Rude Girl and Molly Blue

Goofy-DJsWeekdays  6-10AM

Scientists experimenting in deepest space – came upon a planet so weird, so geeky that they put their ship in turbo-reverse…… Never, ever had anyone witnessed two women so bizarre, so totally socially inept as these two Goddesses of Geekdom!!! The women followed the scientists’ ship – beaming back to planet Earth – just to see – well, to see what the hell? Upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, their ‘beaming powers’ ceased to exist and there they were, stuck on a foreign planet – no friends, no life…. and ….

NO MARKETABLE SKILLS!!! What to do? What to do? Well – a RADIO MORNING SHOW, of course! And the rest, as they say (who are “they?”) is history…

They’re BACK!!!! The Rude Girl and Molly Blue back on MORNINGS on WEOW 92.7!!!

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