He was lucky to have three parents in his life from day one…Mom, Dad and Grandma. Since Mom and Dad both had full time jobs, it was Grandma Bertha who was responsible for keeping an eye on Little Billy. She was the perfect Grandma and did everything for him, picked him up from school, cooked his favorite foods and gave him lots of money for his birthdays and at Christmas.  Oh yeah…Grandma was also somewhat overweight. Why is that important? Because Bill claims that his attraction to “thick” women is all because he wants a girl “just like Grandma!”

Following his graduation from an all boys Catholic high school (can you say “prison?”),  Bill attended The University Of Florida in Gainesville and, of course, worked at the campus TV and radio stations. When it came time to choose between a “serious” job like TV news or the “zany” world of being a radio personality…radio won out easily. He came to Key West after graduating from UF in 1987 and has been “playing the hits” in the Keys ever since. The Top 40 format and Bill have been together for over 24 years! He’s a high energy personality who loves interacting with his loyal listeners when they call on the request line.

On the personal side, he’s not perfect, but is proud of the fact that he’sneversmoked a cigarette or triedANYillegal substance.
Bill is happy to state that he’s 100% single and has never been married… His favorite quote is:
“I’m way too young and pretty to settle down!“
As you can tell, Bill is also very delusional.

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