
Amanda Torres da Silva Just listened to Gojira, Disturbed, Megadeth and Metallica
Jay Çarter Beyoncé is truly amazing and deserved all those awards. Period. And your complaining ain't taking her nominations away so 😂
Gina Frontino Josh Groban to take home the award for best traditional pop vocal album in 2017
De-Va'Je Let me go see if I was nominated 😁🙇🏿
Julio Castiglioni No thanks!
Jaime Monchevique Bey! the biggest!
Kelvin Damaso #JusticeForMakeMe #JusticeForGlory
Kelly Leonardo Ledezma Suena mas RIHANNA q Beyonce y nominan mas a Bey q a Riri NO ENTIENDO CREO Q ESTA MUY SOBREVALORADA CREO Q ES MAS X EL MARIDO Q X SU MUSICA
Adam Cr My queen my everything Love U So Much Rihanna
Liera Johnday Rihanna <3
Teyona Harris #teamjustin coz he deserves one 😀
Jimmy Radosta BOWIE was robbed.
Jalisa Jordan rihanna got snubbed man
Rexha Solano Lady Gaga Slaaay! #Joanne 👒👒
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Fiona Apple, TV On The Radio and Sky Ferreira will perform at a concert in Los Angeles benefiting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Daniela Marisa Pastell You guys are brutal! Fiona is cool, great voice, great to see her performing again
Daimhin Cahill Fiona might OD by then...
David Earl Posey Fiona who??? Is this an early 90's reunion...
Barry Kneevers Right on Fiona!
Vilma Teran She seems a little bit off..??
Scott Hyman who is she again??
Mel Forbes fiona! we luv u!
Axel J. Ortiz ❤️🌟
Gabbie StaysGoldn Jenn Bogutzki
Nick Beetlemeyer David
April de Leon Steve Isaacs
Randy Romero Ventura filma Jona1559.
Jordan Mitchell James-Kattan Elina Lupin
Edward Maher absolutely LUV Fiona gutsy women good artist
Robyn Yandrlic Wesley Sadler
Billy Bob Bramscher #Gonzo ~BbB~
Angela Marie Sleep Sinatra
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Watch Patti Smith honor the victims of the Oakland warehouse fire with a tender performance of "Peaceable Kingdom."

Brandon Dinklage ❤️❤️❤️Patti Smith❤️❤️❤️
Valory Bennett 💜
Christy Herndon 😍
Chris Chambers ✌️
William Lesage
Robert Binford God bless them all
Mary Graham Johnston Grace Johnston
Trevor Hinson So cool to see her back in the news. Thanks in part to Bob.
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna, and Kanye West lead this year's Recording Academy / GRAMMYs nominations. See all the major #GRAMMYs categories below.

