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You'll feel super empowered after Serena Williams' inspirational quotes. ๐Ÿ’ช

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Before arriving at the hospital, the woman had been confined to her bed for the last two decades.

Michelle Bloemers Mentink I would like to know how on earth any caregiver or even a few caregivers could take care if her. She'd need to be rolled, changed, cleaned. How? Even a Hoyer lift, would not be able to lift her. How were her daily cares done?? This does not seem like a real story.
Amira Ibrahim Not true and her family are claiming they were victims of the Indian doctor who did nothing to her and even didn't weigh her
Jennifer Hayes How is it even possible to lose that much weight in 2 months? Even with surgery?!?
Tami Jansen Why do we glorify massive weight loss? Why not promote healthy lifestyles? So people don't get so overweight!?!
Chris Cone Doesn't matter if she did it surgically or not, good job either way.
Lisa P. Karp How could that be humanly possible? Over 700 pounds since March? Can't be!
Davan Black OK and?? She needs better diet plans and a treadmill..not attention. People are fat, get over it.
KimberlyAnn Davis Two months!? Hmm, he must have Starved Her Down! This has to be fake, right!?
Tulip Stevens How can you lose 700 lbs in a 2-month period. Doesn't sound right.
Jody Levato How could one mass so much weight.smh
Terry Roden Congratulations
Mary Bechard Murphy Who are the "caregivers " that assist in feeding her ?
JT Tozier they are trained!!!!!
Sandra F. Patillo ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ
Kim Linder Buckoski Wow, that's BIG.
Paula A McNabb How is that even feasible? And survive?
Kate Kirkland Caroline Cooper
KimberlyAnn Davis Petter Loren Grytness, wow!!
Mar Lozano Juan Zaragoza
Norma Robles Viridiana Villatoro
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Aaron Carter opens up about the medical condition thats keeping him skinny:

Brian Green He's hitting the pookie!!! Until he owns up and admits he's powerless he will continue down the rabbit hole till he dies!! Where are his true friends and the people that call him out on his own bullshit. He had a bunch of clinchers that tell him what he wants to hear and are enablers, sad but he will be most likely dead from an overdose or his body will eventually shutdown. Another artist believing his own lies. Truly sad, hope he gets the help he needs. Drugs are robbing his spirit and killing his soul
Michelle Thomas I am a larger woman and I have this also. Yes there are times that you can't eat cause things get stuck but there is more to his story than what is being shared.
Pat Dennis-Lemke The procedure to fix a hiatal hernia is neither simple or fun. And, neither does it keep a person skinny. Mine was diagnosed in my mid-twenties and I am retired and in my sixties now. I have had more than one surgery to repair the problem. And I hope it doesn't mean that I am a mean person, but I literally LOL when I read this.
Kara Fass I work for a Gastroenterologist and see A LOT of people with Hiatal Hernias( including myself) and none of them have this severe of an issue.. Whatever is really going on, I hope he gets better.
Swati Kumar Everyone has their battles they are fighting. Instead of judging them, why not just wish them good. No one ever knows what situation another person is dealing with...
Kris Bouck Hiatal hernia??? Sure but thats not to blame for his weight loss. He looks awful, sickly. The first thing that comes to mind is meth, I am sorry.
Victoria Morton So, a decade of dealing with something a surgery that has a full recovery time of 2-4 weeks would fix? Unless he had the surgery and he still has complications? That's seriously the only way this excuse seems plausible...
Alexandria Dyche I was 79 pounds less than 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with depression and since starting medication I have made it to 103 pounds. But yeah, meth and drugs are to blame EVERYTIME.
Red Skye this condition is easily fixed with a simple procedure. i call BS
Danielle Boyd I didn't know that besides not being able to eat, hernia's make you look like an old man too!
Lisa Horan Nope, i have one and theres meds n surgery for it if its that bad:/ dont believe it
Carolyn Spatarella Noonan get the surgery to fix it?? Not understanding why it isn't being fixed
Jen Bruski Yep.He smokes some Bud laced with Meth.The BEST liars are junkies and he's only lying to himself!!!!!
Carolyn Jayne I've never thought anything of his weight until I saw this article. Hasn't he always looked that way?
Liz Myers Uh huh sure, Aaron, call it what you want but we all know it's drugs.
Sherry Minks I have a hiatal hernia too and am slightly heavy, something else be going on...
Simone Mysko This is not news. He has spoken about his weight and his condition 100 times already.
Gail Webb Lots of people have hiatal hernias and are not skinny like this. He obviously has other issues besides this.
Michelle Seymour He has admitted before to use of'm just sayin...
Missy Smith Marshall Um...sorry but no. He needs to come clean because his extreme skinny frame is not from a Hiatal hernia lol.
Lea Marsh Meth
Ashleigh Graham I'll take METH for $200 Alex
Michael O'Connor Hmm, looks like a strung out rocker but without the "rocker status"... Heroin will do that to ya..
Jeffery Willis Lord I was singing "Set fire to the rain" with background music. You lost me hiatal hernia....
Holly Smith Katie Crawford Edgmon hopefully he can still perform at the concert ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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The 18-month-old was found lying limp on the floor of his home with vomit on his chest.

