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The former House speaker “started laughing” when he heard Republicans’ plans.

Dan Sherwood Hold on, how many times did he set up votes to repeal it? 50? Now that he's out of office, he tells the truth. You're quite the patriot, Boehner.
Rachel Samuels So says the architect of making Obama's presidency a lame duck presidency. Boehner caused our government to shut down, all of the pointless votes to repeal Obamacare, and the obstructionist attitude in Congress. I blame him and his party for all of the shit we have to deal with now. I hate the GOP, and I'm so glad at least he's out of public service.
Jill Gallagher Hanna He resigned immediately after meeting the new (awesome) Pope. It was like his soul couldn't be a Republican anymore.
Flo Miyahira Kudos to Senator Murkowski for thinking about the people rather than acting on party lines. Alaskans should be proud and thank her. From Hawaii, thank you Senator Murkowski!
Kathy Jensen Liebowitz Republicans have no clue how to govern. They have proved this over and over and over again. They only care about money in their pockets, their rich buddies and big business. They couldn't care less about the working class.
Natalie Train I have no respect for GOP! They used to the the party that I voted for. They did nothing but obstruct during the Obama administration! They don't give a damn about the people !
Adie Zuniga-Tucker The fact that they are so hell bent on repealing Obamacare just highlights their immaturity. If they really cared about 'working people' they would make changes to Obamacare to make it better.
Natalie Radbill Let's hope he's correct--Although I wouldn't depend on Boehner for much
Steve Taraszewski Listen, adding an extra "eh" doesn't trick anyone. Everyone knows it is really BONER
Toni Williams I'll bet Boehner laughs daily with sheer glee that this isn't his headache.
Jeannie Bateman Mathis I finally like John Boehner
Jason Ibarra This is going to trigger those Republican snowflakes. 😉
Joe Fusco Orange before the New Orange. At least he is capable of shedding tears.
Erin Cole Leroy Einspahr, it seems the ultimate enemy doesn't think the ACA will be appealed?!
Doris Conner Fine with me!!!
Suzanne Murray OMG I never thought I'd miss him!!!!!
Nancy Killion Hope he's right!
Lauren Vaughan I bet that he's beyond thrilled that he's out of that 💩 show.
Marikay Vance He looks like he's going to cry!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fabrizio Sagliano Ulrich C. Adelaïde c est fou le mec a passé 8 ans de ça Life a le combattre
Jennifer Fine Masterson I hope he's right.
Rosalinda Garza Be cautious! He is a Republican!
Jody Scott Here's hoping...
Elizabeth Forma Zapakin I am not laughing
Andy Gliemann That's f3king funny man - LMFAO!
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Will Ryan bring Eva? Will Hillary Clinton show? And what will Meryl do this time?

Doug James A trifecta what are the odds
Janice Lawrence who cares?
Arual Mony KrisAird We will see.
A Arefin Asif Those are my question too.....
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Birthdays are for lounging. Have a glorious one, Emily Blunt. Photograph by Michael Roberts for V.F. May 2009.

Patricia O'Brien Oh My! would it be possible for me to wear that dress on my next birthday?! OOH LA LA
Cordelia Elsinore That dress is amazing!!
Evelyn Wells Also WOW
A Arefin Asif The girl on the bed 🙂
Ruth Labuzan Looks like Kinsey Wade
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On this week’s episode of VF’s pop culture podcast: Blue Ivy Carter, Brangelina, Yeezy Season, Lindsay Lohan, and more!

Troy Wilds And this is the reporting I expect from VF. Not playing pretend in politics lol
Marguerite Juengst Ooooohhhh, isn't she brave. Opps, I see now it's another photo op. No body cares
Keith Westerman I couldn't give a shit about her insect diet.
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Donn Sabean "Washington on edge". "Chaos in the White House"... Holy understatements, Batman!
Kristin Piasecki what management style
Betty Bambang Zydeco Just poked himself in the eye. Duh.
Troy Wilds In other news we tell you about Angelina ladies bug diet..
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The official 2017 Oscar ballot is here! Make your picks with Vanity Fair now:

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Instead, she'll headline in 2018.

John Sohn Maybe Adele is available. She doesn't need a backing track to lip sync to.
Lynda Michaluk Sorenson I'm sorry, she just looks like a damned idiot with that thing on her head.
Gella Sadumiano Alexandria Ashford OMG OUR WISH LITERALLY JUST CAME TRU
Omar Sabir why are people worshiping her this pic
Bree Michaelas Thank god we didn't get tickets Blake Royden
Gella Sadumiano Timothy Sadumiano all I need is da reh-hanna
Betty Cooper She's beautiful either way
Caitlin Touratzidis Kelly Gutierrez-Allocati we have another year to save lol
Nicolle Fazio Vika Soshina just saying lol
Michelle Monique Loretta... 2018.
Carly Chan Andreassend Sarah!!
Cameron Colbo John Zaragoza
Gareth Russell Sarah Jane Houghton Kerry Rogan
Blake Royden Beth Haywood
Ini Ojo Tife Adegboye