Andrew Sheridan The fact that Drake and Justin Bieber beat out Bowie and Radiohead for album of the year goes to show how much of a joke the Grammys really are. So sad.
Ken Johnson As long as the Grammy people consider Kanye a musician, I shall abstain.
David Cano Well, I sure will skip watching the Grammys. To each his own, but this isn't the only music out there deserving of praise, this is industry and commercialism. I love all kinds of music from all ranges, but what's transpired over the last decade or so is an insult to what music should be and those that actually make great music, talent beyond a voice and choreographed dances.
Dan Marzella Seriously Grammys!?! Justin Beiber is nominated for best album, but not David Bowie who made one of the best albums of his career and of the year, with one of the best and most powerful releases of all time! What a sham! It's like they put weak competition to make it easy for Beyonce to win. It's like, since they shunned her in the past, they want to make it up to her or something. Don't get me wrong, Beyonce's album was actually a killer album and one of my favs of the year (and I'm not even a very big fan of hers normally). It's worth it's accolades, but this is just silly. If Bowie was up, Beyonce would probably lose again. They can't have that! SMDH...
Sebastian Drax What a pitiful year it has been for music, when those 3 top the bill.
Aaron Bolean The Grammy awards are a slap in the face to real musicians. They don't even know how to properly categorize musical styles leaving you voting for the same clowns year after year just because. Many musicians have a dream of making it in the business but now there is no sense in even trying when artists that can barely talk and dress like clowns take all the awards.
David Smith This is a joke! They snubbed the late David Bowie, Radiohead, and Paul Simon from receiving Album of the Year nominations! Rolling Stone ranked Blackstar as the second best album of the year. The Radiohead and Paul Simon albums were not far behind. Shame on you Grammys!! At least the Academy gets things right, but idiots complain about it not being fair.
Lisa Damiano I won't be watching. Sorry but the worst Radiohead album is better than anything Beyonce has ever done. What a joke, a bunch of kiss ass media jerks.
Tony Hynes Nikardi Jallah chance nominated for 7 nominations including best rap album. The grammys included streaming only (free) albums for review so artists who released free work like chance could be included in nomination process.
Anna Bru Drake is boring to the infinite...Bieber has a beautiful voice but his music is a deja vú, and Rihanna is doing the same she did before...this is time to go back to the classics and wait for better times
Gary Johnston Yep...first time in years that I will probably skip watching the telecast...I'll read about the important awards that won't be part of the broadcast anyways...
Phillip Daly Its no wonder dylan shuns award ceremonies. After all.he's a traveling willbury. Dont look now! Theres another cma special. At least we have pacifica.npr. and pbs.long live rocknroll and jethro tull. Really dont mind.if i sit this one out!!!!
Brett Rhyno All of the bitter people commenting on this post, damn.. I remember the day when people weren't so uptight about every little thing and learned to get with the times.. Clearly those days have passed us..
Anthony Hill I miss the days before social media when you didn't have to be subjected to people's whiny ass butt hurt opinions of everything they didn't like
Donny Boyd The music industry is run and owned by the elite so that the real talented music writers and musicians that actually play instruments are not included. The word joke is an under statement.
Dave Guffey The idea that Kanye or Rihanna are nominated for anything related to musical talent is a slap in the face of music lovers.
James Solarez Well shock me shytless. They put out the crapiest music. And they say politics are rigged. Where's the puppet master?
Thomas Zalinsky So if the Douchebag doesn't win is he going to have a meltdown.We can only hope that maybe he will stop making that CRAP he calls musuck.Maybe the Ho and the no talent POS will drop off the face of the earth.
Freddy Zapata If these " artists" would have come out with that kind of music they do on the 80s or 90s ,trust me ,they would have not won any grammy,thats how bad their music is
Mariel Piedra Is there a "I vomit a little bit in my mouth" button? 😧😖
Mauro Ruiz Another year of tasteless music and that not so cool guy. The Grammys ruined by the Grammys.
Thijs van Diepen Lol the music that's awarded with Grammy's is such crap these days..
Donna Godek Lucas I remember when Rolling Stone and music was actually good and had talent. Oh how I miss the good old days.
Nathan Corey Was Blonde released too late to be nominated for anything? If not, a glaring omission across multiple categories.
William Lee Really? ZERO nominations for Frank Ocean????? How does that even happen?!?
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Chris Rock will embark on his first full-scale world tour in nine years when the comedian hits the road on his Total Blackout stand-up tour in 2017.

Brian Tinsman I wouldn't give this more than a second on the tv as I'm flipping through channels, I wouldn't dream of buying tickets to see this.
James Cook I love me some Chris Rock but I hope it's not a 90 minute set of roasting Fuckface Von Clownstick...
Jay SteVeywundar Rouse Bobby Blue II Sat, May 13th date in Sugar Land. Call in sick & get wifey permission
Gavin Kandier A so-called 'World Tour' that is only in North America ? Guess it's like the baseball 'World Series'
Charlene McClarnen Flint Great! Chris Rock is so funny, and we all really do need some humor and laughs, right now!
Luke Gorham Movie career must be going well. Dave Chappelle opening act?
Andrew Adams Sigh, 1 Canadian venue and its in Ontario... at least hit Vancouver or Edmonton on the west coast.
Laurel Panchuk I saw him in my city at the local casino years ago-laughed for 45 minutes straight.
Jamie Usman That's not a world tour, that's a US tour! I thought he'd be visiting Paris or London or something...
Jim McLeod Did Chris get Trump's approval before getting the dates set?
Chad Luckern He has nothing else to say as a comedian then he should retire
Marcelino Rodolfo Morales Chapelle is better
Edward Elg I bet none of the jokes are about race
Adler Eon I fukin love Chris Rock
Myra Armour I love you Chris Rock!
Annaliese Lisa George Whipple Good, we need some great humor right now!
Paul Morris Chris Rock stand-up is FREAKING HILARIOUS !!!!
AngeLica Sifuentes I also need to see Hamilton!
Simon Kocinski "World" = North America, huh?
Rod Gillett World Tour. Where are the Australian dates?
Sarah Penza Matt Penza! Closet is atlantic city June 3, lets gooooooooo!
Chris Nairn New York, Boston, Los Angeles missing. I feel more dates coming
Alec Palchikoff LA or Philly Come Thru!!!
Nura Alkhawaja He's not coming to California!!? 😞
Spencer Hugo Miranda Hugo in VA on your birthday!!
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