Trena Michele Jones I'm confused. When the mother awoke and saw what he'd done to her child, why did he continue to live? I would have beat him to death. Jesus himself would have had to come down to get me off of him. The only trial taking place would be mine. These women with these no good men around their children blow my mind. Rest in peace sweet boy
Leslie Marie These "moms" and their lowlife/unfit bfs...Charge her too...WHY not??? Safety #1...If he was living there is that even legal IF housing assistance is taking place?? Whats his background?? Laws need to change for the better of children....
Amy Marie Please please please can people who abuse children get the death penalty and be killed in the same manner you hurt the child! This makes me sick! I have tears in my eyes. Wondering how could this happen to a BABY. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ข
Elizabeth Unangst I want to know how this so-called mother didn't hear her baby being beat to death by her scummy piece of garbage boyfriend. I really wish these women would stop bringing these dead beats into their children's lives. Is your self esteem really that low that you'd put a man above your baby?!?!
Julie Kitchens This breaks my heart ๐Ÿ˜”There is a special place in hell for people that do things like this! He doesn't deserve to sit in prison, he should be killed on the spot!
Christine Rojas-Morton Put that poor excuse of a person(doesn't even deserve the title of "person") to death!!!! Do not waste a single tax dollar to keep him alive!!! This crap is happening way too much, time to stop slapping hands!!!
Theresa Angelique Fowlkes ANOTHER mother who hooked up with a LOSER who ended up killing her child. She should be charged too. Kids don't ask to be brought into this world. ๐Ÿ˜ก
Connie Connelly Kill this piece of trash. He deserves to suffer unimaginable torture for taking away this innocent baby's life. Anyone who harms a child or animal should be not be spared
Alicia Backes What a beautiful baby. I just dont understand how anyone can hurt a precious baby. My eyes are filled with tears just knowing the pain and rejection this angel went through. I hope that monster gets what he deserves and more! RIP baby angel.
Andr Le I have a 20 mos old and a 3 mos old- my husband (who is my kids' dad) and I barely have time to go grocery shopping... where are these *moms* finding time to get themselves new boyfriends?! And bring them around their kids!!! RIP sweet angel.
Andrea Swenson How do you NOT hear your child screaming from such a brutal attack?!?!? Where the hell was this mother to protect her child? Drunk and passed out???!!! She should not have her other child. She obviously cannot take care of them. I am ill from this. My 1 yo stayed awake last night well after I wanted to sleep. But I stayed up until he went to bed. This is so sad. Rest in peace baby boy.
Lori Gravelle I am so tired of stories like this. Anyone who would harm an innocent child should be put to death. End of story. They should no longer be allowed to live. There is no rehabilitation for this type of evil.
Tamir Jackie DuCharme I suggest you put him in prison (general population) and let it be known what he's done to this baby. They will take care of him.
Jennifer Keller Orozco I get that only God can judge the mother and this despicable excuse of a man (and human for that matter) but I can't help but be judgmental as well. This didn't have to happen. "Drinking with his mother" so, my guess is she was too plastered to hear the screams of her child? That's child endangerment right there. They need to investigate further, she's just as much at fault. As mothers, our main job is to protect our children. Very sad.
