Illuminate Key West – A New Years Eve Celebration

Join us for a New Years Celebration unlike any other before in Key West
“We’ve got the Keys” Presents: Illuminate Key West – A New Years

Join Florida Keys Media’s Family of Radio Stations:
WWUS 104.1 FM
WEOW 92.7 FM
WAIL 99.5 FM
WCNK 98.7 FM
WAVK “The Zone” 97.7

Our special broadcast will begin at 10 pm on Thursday, Dec 31 st, and count
you down to Midnight with Key West Celebrates, great music and then we
will Illuminate Key West.

Precisely at Midnight, we will direct you to shine your light straight up into
the sky. Get your flashlights, cell phone lights, spotlights, whatever you
might have and go out to your front yard, from your patio on your boat deck
and point that light straight up into the sky as we will be taking Satellite
photos of Key West at Midnight to show the world Key West is here,
stronger than ever and ready for 2021.

It’s a New Years Celebration the entire family can be part of.
So please make your plans to join us on New Year’s Eve and be part of
history for: Illuminate Key West – A New Years Celebration, presented by
“We’ve got the Keys” and Florida Keys Media.