50 Cent was awarded $14.5 million stemming from a malpractice suit the rapper filed against a law firm that represented him in a headphones lawsuit. However, it's unlikely 50 Cent will see any of that award, as most of it will go toward satisfying the...

Dale Sims He'll be living under a bridge before it's over. Being chased for child support.
Piotr Janik I thought he only had 50 cents. Damn, those rapper names are tricky!
Mel Bell That dude is super rich, almost billionaire status. Smart business man.
John Steele He needs to get in the studio and start earning. Oh, wait. Everyone just steals music now.
Derrick Patrick De Soto This homophobic asshole is worse than Kanye...just needs to go away.
Sammy Madrid Can't make money rapping so might as well sue someone. #OverRated
Steven Adkins Take the taxes before the disbursement.. or he might be bankrupt
Avalos Fabe If anyone should have a melt down its Curtis. This is enough to make you want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge
Lisa S Thomas So basically 50 cents on the dollar
Scott Fecher That will buy a lot of grapefruit.
Luke Gorham Love how billionaires can claim bankruptcy and remain billionaires
Mark Simpson 50 Cent isnt worth even a penny.
Christian Lujan Why not fiddy mill?
Mark Loughran He lives up to his nick name.
Paulie Anderson Collins Some one shoot the cunt ! I pay 40 cents lol
Gregory Harris 50 has over 300 million he's good
Bill Christensen $14.5 mil. and calls himself 50cent?
Steve LeVine First world problems
Arman Olivier An Nää läuft scheinbar doch bei ihm 😂
Danielle Booker So every little bit helps
Rebecca Davis that will help
Scott Younger Punk is'nt worth a plug nickel
Louie Rae this guy gets free money
Paulie Anderson Collins Money goes to money! Ta rass !
Frédéric Dorval Simon Robichaud-roberge he came in the game for get money
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone shared Rolling Stone Video's video.December 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

Yesterday, the Army announced they would not grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The announcement was celebrated by those at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation protest sites, including U.S. military veterans that joined the protests:

For more...

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Video
Thousands of protesters gathered at Standing Rock celebrated after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced they would not grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline:
Larry McDaniel The success of a stand is important even if that "poor little rich kid" reverses the decision. It will be a symbol of what we can do together.
Delia Delion The drilling is likely to continue unabated, as the company can well afford to pay whatever fines are eventually levied (if that even happens--the incoming POTUS is in favor of the pipeline as originally routed).
Robert Dixon Just a ploy to get water protectors to leave and then the polluters will slime their way back or Donald will back them up with the feds this time. I fear it ain't over. I hope I'm wrong.
Joanne Royster Yes unfortunately Satan or should I say the oil company has plenty of money and will pay whatever it costs to continue . It just goes to show You the rich are apparently above the law . And come next month definitely so . Sad
Josh Roudebush If you think these oil giants care they will still install their pipe and just pay a fine... They don't care about the environment or any laws
Arnelle Pires re-route. shouldn't exist. period. enough with the oil...get with the future, dammit!
Cat Murphy Wow! Suddenly every major outlet is carrying this story. Interesting! It's not over they have no intention of quitting.
Elen Snyder I hear people are heading home...I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. I hope they stay
Danny Hauser I'm confused ! Didn't we stop this thing 4 or 5 times ? Why do we think it will stop now ?
Michael Kim It's not over yet. But it's a good start. Let's continue our battle for Mother Earth!
Melissa Wells The drilling is still continuing!!! Stand your ground...
Jeff Bregel I would imagine the protesters have used up all their vacation days.
Phil Mamer Does the pipeline company actually have the legal "right " to go where it wants to under the lake? Just asking.
Lisa Stetler Insana And CNN has reported that the company drilling will not stand down and will go ahead, regardless.
Sherrie Beth Sachs Energy Partners immediately issued a FU statement on their website. Keep up!
Einar Severinson I'm sure the shareholders of the Burlington Northern Railway are pleased.
Trent Bell Jeff Bregel,probably 80% of the protesters have no job to worry about
Joe Szymanski Sr. That will last till Jan. 20. Barry is a lame duck president. Like much of his other decrees they can be removed.
Randy Miller It will still go through the river you protested about, just further up river.
Randy Miller
Jennifer Stewart It ain't over. March on Washington Dec. 12.
Caroline Touse DAPL announced they are going thru with it even though they will be fined. Greed is more important. They don't live in the area so they will not be affected by the poluted waters. It's not over yet. #Water is Life!!
Glenn Thomas It's Not Over!
Luke Catman its a trick
Paula Perry That is awesome! Bless everyones' support!
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