Betty Saleh Is it that important for these women to have a man to screw that they take in the first piece of garbage they meet? Now the baby is dead and her bf is in jail hopefully for life. Let's see if she brings another man home to kill the other child.
Lynndsey Hudson Police would've also found the boyfriend unresponsive. These poor babies don't ask for this. It is our job as their parents to live and protect them. This makes me sick to my stomach. Poor baby.
Mindy Scott So mich damn evil in this world. I want to shake these idiots and wtf is wrong with u !!! These are little kids. They will annoy you n be whiney. If you cant handle it walk away. Dont get with a woman who has kids.
Shirley Guzman These stories are so dam disturbing...I'm sorry and say what you will, but if you're a mother, you should focus on raising your children, and not bringing men into your home. I waited until my oldest son turned 18 before I even thought about dating. Yes, not all men are psychotic POS, but that was a chance I was not willing to take. As a mother, I would live with that guilt for the rest of my life. I sincerely hope that this POS will suffer the same pain that he inflicted on this beautiful little boy, in prison!! He deserves to die the same way!!
Sheldon Bergerson Unbelievable! This poor sweet innocent child is now gone. This should be an automatic death penalty! These women who let abusive men into their lives should be accountable as well. Guaranteed this is not the first time either towards the child or herself
Marisa Hurley Prayers for this sweet child and his loved ones. That a precious life was taken like that is heart wrenching. Heaven has a new angel. I hope he gets justice for his passing.
Kelly Chapman As soon as I found my son, I would've marched into my room, got my 9mm and blown this POS to pieces. Problem solved.
Jacqueline Jimenez I had read all this comments and all of them are absolutely correct..., I had myself drink a couple of drink and I know many of others mothers done it too and I could b drunk af however my 6 sense of mothers that's little thing in your brain when you're a real mothers.., you b wondering about your kids, worrying about them,, there's no fucking way this girl wouldn't hear her son crying, screaming his lungs out while this mf was torturing him to death.., I just can see that's she didn't heard anything smfh .. I truly think she should b charge also. And he that's thing that's kill this innocent boy #deathpenalty
Deborah Eberwein Isaac No need to waste tax payers money, no trail needed. One needle and he is gone Poof. All these babies being killed by their Mom, Dad, boyfriend or grandparents. Its truly sickening. There are lots of decent people that cant have kids that would be overjoyed to have these babies to call their own. to many rules to protect the abuse, to many rules to not take these babies and to many rules to adopt these angels and give them a great life. If a woman doesn't want their baby, give it to a woman that cant have kids. much easier to monitor this than monitor the situation knowing there is already a problem.
Nichola Lydon I'm sorry all I can say is he deserves a bullet between his eyes. If anyone ANYONE put their hands on my child....well they wouldn't find the body when I was done. These women and men allow trash to come into the lives and take importance over their children. RIP angel. No one can hurt you anymore.
Tracy Lee This makes me physically sick!!! That poor baby!!! The POS who did this should have the same thing done to him but 100 times worse. I hope Karma gives that scum some swift justice. Prayers for that baby's family. R.I.P.
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Running out of packed lunch ideas? Look no further.

