Santa Tracking

Join WEOW 92/7 and Key’s Seaplanes Christmas Eve as we watch for Rudolph and Santa’s sleigh to fly over the Florida Keys as he makes his way to South America to deliver gifts to all the kids there. Then he makes his way back to The Keys to deliver his gifts here. Santa uses the Keys to check all of his equipment before he makes the long journey over the water to South America. The Keys provide the perfect location for Santa to check his bearings and he does it every year!

Every year Santa flies over The Florida Keys Christmas Eve and WEOW radio and Key’s Seaplanes tracks his location with the help of Key’s Seaplanes’ radar monitoring equipment. The Florida Keys provide a unique opportunity in the world to see Rudolph and Santa’s sleigh since he uses our location to check all of his navigational equipment before flying over the water to South America. Santa loves The Keys and Rudolph pulls the sleigh low enough in the sky so that you can see his nose! It’s an ongoing tradition that happens every year. Help us welcome Rudolph to the Keys by watching the skies with us while we share your favorite Christmas music all Christmas Eve.

Join your Rude Girl and the “elves”  as we bring the best Christmas music to your Christmas Eve and we will give you the most accurate location of Rudolph and Santa’s sleigh over The Keys. We will bring you updates between 6PM and 9PM as Key’s Seaplanes’ radar tracking equipment locates Rudolph’s exact coordinates. We’ll tell you exactly where he is so you’ll have that rare opportunity to see Rudolph’s red nose as he pulls Santa’s sleigh through the air.

WEOW will be on the air taking your calls with reports of your Rudolph sightings. We will also want to hear reports of your Rudolph parties and how you are spending your special Christmas Eve. We’ll be taking your requests for your favorite Christmas songs- whether it be an oldie you enjoyed as a kid or a song that’s new. We’ll have it to make your Christmas special as we all watch for Rudolph and Santa together.

Key’s Seaplanes use special radar tracking equipment make it possible for us to track Rudolph and Santa so we can tell you his exact location and coordinates. Nikali along with the highly trained staff at Key’s Seaplanes will be monitoring their radar tracking equipment and be reporting in real-time Rudolph and Santa’s location.

Approx. times (plus or minus a few mins):

Duck Key 6:30

Key Colony 6:38

Marathon 6:40-7:00

Big Pine/ Torch Keys 7:05-7:20

Ramrod 7:25

Summerland 7:30

Cudjoe 7:35

Sugarloaf 7:40-7:50

Bay Point 7:55

BigCoppit/ Rockland 8:00-15

Stock Island/ Key Haven 8:20-40

Key West 8:40- 9:00