When playwright Qui Nguyen working on his play 'Vietgone' four years ago, no one seriously thought Donald Trump would one day be the President of the United States of America. But now Nguyen's sexy, genre-busting "All-American love story" musical about how his parents met at...

Den Amor ??? What does this have to do with Trump??? Why make everything political? Could it be that this is just a beautiful eye opening play and nothing else?
Dan Alexander Gotta mention trump right??? with it and get over it snowflakes..
Paul Doozaldorf My god has the country turned into a bunch of pussies
Frank Lee 🙂 hey thanks crew ... Frankie van Esch snr oXo
Josh Kurtz When Rolling Stone articles have gotten so redundant and asinine in the need to Trump hate every 3 minutes that the only 11 comments they get are people telling them to shove it, it's getting old......
Jim AS Uyển Đào Hồ Interesting read!
Rolling Stone
Rolling StoneDecember 6th, 2016 at 10:32pm

In a decision celebrated by the thousands of protestors gathered at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced Sunday that they would not grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline and would instead "explore alternate routes."

Bobby O'Schneider Sometimes culture is worth spending money on to keep it alive vs spending the money to build a museum to remember what was destroyed. Raise my gas tax a few cents, it' OK.
Linda Baxter Something to consider: "Army Corps of Engineers denied permit today, but DAPL says it will drill without a permit and pay the fines. Water protectors urged now not to leave camp." We should acknowledge this is possible.
Melissa J Self Causes me to wonder if it was the veterans who agreed to take a stand that changed the course here. They have more power than they realize. Here's hoping the new administration doesn't try to overturn this important decision.
Gary R Kromer It was no one group or person except perhaps the Oglala Nation. This was the result of teamwork, support from strangers, and The Creator. Congratulations. And if Trump tries to take this away, I will be with you not only spiritually but also physically.
Edgar M. Nava Truly a great and a fitting way to punctuate the end of his presidency. For the people. A little bit of faith has been restored in me but I also realize this is only the beginning of a revolution.
Harley J Cowan Yup so now they can stand and watch the trains hauling oil through the country over the waters burning diesel fuel. But that's much safer right
Randall Cleveland The protestors, the public, and the press need to stay vigilant and keep a close eye on this situation regardless of the current denial. Trump is an investor and has stated that he would allow the pipeline to progress so this victory may be short lived. I would feel better if we see the construction crews pulling up the pipe that is already laid and the new route proposal. I am proud for my people and this victory and I am especially proud of the thousands of veterans who saw it as their duty to step forward and protect the people at Standing Rock. Mvto to all the veterans and citizens that stood bravely for what they believed in.
Derek Skidmore Key word "explore" so when all these protesters leave they will finish the work with the original plan. This is a statement to get those protesters to go away. Yall forget that Trump is invested in it. And we all know he can't keep promises.
Judy Lola Tears of joy! Now for America and the world to seek and apply healthy means of heating and power. Thank you all for your support. Lets all continue to fight the good fight for all being's human and not. Ha Cha! !!!
Mary Hyland Thank you everyone who went to help the cause at Standing Rock. To our wonderful veterans, thank you so very much. Your being there got this mess ended just in the nick of time. Thank you, president Obama, for stepping in and doing the right thing. Peace and love to all.
Cole Roberts Yay. They denied a pipeline that wasn't even on their property anymore. In fact it was a couple miles away from their land. But by all means let's celebrate the cancellation of the safest way to transfer oil.
Jerry Garvey I would like to know why the Northern Border line is in the exact same path but the Dakota Pipeline cannot? Nobody has been killed by an Oil Pipeline however many people have been killed by rail cars that carried oil. This makes no sense.......I only hope this is a hoax to get the protesters out of the area.