Recipe via Well Done:

Beverly Pashkoff Is that a mason jar
Deborah Pedersen Mayonnaise is gross. Yuck.
Melissa Cantavenera-Nievas Angela Cantavenera-Tricarico try this! Looks delish!
Shelley Krause Lindsey Krause
Ten Juric Vio La
Camille Lopez Cynthia Chavez
Debbie Vassallo Anthony Vassallo
Amie K. Craddock Meri Moilanen
Tracy Jaramillo Jerry Jaramillo
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The teen, who lost a significant amount of weight, went days without running water or electricity in the shelter.

Mary Genevieve Bandish Okay. We get it. She's safe. Can we please for the love of all that is good in this world please focus attention on other missing people? We don't need to to know everything since she's already been through enough.
Kelli Wiener One sentence says they ate wildflowers to survive and she lost a lot of weight. Another sentence says items found in the cabin included food and beer. We all saw pictures of them at Walmart so... what is the truth here? Victim or idiot teenager who ran away?
Jamie Olson If you don't think a 15 yr old girl can tell the difference between right and wrong you're a bigger dumbass than she is! When I was 14 yrs old I went to Canada with 4 guys from the local Air Force base. I WENT TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!! I knew what I was doing. I knew that it was wrong and I still did it! I was friends with these guys who were ages 19-24 for awhile before we went. I was a messed up kid and this is what I did to make myself feel better. Granted it was only for a weekend but still I knew what I was doing!
Kirby Huffman Kids that come from normal families don't just willingly go with a kidnapper or are easily coerced. He preyed on her for a reason. You can best believe we are going to find out more about her family and her lifestyle growing up that led up to this.
Yoli M. Martinez Weren't they seen at Walmart???? On that picture of them entering the store,she looked very at ease. I'm sure she had opportunities to run away at Walmart!! Especially walmart where I'm sure she could have hidden or ask for help. Oh well
Sunshine Theresa Hilldenbrand He has money for penis erection medication, but can't feed the girl?!
Clara Rose For a starving and fragile 15 year old she sure was strong enough to make hickys! Did you see the teachers mug shot!??? Shes old enough to know what she was doing! When I was 15 I knew exactly what I was doing!!
Trisha Lemons Not sure why I should feel bad? She ran away with her teacher? Why is everyone acting like he kidnapped her?
Rachel Adams I can't believe how poorly written this article is. Do you employ twelve year olds to write for People now? Or does no one care to proofread anything? Take some pride in your work.
Margaret Kilgore I don't think she should have been returned to such a dysfunctional family to begin with. The "Mother " lost custody for terrible abuse all while the "Father " was in the home. TEN children !!!!! I think DPS should take a serious look at this family. She's been thrown right back to what she ran away from, and now "daddy" is on every television program.
Victoria Morton His sister said (in an interview) that he "went with her because she said she was going to run away and he wanted to make sure she was safe." Guess that lie falls flat when evidence comes out that he took her to a nudist community ๐Ÿ˜† Every teenage run away always thinks "I want to go to the nudist community!" That was in no way HIS idea... (sarcasm)
Lisa Luis Peters I thought the freaking media was supposed to stop mentioning her name because the amber alert was cancelled after she was found? This was a request by the family
Ashley Smith She's still a child. Children make childish decisions. It's up to adults to point them in the right direction. A lot of people seem to be putting blame on a child. When do we hold the adult responsible? Teachers are trusted with the things we hold dreariest to us , our children, he is the one to be blamed.
Ashley Jones That's what happens when you run off with a creepy man. This girl is a victim yes but child services should have been involved before it got to this extent.
Stefanie Sizemore Vandiver That poor child! Her home life was awful and this jerk took advantage of that. I hope with counseling and time she will heal from this.
Monica Prieto Sorry this girl went through this, but I hope she learns something. Be a child for awhile.
Heather Thibodeaux She seemed very healthy looking in the surveillance video. She is not innocent.
Patricia Anne McDade Hurst He should be charged with child abuse too!!! SMFH
Joanne Davis She should of stayed at home then! I wish people would focus on children that have been kidnapped for real and still missing.
Sandra Jolene Johnson he was wrong but i just dont believe her story
Michelle Schenck Stevenson Omg that's sad! Shouldn't of left in the first place!
Angelica Vargas Amazing how u heartless people are just loving 2 blame her! She's 15 dummies, he's a dam grown man, he knew better, sad 2 see where are world is 2day.๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž
Beatriz Chastine What about the canned beans found in the place they were staying in?
Shana Welch Rebert Oh, NOW she is being described as fragile...Last week, she was being described as physically healthy...
Julie Bush Ummm but there was pictures of the food they had in the cabin...
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Jennifer Lopez opens up about being in the public eye.

