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"I never intended to play Peggy as a feminist. I never intended to play Offred as a feminist. They’re women, and they’re humans." —Elisabeth Moss

Richard Savedra Why would they call it "feminist" when it paints a frightful picture of what can happen to women when there is an absence of feminists? This is not a battle which needs to be picked when women's healthcare is on the chopping block.
Jax Cassady Caro Line sigh
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During the course of the evening, Kellyanne Conway was described by Lewis Black as "the person you hire to get rid of your daughter's cheerleading rival."

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Rihanna’s yellow dress wasn’t the only one to stun the world.

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The speakers at Founders Fair offer some knowledge that every young, ambitious woman should hear.

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From Lupita Nyong'o to Emma Stone, watch these celebrities show off their favorite secret talents.

Gabriel Hernandez Todo el mundo es un estuche de monerías ja ja ja
Sonia Rao Jennifer Masi
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Not everyone can count Annette de la Renta, Henry Kissinger, and Kid Rock within their social circle. But then again, not everyone is Mica Ertegun.

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From Frances Farmer to Charles Manson, the creator of You Must Remember This shares her favorite Hollywood scandals.

Kathryn Snyder I really enjoy Karina Longworth's take on Hollywood, though it reminds me how much I dearly miss Dominick Dunne.
Gary Delemeester Read "Full Service" for its scandals but also a deep understanding of human complexity and range.
Chloe Vanderhaven You Must Remember This is a great podcast!
Elisa Diaz-Hughes Such a good podcast. It's my current addiction.
Diane Speas Jacob Terrific podcast!
Jan Cox One of my favorite podcasts
Lois Anne Polan How tacky
Martha Cutsinger Stoelting Poor Frances.
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A new report shows Lyft gaining ground in the U.S. as Uber races to repair its image.

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If Trump’s wall is dead, then Trump’s presidency is dead. Has it come to this?

Debra Wheels He is doomed because he is a wholly false, conscienceless, crude, grossly ignorant, bigoted, misogynist, utterly corrupt traitor.
Peter Hartikka "I will build a great wall -- and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me --and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."
Dirk DeSouza He's a magician. He actually convinced 42 million white people that their personal safety and economic prosperity were forever jeopardized (cue the panic!) by a couple of pickup-driving Mexicans making salsa in their backyards.
Russell Claxton "Ok, y'all. Let's go home. It's over. Sorry about all the bullshit and stuff. Good luck," said the president as he turned from Marine 1, grinned broadly, and waved. Many older people have told me it was eerily similar to Richard Nixon's departure.
Tina Vazquez LOL - another TRUMP FAIL and TrumpFlop. "Who knew walls were so complicated" This clown is too stupid to do the job and too lazy to try and learn - he half-asses everything and can't even write more than a page or two on his proposals so they fail in congress. Then he cries like a #WhinyLittleBitch on his Twitter Toilet safe space when it fails and signs some meaningless executive order to fool the Billybobs into thinking he's doing his job. What an utter failure. And he shows no interest in trying to get better. Lazy and pathetic TRUMP FAIL.
Phil Hunter The Donald fulfilling Ann Coulters' 'build the wall' pursuit is like Ahab trying to kill the white whale. The congress, both Republicans and Democrats, will not throw money into an ineffective maginot line when there are more simple, less costly, and far more effective solutions. The congress will move on and the Donald will be either caught in the spotlight continuing to blame Obama or searching for that event, whether doemstic or international, that will define his Presidency.
Greg Kalbaugh He hung his hat on his Wall with an all in bet and lost. He sold the idea of his white nationalist machismo and crashed. Let him suffer from the weight of his own undoing.
Andrea Rogers And what does it say about THIS COUNTRY that THIS would be what turns supporters against him? Not treason. Not opening back doors to Vladimir Putin. Not ripping away health insurance from children. Not all the bold-face blatant LYING this administration does on a daily basis. Not the level of greed and utter corruption he's brought into our White House. Not the hypocrisy. Not the alienation of our allies. Not the psychotic 3 am tweets. Not the danger he puts us in every single day. Not his nepotism. Not the fact that we are closer to war now, since he was sworn in, than we've been in many, many, many years. None of this? No....his breaking his promise to keep us safe from all those mean Mexicans will be the big thing???
Katie Bone Um, the wall failure is going to doom his presidency? How about all of the other crap he's failed to do? He's a moron.
Peter Hartikka “We’re going to build a wall, folks. We’re going to build a wall. We’re going to build it. Don’t worry. We’re going to build a wall. That wall will go up so fast your head will spin.”
Beth Hensperger he is doomed for ruining people's lives...this immigration fiasco...closing down the EPA...all his legacy as incompetent.
Jim Allen I think treason is enough to get him... His nonsensical campaign hyperbole is just the sideshow.
Susan Ashlock Sanders Well..if Rush Limbaugh and his listeners are turning on him, he's already a lame duck!
Grady Frank MeMe Jenkins "There will be so much (Failing). You're gonna get tired of all the (Failing)".
Peter Hartikka "On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, power, beautiful southern border wall."
Adreian Bowen His only intention was always what's happening - make taxes better for his business. Period. Oh and power for his twisted little ego.
Raelene Lynch-Eason No wall but he has darn near stirred himself up a damned nuclear war! 😠
Christine Campbell Forever doom his presidency? First hopeful thought in the last 98 days.
Marlana White The Russian collusion case is the biggest threat to him. Don't lose focus. He's going to prison.
Ian Grant A few months of golfing until he's impeached. Sounds like a plan.
Janet Simonsen Ya think it's only the stupid wall that is dooming him? Not anything else? 😮
Malina Rodriguez Ha told you so !! All dump-tards !! Seriously said whatever people wanted to hear so he could get into office 😂😂
Mare Smith If only we could pull a "Dallas" season and this was all just a horrible dream. (Google it, you young people. 😉)
Josh Giese It's not working out particularly well with this individual posturing as the leader of the free world.
David Wilson Yeah, like it was JUST the Wall. That said: chinga tu pared.
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One king for another.

Scott Karas God, i love this woman. A gorgeous, talented maverick who does not get the recognition she deserves.
Beverly L. Nickens I hear yah Rita...😀
Julia Vargas Git it girl!
Simona Balian Ramos Damn girl! 😂
Jo Opheim Atta girl!
Kellie Ramsey This is a problem?😎
Michael Lagos Yes💪
Juanita Fellos Love it
Juanita Fellos Lol
Gwen Johnson-Brown I love this woman!!!
Angelita Bka Angel Miramontez Juanita Fellos read this.
Alexandra Bass Lee Henry goals