Heath Robbins I thought the Army made the call. How is this Obama's "victory"? He didn't call them and tell them to look elsewhere. He's not a dictator....or maybe that's what some people want. I'm glad the Army made the right choice. But why is Obama getting credit? He doesn't take the blame because I still can't afford healthcare and "his" Obamcare plan is an utter failure. Just saying.
David Melssen I would much rather the oil be shipped by pipeline than trucks and trains that run through towns, cities and next to houses!
Alex Hunting Hate to say it, but I wouldn't be surprised if everything is put on hold until Trump takes office, and then they go right back to doing what they were doing, with Trump granting the easement.
Ems Valentin a victory nonetheless...though as many have considered based on previous actions: "Army Corps of Engineers denied permit today, but DAPL says it will drill without a permit and pay the fines." It's a sneaky world, with some where it's the MONEY against their soul..selling out their principle for the mighty $$$s...they never is not their children or their children's children that will be affected...ETP leaderships, the ACoE, the investors, and those BIG BANKS providing funds for ETP/Phillips 66 do not live anywhere close to Standing Rock....they drink bottled water that costs as much as your daily meal! Possibility of sneaky action by DAPL! Trust no one of the opposing team...
Sandra Schmidt All well and good, but my question is why didn't they voice their objections BEFORE the project got underway costing thousands of dollars? These objections should of been faced in the planning stage of the project. Just saying. (By the way it has been documented that none of the tribes stepped up and objected it in the planning stages.)
Charli Maxwell Thank our Vets, they stepped up and the government stepped down heart is overflowing with respect and an unusual feeling I believe they call hope. The DAPL protestors have fought so hard and so long I will sleep better knowing they can now come in from the cold.
Johnson Wrobelski Just goes to show that if you cry, riot, and destroy things, you can get your way..... Hey, maybe all the violence, intimidation, and harassment will make the electors change their votes for Hillary too!
Chuck Furtner This is just passing the buck for the Obama administration. I'm afraid next month Trump will approve the easement and we will be right back to where we are now on this. The only difference is, everyone will have gone home and no one will,be there to stop it.
Iliana Garbe Thank you to all of you that helped bring awareness and those who stood there physically in support of the tribes. Our Veterans and President Obama are also to be recognized for their awesome work. Congratulations! Let's hope the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finds an acceptable alternative.
Judy Lynn Gersonde-Bryant there is a God and I praise Him for seeing an answer to prayer. So happy for the native Americans. our government has taken and taken from them. enough is enough. how dare they even try to get even more our their sacred land, and ALL of it IS SACRED! every inch of what we left them. happy also for the vet's who put themselves at the forefront as sheilds. God bless you everyone.
Karen Boland The people have spoken and the people have won. Law enforcement that tear gasses, water cannons and rubber bullets peaceful protestors should be ashamed of themselves and have assault charges brought against them. I would be ashamed of any family member who did such atrocious things.
Lori Styles They did NOT cancel the pipeline! Make sure people understand that this by no means that the DAPL will go away. This is a victory, yes, but it's only temporary. Obama only did this to avoid a confrontation between the vets and the police. Also, the easement is dependent on an environmental impact statement. If the statement comes back saying it's okay for the pipeline to continue, it will. Besides, once Trump is in office he will reverse this since he has millions invested in this pipeline. Then Obama will look like a hero for doing this today when he should've done it months ago before the atrocities were committed against our beautiful water protectors. People still cannot let their guard down. I've seen too many posts saying the pipeline has been "denied." It has NOT been. This needs to be clarified, clarified, and clarified some more. I understand people are excited, but misinformation like this is dangerous. The fight is just beginning!
David Ridge Prepare to appear in court, Imperialist Pigs. I predict many, many legal cases will arise from this. Atonement is at hand, Standing Rock Indians, supporters and Indians in general. BZ to you all for standing strong. Power to the people!