Click here to watch the full People EW Network special:

Swati Kumar She may have her quirks, but she doesn't seem to be arrogant and does not misbehave with people or press...
Drew VanDyke I would love to sit down with her and interview her. She seems like such a wonderful womanโ€‹ and I just fucking love her!!
Amy Kinne Poor thing rich , beautiful, famous. I feel for her!( sarcasm)
Elizabeth Dominica Purich She's a whore who neglects her kids and cares only about dick.
Vanessa Lehman McCarter She's a snobby bitch who can't sing or act
Marissa Trujillo I love Jlo โค๏ธ
Erin Angeloni LOVE HER!!
Erika Hughes Yael Epstein Streit lol. Grace and humility, right?
Maria Leon BOOOO
Connie Avila-Rios Thank Selena for ur fame!!!! Lol!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Julia Diogo Marinucci So much respect and admiration for her ๐Ÿ’–
Deborah Pedersen She has enough money to disappear, so obviously she likes it.
Maria Leon ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฝ
Molina Caridad P
Ricky Perkins Love her
Megan Dixon She is the cutest! Keshia LeValley
Kelly Butler Pittock Charlotte Leat
Megan Chance Borrego Renee Chance
Bree Stitt Brooke Ann Massey
Rosanna Cortes-Reyes Arielle Cortes
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It looks like Khloรฉ Kardashian might have to pay $150,000 over a photo she shared on her Instagram.

Heidi Parker I don't normally care about the Kardashian people but for this I have to agree is wrong- if it is a picture of yourself you should be allowed free access to it. Kind of ridiculous to waste money suing over it
Tiffany Stemen Conley Are you kidding me??? If they cannot sue for psycho paps publishing pics of them than paps CERTAINLY should not have the right to sue!!!!
Rachael Sullivan Youngblood Do let me get this straight. If she goes out in public and someone takes a picture of her and uses it to make money that's okay and legal. The photographer can copyright the picture and sue her if she uses the picture she did not give them permission to use. Hmmmm seems like the laws are kind of messed up. Celebrities know that the paps are going to take their pic without their permission. Total invasion of privacy. But they should have no right to sue the celebrity for a pic the took without her permission. When one is going to a professional photographer we are giving them verbal or written permission to take out pics and therefore the sole rights to their work. But paps aren't artists. They are predators and most have no photography background. That's basically saying I can go taken her pic then have it copy righted. Next time I go to a concerns im doing that to all my cellphone pics just im case one of the band members reposts it so I can sue them. So stupid
Jamie Owens Metcalf How in the world is a company able to sue over the use of a picture that's of her specifically!? That's just crazy. And if it's paparazzi can't she counter sue because they used her image for profit gain without her permission? Just wondering
Rebeca Erdmann That's ridiculous! Paparazzi asking for coyright is really the end of the world, because they take pics without permission. As a lawyer I think this is WAY too much. I wish the judge see this and end this for good.
Brandy A Moctezuma This is total BS๐Ÿ˜€ The paparazzi should be paying her, for posting a picture of herself! They take pictures, get in people's lives & now they want money ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Kathryn Beach I have an idea for the people who are sueing her..get a job where you don't infringe on other people's right to privacy and we "may" give 2 shits about you losing money on something. You took a picture of a person without her permission and she used it..sounds like karma to me bitches!
Alisa Ashouri That was the whole point. She posted it to Instagram to keep the paparazzi from profiting from taking a photo of her. I hope the judgement comes down on her side. Paparazzi are vultures who profit from hunting down people to get photos and sell them to magazines and websites. It should be within a person's right to decide how to disseminate an image of themselves regardless of who took it. Otherwise isn't that what happens when a sex tape is released?
JulieBejay Butters I don't idolize them. But, Khloe Kardashian keeps it real and speaks her mind. Her and Kourtney and Kendall are the natural ones. She may have had some lip fillers. But, let's be honest. The girl is on girl. Go Khloe. Shine girl.
Laura Beekmann A. You don't need permission to take someone's photo in a public place. B. The moment the photo is created it is owned by the person who took it. C. She violated copyright by altering it and sharing it without permission - and was using it for commercial purposes D. The photographer would have been able to earn money by selling that image but now can't because it's essentially lost is value by having already been shown to anyone who cares to see (directly from Khloe).
Greg Marra I saw this and said why the hell does anyone care about these useless people. There is so much more to life than the shallow asses. I just don't know. God help us
Whitnye Stuefen Can't she counter sue for them taking the picture originally and using it without her permission?
Robin Monique It just goes to show you that all these kartrashian Skanks are Delusional. Does she really think Porsche would want that name and that Huge head of hers advertising for them, HELL NO. YOU SKANKS ARE RUNNING OUT OF PEOPLE, TIME and Ass injections soon you all will be hanging .....
Rikki Shepherd The person who took the photo, owns the photo. And considering she most likely signed a contract that stated that, she is in the wrong. I completely side with the photographer/agency. Not cool Khloe.
Stefanie Gerteisen I could never be a judge. I would be like,you guys are ridiculous and I'm going home!!
Jennie Dicks Seriously, she did not keep them from making $150,000 dollars just because she posted a picture. Damages my ass, seems like they are trying to make some extra money.
Mary Sotera Did they have permission to take the picture of her? Paparazzi is a joke
Suzanne Clement Im sure the company didn't have her permission to take the photo either.
Amy Marie That's ridiculous. The agency is making money off HER image. Countersue.
Marie Flavin She makes that promoting one item in one photo on instagram, so pay it, move on
Judi Cotlar Kerner Can't stand this Bitch. She thinks she is all that. UGLY.
Buffy McGinnis Seriously?! Does the paparazzi have her permission to take her picture and then sell it to the tabloids? I hope this doesn't even make it to court!!!
Lori Nelson Leydon I thought if someone takes your picture, you own it. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
Will Starcher Pretty sure you can use whatever you want if you don't make money on it.
Jennifer Vincent That's kompletely krazy! ๐Ÿ˜‚
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The wife of the former Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping his teen student has no plans to take him back.

Myesha Shadd You guys give her a break...she has been through so much. Some of yall stay with yo cheating men. I ๐Ÿ‘ appluade her on being strong.
Sheila Perdue Penturf I don't blame her, I wouldn't take his sorry ass back either.
Fulya Magdalena yeah he had sex with her, but keep sayin "I love you, I'm sorry" to his wife. typical. yes, you are sorry old man, but not for torn apart your family. you are sorry because you've been caught.
Becca Scott Reynolds She won't take him back bc he betrayed her....not because he's a disgusting pedophile who preyed on and raped a 15 year old girl. She should have just kept her mouth shut.
Kelly Alpaugh McPherson Stand tall. Be proud to be a strong woman!! My prayers are with you!!!
Lindsay Jones So because of this recorded and released conversation where he admits to having sex with a 15 year old girl, shouldn't his charges now reflect that? He's only being charged with sexual intent not rape.
Renee Rainey Johnson I hope she doesn't take him back, but when is she going to say do you know what you have done to that child? His wife is a grown woman she can get over this... That child will be traumatized for the rest of her life...
Sue Murphy Their always so sorry and want to come back after their caught !! Speaking from experience but not with a kid napping or underage situation ...
Brooke R Pat I feel so sad for her family. She's very honorable to go public and ask him to do the right thing and strong for now walking away.
Lori Peterson Berg Don't think she's gonna have to worry about taking him back. He's gonna be in prison for quite some time. I feel sorry for this woman and her children. Lord knows they are paying a price for his sick behavior.
Jina Carter And at what point, did she state he's a child molester instead of just saying she won't let him betray her again or their daughters and grandchildren? I didn't see her mention the fact that he sexually abused a child and whether the girl realized she's a victim or not, she absolutely is a victim of a pediphile!
Candice Marie It is disgusting what he did but it all comes down to if Elizabeth makes a statement or testifies against him. If she doesn't he will not be charged with a sex crime only kidnapping and crossing state lines which carries a maximum of 10 years in prison
Jennifer Utterback Scott I really hope she can move on from this and find someone who really cares for her.
Susan Byram-Rodriquez I agree Zarah Braun. Not once did she say do you know what you have done to the child & her family. It was all about her & their family. But to be fair...i feel for her too
Millicent White I feel sorry for the wife and family but she allowed him to bring the to their house and church on several occasions she should have known something was up
Amy Kinne I also take issue with the school for not firing him when they were caught kissing. He should have never had contact with any of the kids. The school waited till he kidnapped her before they saw a problem.๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ
Alicia Peyer Sorry but usually once a cheat always a cheat. I don't blame her one bit for not taking him back. The trust and loyalty is all lost once you cheat. I pray for her and the children.
Zarah Braun Have all you people calling her a strong woman not Realized as a enabler of his behavior she is only worried about how this will affect her life? what about the child that he had and was abusing for a month! she came up with Poor me? if you see this woman as anything but a selfish person who probably filed for divorce to save her assets per her lawyer's advice you need to rethink how you view heroes!!!!!!
KimberlyAnn Davis I don't Care what he's done to her! She had their kids strip naked before beating them in front of each other! Behind every pervert in this country is a woman with no self esteem who will shelter them, and put up with their crap! It's a fact....women with Self Esteem DON'T marry men like this. I hope he rots in hell, and saves a place for her right next to him. Mean? No. That girl is in a psych ward...she ran from one bad situation to another. It's Both parents fault. My opinion.
Sherry Lynn Dennison Barnette I feel so terrible for her, her daughters, her grandchildren. This man hurt them so much and disgraced them. Of course she wouldn't take him back.
Jen Bruski I can only HOPE she has the Strength and Courage to walk away from this POS and Never Look Back..She certainly deserves a man who will Love and Cherish her!!!
Donna Maria Take him back ? Umm isn't he going to spend the rest of his life in prison?
Angela Langer She'd be a real weirdo if she did take him back. This isn't shocking news.
Esther Elizabeth Wilcott-Parker Sabrina ๐Ÿ˜ข that poor poor woman!! My heart breaks for her and the rest of her family!
Corianne Guzman Disgusting. I did NOT need to know that he filled a prescription of Cialis. ๐Ÿคข
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Scott Hamilton gives a glimpse into his life after beating cancer 4 times in an upcoming People EW Network series.

Julia E Krebs Davis inspiring. I used to watch him on the ice at BGSU early in the morning before my PE class.
Jane Atlas What a survivor! I thought beating it once was tough!! <3
Christina Bennett amazing guy!
Ann Turner Amazing! I loved watching you skate!!
Laura Aguilar # amen ๐Ÿ™ god blessed him many years to live ๐Ÿ˜Š
Wrap Your Love <3
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Shelly Dufresne had previously admitted to having sex with the student as part of a guilty plea.

April Champ If this was a story involving a male sleeping with students instead of a female, it would be a much different outcome. Ridiculous ๐Ÿ˜ 
Jennifer Vincent As a teacher myself, I find these situations heartbreaking. They seem to be happening more and more...or maybe they are just getting reported on publicly more...but when lives, careers, marriages, families, etc get destroyed, that is very sad to me. I have never, and would never, sexualize a child or teenager. I am in one of the most trusted professions there is, and school should always be a safe place. My job is to help my students learn and to help them problem solve in a very confusing world, not take advantage of them. ๐Ÿ˜ž
Nakeisha Simmons What is up with these beautiful White female teachers sleeping with their students? I've read so many similar stories and some of these women are drop dead gorgeous. I don't get it.
Katelyn Marie Smith Cue the guys who will say "where was this teacher when I was in high school?"
Melissa Ann Laster I'm confused. So she admitted to it but the "victim" changed his story so much they had no evidence to prosecute. Was she possibly coerced into a confession? Idk CSI mind working overtime
Amber Dostal But if it was a male teacher and female students everything would be different absolutely disgusting
Joanna Solano They were looking for the boy's credibility? THE BOY IS ONLY 16! Had this been a 16 year old girl, the teacher would have gone to prison and registered as a sex offender. This is a bullshit.
Lucy Rapozo I don't get it. Pretty girls that I'm sure have no problem getting guys, going after students?! Disgusting.
Kerensa Pearson She still had sex with a student, just not in Jefferson Parish apparently. Disgusting.
Tricia Culver Her father is a local judge, at least according to this daily mail article from a few years ago: (daily mail isn't the greatest source though). Something seems off...
Debbie De Leon Trish Schultz maybe a certain someone should go teach there ๐Ÿ˜‚
Dawn Anton Lavelle Christina Craft.....this is getting to be an everyday thing !
Tiffany Schoonover Siiiick of females getting a slap on the wrist. Disgusting trash. ๐Ÿ™„
Tracy Stewart
Courtney Harper Who thinks a kid is sexy??
Matthew Thompson Such a double standard when women molest teens.
Mina Ortega These women are child preditors
Jude Vlahos And you're a racist slob
Brandi South Watson Pedophiles, male or female, need to be exterminated.
Michelle Goins How do you go from a teacher to sleeping with your student? Don't get it
Leslie Woods-Minick PEDOPHILES!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
Ellen Henning Dow Is she crazy!!!
Gregory Samms did they sleep wiith the girl on the left or the right of the picture ??
Sarah Hendry Erica Hendry I love these articles
Victoria AnnieOakley Shaffer Whats on her LIP!?
People6 hours ago

The actor was found dead in his car on Monday afternoon.

Janet Lopez ๐Ÿ™๐ŸผBless, O God of eternal life, all who have died by their own hand. Grant them peace from their inner turmoil and the compassion of your love. Comfort those who mourn their loved ones. Strengthen them to face the questions of pain, the guilt and anger, the irreparable loss. Help us to reach out in love to others who prefer death to the choices of life and to their families who grieve. Amen.
Joan Callis You can't say you don't feel sorry for a person when they've taken their life. You don't know what emotions or situation they were going through. Everyone fights demons every day. Some people have PTSD, BiPolar etc... To say you don't feel sorry for the person who took their own life is sad. I feel sorry and sad for all those who loved him. And for him to feel so lost and alone that taking his life seemed like his only option. Don't judge. This is why people don't get help for emotional issues, the stigma and judgements.
Patricia Hennigan Omg....I loved him in Miracle, but love him even more for his service to our country. My thoughts, prayers and condolences go,out to his family and friends. RIP
Michael Quigley He was also a Green Beret and Hockey player, Condolences to his family and friends.
Lisa Velez I wonder what is really going on at Disney...too many of these disney kids do not have happy endings...their lives take a turn for the worst in one way or another..
Teena Lepene He was also a Green Beret ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ So awesome working with Special Forces... the stories I have the people I've met and the soldiers we help โค as sad as this is my heart is full for meeting him.... He was a great soldier
Linda Jacobs Widen Happens way too often. I lost an uncle, cousin, friend, classmate, my brother in law's grandfather. It is too devastating to the survivors.
Tara Bleau He was so much more. He served out country and a hockey player. Why must we always have to know why someone died???? Not our family so not our business. Praying for all his family and friends.
Raelynn Wells If he was or wasn't on drugs bless his heart anyway! Such a sad thing I feel bad for his family as I too have recently lost my son.
Belinda Chaplin Frame
Ayda Mull I don't know who that was, but it's a shame.
Emily Dawn Makar This makes me so sad. I had such a crush on him when that movie came out. I hope he's at peace now, and pray his family finds peace and comfort. โค
Monica Seidel I have no pitty for someone that takes his or her own life, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.
Helena Borne Ohhhh that's so sad!!! I loved him in Miracle... such a great movie!! My sincere condolences go out to his family & friends. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ฐ
Jeannine Spurgin Our veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Thoughts and prayers for the family.
Sara Sampson Newsome Then keep your big judgemental mouth shut ! Whether you agree or don't , you don't comment to say something negative !
Royleene Trottier Baracker To his family my thoughts and prayers..To this young warrior may you have finally found peace...
Casey DiPietro Maggie McInturff nooo Jack O'Callahan "I'm serious Coxy, why'd you wanna play cawledge hawkey"
Amy Maggi Terao He did not just "join the army", HE SERVED OUR COUNTRY AS A GREEN BERET"!
Jacqueline B Koehn Loved him in Miracle. Always wondered what happened with him. Thank you for your service. May you RIP.
Claire Kuhn Steph Bozynski remember when we were OBSESSED with that movie and those guys ๐Ÿ’”
Annika Hammitt Bret Kostka Kayla Smith "o.c. Is playin baby" let's have another miracle movie night
Sylvia Magana Omg. It very sad. I never seem his movies. Omg. Only 35. Yr old gone too soon. My condolence to his. Family and friend. May he rest in peace.
Susan Livingston Feltz How about "The Veteran" because that's what he was....Special Forces, Military, ....trumps actor.
Sherry A Morgan Never this happened but I have heard of him before or the movie. Sad